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Becoming a Colour & Personal Style consultant is the realisation of my dream. I always wanted to spend my working hours doing something I love, something for me and something I've always been interested in.

Style Class - Instead of a 4-5 hour session in my studio, you can now take your Style class over 2 or 3 sessions in the comfort of your own home! With a little bit of prep done by you in advance, we will schedule the sessions to suit your availability spread over several days so you get time to digest each section and have space to ask questions in your next session. You'll have a chance to show me your wardrobe and you'll learn all aspects of your body shape and how to dress it. We'll look at your personality and see how best to reflect this in the way you dress.

Style Review - If you've taken your Style class already, but feel you need a refresh and a reminder to go through some specifics, revisit style principles, delve deeper into colour understanding and ask those questions you might have, then this is the session for you. I charge my hourly rate of £80 which can be booked to suit your time -frame.

Wardrobe Review - This is a great time to get your wardrobe sorted! With a wardrobe review you can learn lots of hints and tips for getting more versatility out of your wardrobe and learning how to make new outfits from what you have already have. Remember, your wardrobe isn't a museum, it's your toolkit.

Online Shopping & Style Look Books - following a wardrobe review you'll be clear on what’s missing from your existing wardrobe so I’ll create a shopping plan and outfit recommendations.

Wake Up Your Make-up - Take some time to refresh your lockdown look! If you want to learn how to create a no-make-up look, how to make your eyes pop or try something new, then this session is for you. £100 for a 2 hour session.

Becoming a Colour & Personal Style consultant is the realisation of my dream. I always wanted to spend my working hours doing something I love, something for me and something I've always been interested in. I've been through the Colour & Style experience with House of Colour myself so I know first-hand how much it's given me, not just in how I look and the image I present but also in how I feel and the courage it has given me to achieve what I want in life. I love what I do and I love helping others to make the best of themselves.

And that is what you get from me - more confidence to make the very best of yourself. From doing the school run to going for a promotion, a big night out or your friend's wedding. Whatever the occasion it means:

  • Never standing in front of your wardrobe having nothing to wear.
  • Never worrying about what you look like when you do put an outfit together.

The old me liked the idea of shopping but didn't look forward to it. Let me show you how to strategically shop and to really enjoy doing it. My clients tell me that I take the anguish and the stress away so that they can concentrate on being the best that they can be in whatever they do. I believe that looking at your Colour & Style can do this - helping you achieve whatever you want to achieve.

I have dates for my Colour, Style and Make-up classes listed, however if there is another class you'd like to attend then please contact me so we can arrange a date for you to come and see me. Other classes include:

  • Wake Up Your Make-Up: A 2 hour Class where I show you how to refresh and create on trend make up looks. During this session you can try new products, fresh looks and ideas and plan for the party season ahead.  You will take home a booklet with top tips for your new looks in it. Cost £100.
  • Colour & Style for Men: It's not just women that want to look good!  Come and spend a day with me and let me give you the skills that will keep you looking great for the rest of your life. You'll learn exactly what colours look great on you and I'll show you how to dress for your individual body shape and personality for every sector of your life from work through to your hobbies, social and family life. Cost £605.
  • Colour Re Rate: If you've had your colours analysed a while ago, why not consider coming back for a colour re-rate and refresh? Whilst your season stays the same, as we age our hair and skin colour can change. Let me re-rate your colours and give you a fresh look at them and what works on you now. Cost £120.
  • Kids Colour: Wearing the right colours matters for youngsters too - you probably remember having your favourite colours and clothes as a child. Bring your child or teenager to see me for a Kids colour class and not only will they learn what colours they look amazing in, you will know the right colour clothes to buy or select the right hand-me-downs to keep. Your investment will pay dividends as they get older and take control of what they buy and wear: kids and teens alike gain self-esteem from a lifetime's understanding of their best colours. Cost £120.
  • Fast Track Colour & Style: If you are short of time then come to a Fast Track session which gives you Colour, Style and Make-up in one day. This is a highly focused one-to-one coaching session including lunch and refreshments. Alternatively, bring a friend, partner or colleague to share the day with. This is also a great package if you are looking for corporate gifts  or incentive awards for staff. Cost £655 for a 1:1.
  • Shopping Trip: To have advice whilst shopping is invaluable. Let me teach you how to find new looks and be more effective at creating a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle. Whether you are updating your existing wardrobe or creating a new one, let me guide you to try on the right clothes that are in your seaon and fit your clothing personality. It's great fun and I'll find you things you may never have considered before. Cost from £75 per hour.
  • Wardrobe Review and De-Clutter: If you are not sure where to start or can't face doing it alone, let me come to you for a wardrobe review and de-clutter. I can remove the stress of letting go of those items you are emotionally attached to and help you create a wardrobe of clothes that work for your lifestyle. The monsters in your wardrobe will be banished forever and you'll never suffer a crisis of confidence again! Cost from £75 per hour.
  • Gift Vouchers: Are you looking for that special gift that lasts a lifetime? Treat that special person in your life (or suggest it to them for you!) to a voucher for any of my classes or HoC products for as little as £10.

 If you would like to discuss any sessions with me then please call me on 07986 062460 for a chat. I am also available for talks and presentations.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!


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