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A personal Colour Analysis consultation is a 2-3 hour service designed to discover and celebrate you, using a sophisticated process and principles of colour science.


Our EXPERT IMAGE CONSULTANTS use our 35+-year-old science-based colour analysis process to match you to your optimal colour palette in a well-lit studio.

Wondering why we don't offer online colour analysis? True accuracy requires the expert eye of our consultants! Precise colour analysis requires physical draping to see how colours interact with your complexion, enhancing your natural features. It's an intricate science that can’t be mastered over a screen because the colour of your skin and our expertly dyed drapes are distorted.

Once we determine your season, we don't stop there. We'll help you to find the colours within your palette that are your absolute showstoppers, we call these your WOW colours!

But that's not all - our consultants match mineral powder, blush, and lipsticks to your personal colouring, creating a 90-Second Makeup Routine™ designed just for you.

The value of this in-person consultation goes beyond the colours; it's about discovering the best version of yourself that’ll leave you feeling more empowered and confident than ever.

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