Amanda Richardson image consultant and personal stylist for Sevenoaks/Tonbridge

Creatively inspiring positive change...

I'm Amanda and I look and feel more fabulous than I have ever done, thanks to my own personal journey with House of Colour. I moved from constantly wearing black to enjoying vibrant colours - and House of Colour gave me the confidence to wear them with pride and elegance. I have learned how to harmonise colours to my skin tone and understand my body shape and personality, to find clothes that are flattering as well as comfortable.

My own experience with House of Colour encouraged me to become one of their stylists and I'm loving helping others to make positive changes, not just to their wardrobe, but also to their self-esteem and confidence; confidence that comes from knowing you look good and are making a positive impression.

Let me help you to make the very best of yourself so you can develop an attractive, confident, credible and consistent personal image, whatever you do in life.

I can see you individually or with a friend, or you can join one of my group classes.

  • Your clothes will reflect who you are, making you feel confident and comfortable.
  • No more fashion disasters! You will know how to recognise which fashion trends work for you and how to incorporate them into your wardrobe so that your appearance is always current and up to date.
  • You will know how to make the right choices, whether it is an outfit for a special occasion or bargain-hunting in the Sales.
  • You will have less in your wardrobe, but much more to wear as all your clothes will be in harmony with each other.
  • You will be able to put together an appropriate outfit for any occasion and appear effortlessly stylish.

When all of your clothes make you look and feel fantastic, and people keep telling you how great you look, you will want to wear them all the time so you will get much greater value for money from them. It is an investment in yourself which lasts a lifetime.

Your journey of self-discovery starts here!

To book a class on line click here, email me here or call me on 01732 666365


STAGE 1 - Colour Consultation - RRP £155 per person for 2 or more people. 

1:1 Colour Consultation - £200

The first step of your House Of Colour Journey. You will discover:

  • Which palette of colours work best for you and why
  • How to use these colours for maximum benefit to you personally
  • Basic make-up and (if appropriate) hair colour advice

Includes your leather colour wallet and personalised booklet

Consultations begin at 10 am and last around 2 hours per person, so for a session for 2 people please allow at least 4 hours plus time for lunch. Please get in touch for more details.

STAGE 2 - Style Consultation - £210 per person for 2 or more people 

1:1 Style Consultation - £260

You will discover:

  • Which clothing styles work best with your body shape and proportions
  • Your clothing personality - expressing your individuality with your clothes
  • How to look your very best for every occasion
  • Tips to help you create a capsule wardrobe which suits your lifestyle
  • How to confidently interpret dress codes

Includes your personalised workbook and notes

Classes begin at 10 am and finish between 3pm and 5 pm depending on the number in a class - (maximum 2 people) Guaranteed 1:1 sessions available on request at a fee of £260. Please get in touch for more details.

STAGE 3 - Wake up your Make-up  - 1 hr £25 per person / Skin care and Make-up - 2-3 hrs £60 per person

Fun, informative and practical. You will discover:

  • How to update and refresh your look
  • Different colours of make-up that work best for you
  • How to apply make-up confidently to create different looks to suit your lifestyle

Includes your personalised workbook

1- 2hrs - can be taken during the day or in the evening by arrangement. (maximum 3 people)1:1 sessions available. Please get in touch for more details.

The Full Package - £365 per person

Book all three classes in one transaction and get your Make-up session FREE!

Colour & Style for Men - £365 per person  (one day)

You will discover:

  •  Which palette of colours work best for you and why
  • How to use these colours for maximum benefit to you personally
  • Which clothing styles work best with your body shape and proportions
  •  Your clothing personality - expressing your individuality with your clothes
  • How to look your very best for every occasion
  • Tips to help you confidently interpret dress codes


Advanced Classes

Take your colour and style knowledge to the next level:

Colour - A Winning Combination - £120 (half a day)

Discover new ways to work with colour in your wardrobe and explore new make-up looks.

Style - A Deeper Understanding - £120 (half a day)

Explore fabrics, textures, patterns  and necklines in greater detail. Learn how to keep your look current.

Includes the latest Fashion Update!

Also Available:

  • Personal Styling bespoke service – From £65 per hour
  • Personal Shopping Trips – From £65 per hour
  • Personal On-line shopping - From £65 per hour
  • Wardrobe Review and de-clutter 2 hrs – £130
  • Kids Colour Class - £60
  • Colour Re-rate - £65
  • Accessorising session £60 per person
  • Business ratings £60
  • Subscription service - from £57 - £97 per month - please email me for more details and other discounts available to subscribers.


