Shirley Phillips image consultant and personal stylist for Dundee, Tayside & Fife

Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist for Dundee, Tayside, South Angus and Fife

Hi, I'm Shirley Phillips and I'm here to take you on a fantastic journey that will change how you look and feel, for life. Whether young or old, whatever your gender,  it's never too early - or too late, to discover the colours and styles that help you shine.

Your transformation can take as little as a day with results that last a lifetime. With over 10 years experience as a consultant, I feel very privileged to be a catalyst for positive change for my clients. The classes I host give you the tools that enable you be the best version of you - any time, anywhere!

How would you like to look and feel great, all of the time? A first impression, generally only takes 15 seconds to form and you only get one chance at it, so it's vital you get the right message across from the start, whether in a social or business context. Wearing the right colours and style for you can instantly make you look and feel your best, giving a confidence from within, which others can't help but notice! On the other hand, wearing colours and styles that are out of sync with your skin tone and clothing personality can make you look washed-out, tired or even worse, sinister or untrustworthy. What impression would you prefer to give?

The House of Colour journey teaches you how to select colours and styles that compliment what nature has given you, enabling you to choose clothes with confidence and clarity. From corporate to casual, formal to freestyle and school run to celebrations, it's all about optimising your internal and external qualities!

If you've ever felt you have a wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear, these classes are for you. Many people wear 15% of their clothes 85% of the time - what a waste of wardrobe space - and money! Once you know what suits the inner and outer 'you', you'll feel fabulous wearing everything in your wardrobe. The colours and styles in your wardrobe will all complement each other, but most importantly, will all compliment you. The knowledge you gain will enable you to shop with certainty and ease; recognising which clothes harmonise with your skin tone, body shape and personality meaning that you avoid expensive shopping "mistakes" that can needlessly cost you a fortune and which also take up valuable wardrobe space.

Get in touch with me today to discuss how you want to start your transformation. Gift vouchers are available and a House of Colour Voucher truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

I am also available for corporate or club talks and presentations (in person or online) for those who want to work on improving and projecting their inner confidence.  Wardrobe reviews and shopping trips are great fun online!


We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and were amazed at how we could look wearing the correct colours!" J.B.

J.B (Fife)

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