Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

Posted by: House of Colour, September 25, 2023

Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

Ever wondered what our STYLISTS get up to on a day-to-day basis? Whilst every day might be different, they all feature the magic of championing our clients and their uniqueness; helping them to express and honour who they are. It's a journey of connecting with people, hearing their stories, and helping them feel their best. 

This behind-the-scenes glimpse into Jane Brook's routine reveals a life filled with colour, confidence and the art of transformation:

Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

Every day is different! But they all have the same theme - self-care, clients, research.

Usually, I start the day with a trip to the gym and then, of course, filming my post-session video for my stories! Followed by a dog walk, coffee, journalling and a quick social media scroll - that is research people!

Getting dressed is easy! Of course, as you would expect, my wardrobe works! I often do my makeup on a live stream to my clients as it's a great way of checking in.

My first job is at my desk checking emails and prepping for the day - reading up on the clients I am seeing and doing any last-minute research. Occasionally, the local radio station rings for my view on something fashion-related and that is always good fun!

Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

A client session can be anything from colour or style analysis to a makeup session or a bespoke appointment. Helping someone see themselves in a different way and appreciate their unique style is powerful.

Although I must admit that probably my favourite session is a wardrobe edit because we are using clothes we already have. If you know what you have in your wardrobe and you know how to combine it, then you really don't need as many clothes! Plus, I get to meet people's dogs -what's not to love?

I've usually got a few makeup orders to pack up and send out, so I do this before my afternoon sessions.

Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

Sometimes, I see another client in the afternoon, but often, it's back to my desk to check in on MyHOCLookBook. I work regularly with a lot of my clients to keep their look current and it's so easy to be able to hop into their wardrobes via this fabulous tool. Plus, I do love sharing fabulous finds in my general catalogues.

Then a few more emails and research (social media scrolling!) before I walk the dog to the postbox with the orders I packed at lunchtime.

That's my sign that the day is done, it's time for loungewear and feet up.

Unless, of course, I am networking or speaking at an event. In which case, it's straight back out and talking about my favourite subject - confidence through your clothes!

Every day is different, I get to spend my time meeting people, hearing their stories and helping them feel good about the way they look! How lucky am I to do this job?

Day in the life of a House of Colour Consultant

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