Gilly Montgomery image consultant and personal stylist for W Bristol/ N. Somerset, Studio: Catcott TA7 9BB


It's all about YOU looking fantasic and feeling great!

This amazing confidence boosting transformation gives you the knowledge to find the colours that make you look fantastic, and make you look and feel years younger. It gives you the tools to enhance your shape, dress your assets and express your personality.

Imagine the freedom when you are seen and accepted for who you truly are. You can relax when you know with certainty that what you are wearing is absolutely right for you as a unique individual.

Imagine going into your wardrobe in the morning knowing that all the clothes suit you and your lifestyle.  Making a choice about what to wear becomes a pleasure - what a way to start the day!

I had my colours done around 20 years ago, which completely changed my life, and many around me. I enthused endlessly and encouraged others to follow suit and share the journey. I discovered that the colours that really support me are very vibrant, highly contrasting and extremely visible! For someone who had been wearing mellow, earthy colours it was quite shocking and very exciting. I could no longer hide. These colours have totally supported me in coming out and presenting myself with newfound joy and self-confidence.

I was greatly inspired, and 14 years ago followed my passion for colour by training as a Colour and Style consultant with House of Colour. This was the natural next step for me, and has brought many challenges and opened up endless opportunities.

I am passionate about catalysing change and supporting people in this empowering, transformational journey, whatever their reasons for doing it - professionally, socially, as part of a life transition, or just for fun!

Find out more about this step by step approach to a new you.

Colour Analysis

Personal Style

Make-up and Skincare

Style Development (Advanced Style Classes)

Men's Colour & Image

I can tailor sessions to your specific needs by request:

1:1 Executive Fast Track Days

Personal Stylist

Wedding Packages

Couples Classes 

I am also available for:

Consultation for business owners re the projected Image of their business - how to attract their ideal clients

Training in businesses and schools

Wardrobe reviews and shopping trips.

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You are still the little angel on my shoulder each time I go shopping or when I choose something in a different colour or style. You will never know how much fun and excitement you have given me over the years. Two days of training for a lifetime of confidence and colour. It was worth every penny. Thank you.

Cilla M

Over the last year I have removed (almost!) all my clothes which were frilly /flowered / tweed / woollen / patterened / flouncy / lacey / green / brown / patterned / loose-flowing / large etc I have invested in some well-cut linen suits, shift dresses, smart trousers and little accessories. I have also tried to embrace colour.....Yesterday, at the EY Team Awards, I was one of the three women nominated for 'best-dressed Consultant'!!! (Out of a team of 200).The prize went to a 25 year-old Polish girl, but nevertheless, I was thrilled to be on the short list.Thank you for guiding me in the right direction - all that hard work paid off!

Alexia H

 "Gilly's workshops enabled me to understand what I needed to do to realise my potential; to move from acceptable to impressive; from appropriate to powerful and from useful to indispensable."

Yvette VJ

 "Just a note to say how much I enjoyed your experience and how much I learned about myself. As a coach I know how valuable an outside view is but it still causes surprise on occasions. I now look at my wardrobe and see I have virtually nothing to wear but I am excited about getting started and confident I can make progress."

Tony Mc

"The best workshop that I have ever done . . . . . and I've done loads!" 

Noor Poppers

 "I was thinking of contacting you recently ..... to let you know that Barbara (my sister) and I were having a chat about having done the colour and style work with you and how it has made it so easy to dress nowadays .... how my clothes all just come together with ease, things match and although I don't have masses in my wardrobe, it seems a lot because of that. Thanks again for the advise and support you gave us, I'm really enjoying the experience." 

Kathleen S