Credit and Debit Cards accepted

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for such a wonderful, eye-opening day on Saturday. I so enjoyed it and I am really looking forward to setting up my capsule wardrobe and moving forward from there. You gave me more confidence to go shopping and focus on my style and not to settle for anything less. I know that I will now purchase more effectively which will be very good for the household budget!I felt that all my objectives were met and on top of that I always feel so relaxed with you as if I have known you years! Thank you, you are a wonderful lady!...

...The whole world should know you exist as far as I am concerned

Suzanne, Tonbridge

Just wanted to say again - a huge thank you for the session on Friday. It really did explain why I have always wondered around shops never knowing what suits me..... After I had lunch with my friends, we went shopping in Sevenoaks and picked up some lovely items in my new colours and wow when I tried things on - what a difference it made! I could really see how the autumn colours suited me.

Thanks again Amanda, a really fabulous experience!

Laura, Dublin

Since my visit to Amanda, I have discovered a whole array of new colours that really suit me and that I've never worn. The House of Colour programme gave me the chance to see how my skin tone changes when I wear different colours. I realised I've been wearing colours that drain the colour from my face, and I've been missing out on shades that make me look healthy and glowing. I feel like my wardrobe has been revitalised as I'm combining colours in a whole new way. I have been able to sort through my clothes and be decisive about what's worth keeping, so it's been easy to discard things I haven't worn in ages. As part of the programme, Amanda gives you a handy wallet of colour swatches to take shopping with you, so you can be sure to choose clothes that suit your colouring. House of Colour also do make-up, and Amanda showed me some of the products that would suit my skin tone. I bought a foundation and fabulous new lipstick in a shimmering copper tone I've never worn before, that really looks good on me.

If you want to feel more confident about your clothes, I highly recommend a visit to Amanda. The House of Colour programme really will transform the way you choose your colours in the future, and get you wearing shades that make you look great!


Alison, Sevenoaks

Amanda really knows her stuff and is able to come up with solutions that really work, which are practical and not necessarily expensive. Armed with that knowledge its amazing how much easier shopping has become!I would recommend Amanda to anyone considering a colour/style/wardrobe update.

Alice, Sevenoaks

Thank you so much for the wonderful personal shopping experience you gave me yesterday !-You listened so well to what I wanted. (An update on my smart casual clothes)-Prepared fantastic Pinterest board s which I could peruse over .-Ordered over the Internet all the items I wantedand then.....-Gave me a fun , relaxed and productive 'try on 'session in your studio.-Helped me make decisions to keep to my budget .I came away so happy ,with a new slant to my spring , natural gamine style .Thank you !Ill be back in the autumn to adds a few extras to my autumn , winter wardrobe!P.S and you sent back all the unwanted items and exchanges!! Amazing !


Kerry, Plaxtol

I really enjoyed my day with Amanda. It was both interesting and fun to learn more about myself and my friend (who was also doing the Personal Style Day). Amanda was friendly and welcoming and we were made to feel very at home.

Abi Murr

I truly cannot put into words how much I thoroughly enjoyed my colour analysis day and the impact it’s had on my life! The day itself was enlightening and had me absolutely fascinated to see how things transpired from beginning to end – it’s like a story unfolding. If the day wasn’t put together in the way it is, it probably wouldn’t have the impact it does. I was left in no doubt that I must immediately put this into action and off I went! There are great guidelines and steps to help you with this. The impact and comments are immediate…I felt like a different woman and from the start I have had so many compliments. I couldn’t tell you how many! The other compliments that I get are that I’ve lost weight and that I’m generally looking radiant…I haven’t shifted a pound! I feel now that the outfits I put together have a cohesiveness about them that look like sophistication; the shopping trips are on a different level! Thanks Amanda and can’t wait to do my Style Day x


Sam, Tonbridge

Having had my colour analysed 5 years ago, it is great to know that, every day, I am making the most of myself by wearing colours that suit me. Now that I have had my style analysed (and sorted my wardrobe accordingly), I feel I can be confident every day that I can even get dressed in the dark without worrying whether or not I’ll look good!!

