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Jane Brook

My mission is to make getting dressed in the morning easier, quicker and more successful so we can rid the world of dull and dodgy outfits one by one.

Tailored to you, colour and style analysis ensures you can quickly and confidently know what clothes and colours work for you, meaning that you can forget about what's in this season and confidently build a wardrobe that works for you every day.

Pick n mix your clothes from any store because its about the right shape and colour for your personality and work style not the right label. Your wardrobe works for you leaving you free to sit back, feel just a teeny bit smug, knowing you’ve got the perfect outfit to make the right impression without saying a word. 

The analysis process starts with your skin tone to work out which palette of colours will make you look fresher and brighter. Then we move onto body shape analysis, an objective view really does make a difference! The data gathered during these analyses combined with the your lifestyle and your personality allows Jane to discover a signature style that is tailored to all areas of your life which means you can dress effectively for every situation. 

With access to our brand new style portal, MyHOCLookBook, you will be fully equipped to make conscious outfit choices.

Then you can move forward to a wardrobe review, giving an overhaul to your existing clothes and showing you where the gaps are that can be filled on a shopping trip, either in person or online, to keep your wardrobe interesting and on trend. After all, no one wants to look out dated and dull! 

The ultimate in styling, which takes the donkey work out of clothes shopping and ensures you can confidently make the right outfit choices.

Jane Brook

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