Investors in People

House of Colour's purpose statement is 'Empowering through Colour and Style'.  We believe that people are empowered when they look their best.  As a valued client, you take control of how you look and learn to understand and recognise what suits you. Understanding your Colours and Style through a choice of learning experiences, you continue to refine your personal brand with HOC in Business and bespoke Personal Stylist services.

Since 1985, hundreds of thousands of men and women, from students to homemakers, business people to celebrities, in educational establishments, blue chip organisations, SME's and charities, have benefited from participating in HOC experiences. As the only organisation in the industry to hold the Investors in People award and having held it for 18 continuous years, we are also proud to hold the prestigious 'Gold' accreditation.  As an international organisation, we set high standards of quality for training and safe beauty, supporting a professional team of Image Consultants who are passionate about empowering people like you.

Our vision is to be 'Recognised Globally as Creators of Empowered, Authentic and Visible People'.

House of Colour  - Our Values

The beauty of our approach is clarity, discover which Colours and Styles match your personality and body.  You find your ‘wow’ colours and people tell you how well you look.  Our clients say, “It honours who I am.”  They’re so right. Challenging perceptions in a respectful and creative way, changes how you see yourself.  You’re ready to try new things and take risks – once you begin, who knows where it’ll lead?  Success. 

We love and believe in what we do.  We love Colour because of the brilliant effect it has, lighting you up, your eyes sparkle, you smile when you see the spectrum you have to choose from.  You’ll feel good seeing yourself at your best. Connecting you to Colour and who you are is powerful.  We are passionate about your transformation and support ongoing change to keep us all up to date.  So exciting.  

With the knowledge, experience and abilty to translate the science of Colour, we boldly walk the talk and are here when you are ready.  Your self-esteem grows; that’s confidence from the outside in.  We’ve been sharing our passion for Colour for 30 years at your pace (step by step or stride by stride) by showing you; we never tell.
We’re accredited Safe Beauty Trainers and Investors in People have given us Gold for the way we support our expert stylists, we’re rooting for you.  Amaze yourself, you’re in safe hands.  Let’s go for it.

House of Colour Structure

The network of 150 consultants range from rural to inner city, across Europe, USA, Australia, The Middle East and South Africa.  Exclusive franchise territories enable consultants to work individually or in teams and to focus their attention on the needs of their local clients.

The Franchise Support team, based in the UK, supports the consultants with the training, technical skills, information and materials needed to supplement their local knowledge and run a successful business; all the benefits of a local business with access to International resources.

After their initial training in Colour and Style Analysis, Consultants develop their skills further with on-going training and development in business and technical skills.  Consultants are assessed for their 'Professional Excellence Certificate' every 3 years to ensure they are operating to a consistently high standard of Analysis.  Consultants operating from their local studio may choose to join the teams available to provide specialist Personal Styling services, Professional keynote and public speaking material for education and business to incorporate into their Human Resources and Learning and Development strategies.  Each consultant supports their own clients with a range of newsletters, client events and trainings to keep them up to date and informed.

A web shop ensures Consultants and their clients have easy access to purchasing the make-up and accessories. Consultants are supported and represented by their Regional Manager who meets regularly with the appropriate Directors to ensure communication is relayed throughout the organisation.

The Training team is made up from a select group of active, leading consultants who are skilled in their ability to train, educate and empower consultants.

Investors In People Gold Award

The Investors in People Gold Award Launched in 1991, Investors in People offer a business improvement tool designed to help all kinds of organisations develop performance through their people.  It provides tailored assessments designed to support organisations in planning, implementing and evaluating effective strategies and is relevant for organisations of all sizes and sectors. In April 2010 the UK Commission for Employment and Skills became responsible for the strategic ownership of Investors in People to maximise UK economic competitiveness and individual opportunity.

IIP Mission Statement: The UK's leading people management standard, Investors in People provides a simple and flexible framework helping thousands of organisations of all sizes and sectors to improve their business performance.

IIP Vision: Our vision is to increase the productivity of the UK economy by improving the way in which organisations manage and develop their people, leading to business improvement and better public services.

House of Colour Ltd has held the 'Investors in People' award continuously since 1995 and in 2011 was awarded the prestigious Gold standard held by only 200 companies.  We are proud to have been reaccredited with Gold status in 2014.

Safe Beauty

We take the health & wellbeing of all our clients very seriously and so all our consultants coming through our HQ training centre are trained using safe beauty practices of the highest standards when using and applying cosmetics.  This means no double dipping and using disposable applicators where applicable.