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How I can help you

We have all looked despondently into our bursting-at-the-seams wardrobes and claimed to have nothing to wear.

My role is to facilitate and support you on a learning path from questioning whether clothes are the right colour and style for you, to having a focused capsule wardrobe, which all works together to suit your colouring, body shape, personality and lifestyle.

You will become equipped with a toolkit of knowledge and skills to be appropriately dressed and making the right impression whatever your career, lifestyle and occasion. Your learning will be liberating and you will achieve empowerment, confidence and the discovery of your true self. You will move from panic buying ‘bargains’ that you never actually wear to being an efficient shopper, able to identify the colours and styles that work to make you visible, memorable, authentic and authoritative in both the workplace and your personal life. The gains are emotional, practical and financial.

Awareness of the environmental impact and ethical issues of fast fashion is gaining momentum. I help you to buy less but buy better so not only will you love to wear every piece in your wardrobe.

My Story

My House of Colour journey began over 15 years ago, after my sister-in-law returned from a Colour Analysis class looking subtly outstanding. Inspired, I immediately booked in for the next available consultation. At that time, black dominated my wardrobe, so much so that I made a sneaky vow to myself to continue wearing it, even if my colour analysis showed that it isn’t a great colour for me. It isn’t! I am a paint box Spring, accentuated by warm, light, bright and splashy colours; black made me look older, heavier and unwell. Who wants to look like that?

Along with the subsequent Personal Style consultation, my experience with House of Colour was a personal revelation. I grew from feeling insignificant and a little consumed by being a busy mum and teacher to being confident, visible, authenticated and professionally successful. I never thought it possible. My black clothes were donated to charity without a second thought and clothes shopping became easy, less expensive and more efficient because I knew exactly what to buy to suit my colouring, body shape and personality.

I realised the power of colour and style and I use it to my advantage personally and professionally. I am here to support you so you too can discover the benefits of being visible, being memorable and being your true self. An investment to last a lifetime.

·     Discover and define your Personal Style (online or in person)

·     Refresh and refine your Personal Style (online or in person)

·     Colour Analysis (in person)

·     Refresh your Colour

·     Advanced Colour (in person)

·     Skincare and Make-up workshops (online or in person)

·     Wardrobe detox (online or in person)

·        Personal shopping (online or in person)

·        Accessorising (online or in person)

·        Professional dressing and understanding dress codes (online or in person)

·        Wedding colour and style service (in person)

·        Business workshops and personal branding.

Bespoke services are available, created to meet your needs.

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