Stylist profile

I first came across Colour Analysis in March 1988 and discovered that shopping became much easier if you keep within your spectrum as everything goes with everything else. On reflection, I should have attended an Image Class before I started buying clothes because I noticed that I had lots of wonderful colours in my wardrobe, but they were not the most flattering shape for me.

I became an Image Consultant in January 1989 and am still consistently recognised as one of House of Colour’s Top Consultants. I work from a studio within my house in Haywards Heath, close to Haywards Heath train station.

For further details on any of the services below or to discuss dates, please contact me.

The services I offer:

  • Colour Analysis – you will discover the colours that complement your unique skin tone and eye colour. I will show you how to wear these colours , how they work together and advise on make-up to complete your look
  • Image – you will learn the clothing shapes that best suit your body’s natural lines, that enhance your individuality and help you to feel confident. I will also show you how to dress correctly and look your very best for any occasion, formal or informal
  • Style Development
  • Men’s Colour and Image
  • Corporate Image Workshops
  • Wardrobe Reviews
  • Shopping Trips
  • Scarf Tying Workshops
  • Make-up and Skin Care Lessons
  • Children’s Colour Analysis

"I started my journey with House of Colour some ten years ago, though had an understanding of what it all meant some time before that, but was told I was an Autumn with another organisation. I arrived for an Image Consultation with a suitcase full of grey, navy, gold and brown clothes most of which aged me considerably and none of which gave me many outfits. I learnt that I was a Summer girl which made my heart sing....sweet peas are among my favourite flowers!

The transformation began with Margaret sometime later. We did a wardrobe review and out went so many expensive but unsuitable clothes. I was totally prepared to change once I understood the principle that we do not need many things, but everything one buys:
a) should fit
b) should blend in colour with the wallet we are given
c) we should love

Wonderful shopping trips with Margaret followed using a list made in advance. The clothes I now wear I have mostly had for three or four years. They all go together in an endless mélange and very often I put on an outfit I have never worn before. I now only buy the occasional thing because I have enough clothes, all of which fit me, look good and I love.

I am thrilled with the result of my journey with Margaret’s expertise. I am more confident and I enjoy my wardrobe hugely as I have things for every occasion. I look back and realise I had no understanding of what suited me (my mother often guided me but that never worked). I now have such fun. Thank you, Margaret!"

Katie, Board Director

“I go shopping twice a year with Margaret and each time it’s like a master class. I came to her first five years ago with low self-esteem and she has totally transformed my life. She has shown me what colours and styles suit me and how I can work each season’s trends appropriately. As a result, I am more confident in business and in my personal life - I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Kate, Marketing Consultant

“Colour Analysis is the most wonderful thing I have ever done for myself. Comments from friends and family include that I look younger, thinner and have a sparkle. Thank you for the colour and image experience because for years of looking okay, you have now switched on my light.“

Isabel, Mother of three

"Together the colour and image days transformed my appearance in a way that gave me added confidence in running my consultancy business, saved me considerable time and money in choosing the type of clothes which emphasised my good features, made me look younger and more attractive."

Carol, Human Resources Consultant

"Margaret has taken me shopping several times and each time I have found items that are superb and always get me compliments or business, and despite me being overweight.  Margaret has so much energy for shopping (more than me) and can sniff out a bargain from the other side of the shop.  She really is the one to go with if you want to get great buys and stand out for the right reasons.  She will challenge you but you are in safe hands.  Book a shopping trip with her and see how you too get terrific value."


Margaret made me feel completely at ease right from the start and I knew I was in safe hands. I've been to several other colour consultants in my time and I can honestly say that Margaret is the best. She made me realise that they'd all given me various bits of misleading advice over the years and had all read my colours wrong (!). She explained exactly where I was going wrong and gave me the tools to fix it - without breaking the bank. She has opened up a whole new world of colours that make me look good and I can't thank her enough. The best investment of time and money I've ever made. Thank you.