Learn your best ‘seasonal’ colours to suit your skin tone through our thorough analysis process. You will have an informative, fun, and supportive session where you will learn how to use your best colours for your clothes and make up (if applicable).  Looking your best empowers you to feel amazing in everything you wear. 



  • Understand the best seasonal colours to wear to suit your skin tone 

  • Identify your best make up colours 

  • Find your WOW colours 

  • Creating a wardrobe of interest that mixes and matches 

  • Shopping made easy using your colour fan 


As part of your colour session you will receive access to MyHOCLookBook which is our online wardrobe & shopping tool.  This will enable you to upload your wardrobe via an app online and organise it as you wish.  You will also receive via this tool, your colour season inspiration to help you get familiar with your new colours and the latest Colour Trend reports.


This session is part of our full Core Product but is available on its own also. It doesnt matter what order you complete them in, butin orderto gainthe full benefit, we believe you need to understand how to develop your own personal style too….for now and for the future! 


A one-to-one consultation is all about you as your consultant will focus solely on your analysis. 


1:1 Exclusive Price: £240 RRP 

(Prices may vary depending on location and time and group classes may be subject to a local price) 


So what happens? 




You’ll see the difference instantly. When you see your face change against good colours for you, it is magical. It is amazing to see how impactful wearing the correct colour for your skin tone is.  That moment will be the start of a deep natural confidence that stays with you forever. 




First, you’ll find out which season’s colours naturally harmonise with your individual skin tone (spring, summer, autumn or winter).  You will then be presented with your colour swatch fan which contains real fabric swatches to take away and a personalised Colour Book which will be your guide. 


Your colour consultant will then identify your personal best, the “WOW” colours that will always give you that radiant, gorgeous glow.  No colour will be excluded.  It’s all about finding the right tone.  We’ll never tell you what to do. You may already know your colours, but we guarantee a far wider choice than you ever thought possible.  You’ll leave the session with a whole palette of colours that make you look wonderful and feel confident.


Our consultations take place in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Greece, France, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA.  They’re in small groups which are friendly and enormously good fun.  Or on a 1:1 exclusive basis. And they’re run by the most thoroughly trained, highly qualified personal stylists available.