Whilst Amanda Richardson has recently analysed my style, I had my colours analysed by a consultant who has since retired. Amanda was great, she is an engaging person, both in appearance and personality. She never appears judgemental and has a subtle way of guiding a person into making the most of their appearance.

Susan, Tonbridge

I contributed towards a ‘gift of colour’ for my friend’s birthday present. It was a lovely day out for us both. Amanda was professional, accommodating and welcoming. My results were surprising and unexpected, so my advice would be to go to House of Colour with an open mind.

I was shown how to recognise my best colours with ease as well advice on coloured accessories to finish my look. This is great for me because I am now saving time in knowing what to wear and more importantly, I now feel great.

My husband is happy because I used to be late for every appointment and now I’m on time!

I would like to say a BIG thank you to Amanda for an inspiring Colour session.

Keeley, Sevenoaks

Thank you so much Amanda – a really fascinating and inspring day. I have already had compliments today!

Jane, Otford

Journey of discovery with the lovely Amanda, would highly recommend to anyone to have their colours done. I'm seeing things in a whole new light and my wardrobe is starting to look more streamline already! I'm going to the personal style day next so I can complete my reinvention :)

Emma, Tonbridge

Amanda is a joy to work with. She knows her subject really well and speaks with confidence and humour. Not a single second of the session is wasted. I really enjoyed the day and still feel inspired and energised. I can't wait to do more workshops with Amanda and can highly recommend her to others. I promise I will always wear lipstick from now on! Thanks Amanda!



Daphne, Ightham

My colour analysis session was such an enlightening experience. I'd never heard of this before but after a recommendation from a friend, I went along to see what it was about. It was really interesting and insightful, and I came away with a renewed confidence in being able to wear different colours and I certainly intend on introducing some more colours to my wardrobe soon!

Jade, Tunbridge Wells

The day was very informative and I enjoyed the whole experience. Amanda the host was very professional and understanding and she gave me the confidence to look at my wardobe in a different way. It will now be a pleasure to go shopping.

Michelle, Hayes

I have visited House of Colour Sevenoaks twice now. Once for Colour Analysis and once for Personal Style. Both experiences were very positive - even though Amanda had to deliver some tough truths! She did it with kindness and understanding. Amanda certainly understands people and you feel she wants the best for you and she has a natural gift to make you feel more positive about yourself. I think because Amanda is truthful and you can tell she knows her profession inside out and just wants you to leave a more positive and happy person.She took time over the colour analysis and although I was very sceptical at first, by the time she finished she had demonstrated,very clearly, which colours suited me and which did not. The Style Day was amazing! It was informative and made sense. I have a lot of clearing out to do - which I was aware of before - but now I have the courage, knowledge and enthusiasm to do it! My experiences were fabulous and that was entirely down to Amanda's talents.

Janet, Cheshire

Amanda was so kind and empathetic. She knew all the theory of colour analysis and put it into practise with great care. 

I should have done something like this years ago, but it is never too late to make a change in your life.

Alison, Bough Beech

I really enjoyed the Colour Analysis session and feel it is going to be very helpful in the future... I wish I had done it years ago when I was working.

Sandra, Plaxtol

Amanda created a relaxed, informal environment and the information was excellent.

Victoria, Sevenoaks

Amanda was friendly and very professional. I thoroughly enjoyed my session and will recommend her to my friends.

Delyth, Hempstead

I can thoroughly recommend Amanda. She is a caring, considerate consultant. She takes you through the process of understanding colour, how colours that you thought worked for you don't and then shows you how different colours can transform you.

I think this is an excellent investment to make sure that what you do buy does the very best for your appearance and confidence. I also think it will help me negotiate the myriad of choice in the shops and to feel more in control of my buying choices so that they really add to my wardrobe.

Sue, Burwash

Amanda is the Fairy Godmother of my wardrobe.  Before having my colour and style analysed by her, I was always lost for ideas of what to wear, spent a fortune (in money and time!) on outfits that didn't suit me both in terms of the style and colour and never really felt like I had the wow factor.  Today it's a very different story and because she is so good at what she does, I've always got clothes to wear for any occasion, which suit me and I feel comfortable in.  It's a massive confidence boost too, because you do receive compliments on a regular basis due to wearing the right things.  In particular, I can thoroughly recommend her subscription service.  She saves me so much time, money and effort by doing all the hard work for me by emailing me the clothes I should buy, which suit my style and colours.  It is money well spent and I wish I'd found her years ago.  I don't really like shopping, so having her do all the research for me is absolute heaven and my wardrobe is full of clothes I love and more importantly, love me back!

Maria, Ightham

I came to House of Colour Sevenoaks after feeling very flat and deflated about the way I look. Friends had recommended having my colours done and I am thrilled to say that after my session with HOC I am feeling confident and excited about being able to purchase clothes that will look good on me now that I know which colours to choose. Amanda is amazing at her job and it was a joy to see how much of a difference the right colours, tones and shades can make your skin, eyes and hair. Colours I never thought of wearing suddenly made me look fresher, younger and healthier, made my hair look shinier and fuller and my eyes more shiny and alive. It's as simple as that!!! I wish I had done this 10 years ago. Thank you.

Amanda is kind, honest and pragmatic, she brings warmth and confidene with her to the meeting and shares it. Having the consultation with her has lifted my confidence dramatically and with her unstinting enthusiasm and energy for her work helped me get myself back on track for work, life, socialising and gave me some certainty on which to hang my dressing style. I won't look back now, and if I do, it will be to her. Thank you

Helen, Chiddingstone

I visited House of Colour in Sevenoaks last week. I wasn't sure what to expect but was very impressed. Amanda made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived. She explained the process along the way and helped me to see how different I looked when wearing the right colours for my skin tone. She also did my make up in a lovely natural look, which is what I like. I would highly recommend Amanda, she was very professional along the way. A great experience.


I really enjoyed the personal style day. Along with the colour analysis, this has given me the tools to organise my wardrobe and to shop with more confidence. I'm now much more conscious of what I wear and feel more able to put stylish outfits together. I am no longer making a lot of expensive shopping mistakes or buying clothes I never wear. I would recommend the workshops to anyone needing some direction and a confidence boost. Amanda was brilliant at making me feel at ease and explaining everything clearly.

Helen, Plaxtol


Working with Amanda Richardson has changed my life. It is colour therapy. When I first met Amanda I had an over-flowing wardrobe and nothing to wear. Many of my clothes looked as if they belonged to someone else. I went to work in sharp suits in navy or black. Someone once told me I looked like a hard-nosed business woman. I cried. It was not the image I was aiming for! When not at work I looked ultra-casual and frequently felt uncomfortably under-dressed.

The first thing Amanda did was a colour analysis. I look best in the vibrant reds, oranges and golds of autumn woods and the rich blues and greens of the kingfisher’s plumage.

The next step was the style consultation, an intensive, interactive session which takes account of how I live. My style personality is classic gamine, which is tailored with a youthful, playful twist.

Next was the wardrobe review. It took several trips to the charity shop before I dared let Amanda see my wardrobe. With great tact and diplomacy she selected the clothes that suit me best, photographed and catalogued them, identifying any gaps. Colours and styles that don’t suit me were identified for recycling. Amanda sourced some new items for me to fill the gaps. I now have a slimmer wardrobe and something to wear for every occasion. I could get dressed in the dark and still look co-ordinated and feel comfortable.

Recently, for a business meeting, I put on one of my old, sharp suits that I’d kept  for emergencies. I felt like a pantomime dame. I now have alternatives that make me smile and allow my true, softer self to shine through. My clothes are an enhancement, rather than armour.

As a subscribing client Amanda sends me monthly styling ideas and we review my wardrobe twice a year. Dressing is now a source of entertainment rather than stress. Amanda’s intuitive approach puts me in the driving seat. I don’t feel “styled”. She coaches and teaches and I’m still learning.

Amanda’s skills have made a really positive contribution to my life and I would highly recommend her to busy women everywhere.

Daphne, Ightham

I had a fantastic day with a colour re-style, makeup and personal styling session with Amanda in her beautiful studio. Having first had a House of Colour analysis over 20 years ago I was really interested to see whether things had changed, given the inevitable skin and hair changes with age! The whole day was incredibly relevant from start to finish and Amanda is an excellent consultant. I felt very welcomed and at ease throughout and Amanda's advice and guidance was spot on. The whole day was inspirational and I am still working through what I now can and need to do. Amanda certainly gave me the confidence to carry on with what I learnt on what proved to be a very educational but also great fun day.

Meeting Amanda, I couldn't have wished for a better consultant. Her customised studio is fantastic and together the entire experience oozed professionalism which immediately put me at ease and gave me great confidence that what we were going to learn together would make sense.