Lynda May image consultant and personal stylist for Warrington, Leigh, Lymm


Having loved and benefitted hugely from the experience of colour & style over 25 years ago, I couldn't wait to help others with their journey of self discovery.  I have been sharing the joy of colour and style with clients since 1994 and over the last 23 years, have seen transformations of both men and women that are truly remarkable.  I never tire of hearing someone say that they have so much more confidence in the way they look AND feel. 

I offer the full range of HoC services; I am an experienced trainer, public speaker and offer seminars, workshops, 121 experiences and small group sessions for companies, men and women of all ages.  I hold the House of Colour Professional Excellence Award, have held Star Consultant Award for 5 consecutive years and am part of the prestigious HoC in Business Team.

Apart from being a magician with colour and style, I am also a juggler!  I have a family of 2 teenage girls, a husband, and a puppy.   My passion is the empowerment of people both externally and internally.  I love to study nutrition (I am a Alkaline Health Practitioner), prepare & cook food for family and friends, learn languages, walk in nature, watch great films and spend time with my loved ones.

Enough about me . . . what about you?

Would you like to know more? How can I help you?

I'd love to talk to you put you at ease about your individual needs and how to best proceed with YOUR transformation. Call me on 07771 721 363 for a chat or a meet up to discuss your requirements.

Would you like to:

  • discover the secrets of looking stylish?
  • spend less on clothes but have many more outfits to wear?
  • know what colours really make you look fabulous?
  • look in your wardrobe with a sense of excitment?
  • understand your shape of your body and how to dress it?
  • understand how to reflect your personality in your style of clothes?
  • understand how to use accessories with panache?
  • put together the perfect capsule wardrobe for your lifestyle?

After your colour analysis experience, you will have the skills to look younger, slimmer, fresher and healthier.  Future outfits will be put together successfully and with ease.  You will avoid buying mistakes, you will be confident with new colours and receiving compliments will be an almost daily occurence.  You will have a simple action list to follow so you know how to organise your wardrobe, what to buy first and how to wear make up that suits your skin colour and type.  Having this information will save you both money and time.  You will know how to be appropriately dressed for every occasion.

Colour analysis is a life-changing experience for many clients!

1-2-1 Colour Analysis Class - £210 pp
Colour Analysis as part of a small class £140 pp

What happens after Colour

Your Colour experience can be the start of your complete Journey into Colour and Style.  You can of course stop at colour but  that would be like wearing just one glove!  After your Colour Analysis, the Shape & Style Experience gives you the confidence to express who you REALLY are.  You will have a thorough understanding of your body shape, body proportion and how to dress it.  You will learn about how you can create a personal look that boosts your self esteem and increases your confidence by putting together a wardrobe of stylish clothes that truly work for you, your personality AND the life you live.

The benefits of our style services:

  • You will Always Look Great -  Wearing your best colours, shapes and styles make you look younger, slimmer and fitter in casual and smart clothes.
  • You will Gain Confidence - Knowing that you will always look the part gives you renewed self-confidence, enhanced self-esteem and allows you to feel comfortable and secure.
  • You will have Successful Shopping - Learn the secrets of developing a successful capsule wardrobe and shopping with confidence.
  • You will Save a Small Fortune - Whatever your budget for clothes, expert colour and style analysis helps you make the right decisions and get great value for money avoiding any costly "mistakes".
  • You will Enhance Your Career - By having a better understanding of how to present yourself in any business situation, you will maximise and enhance your career prospects.  Winning that important interview, gaining promotion and improving your chances of a healthy pay rise suddenly becomes much easier.
  • You will have Great Fun - A great way to have a fun day out with your friends and work colleagues or a lovely experience with your Mum or daughter.

Shape & Style 1-2-1 experience  £250
Shape & Style Class in a small group (up to 3) £190

Personal Stylist time is available in 1 hour slots @ £60 per hour

‚ÄčMake up & Skincare Class/Top up Your Make up/Advanced Make up Class

Wherever you are with your make-up, there is a class for you.  Are you stuck in a rut with your makeup?  Unsure how to actually apply eye makeup, or where to apply your blusher and how to contour? Come and spend a couple of hours with me and I'll guide you through creating a day and evening look, including those smokey eyes!! Class prices from £25pp.  121 price for 1.5 hours is £90.  

Personal Shopping

Some clients like me to shop with them as their Stylist once they have attended their Colour and Style sessions. This is a very personal service which enables my clients to "see" their "Colour and Style" for real in the High Street. Whether you have £100 or £1000 to spend on your wardrobe, this service is very insightful, rewarding and cost effective. What you will see in 3 hours will take me 1 hour. Time and time again clients say to me "I would never have looked at that item, let alone try it on and buy it." So whether I shop with you as a one off, or each season to top up your wardrobe, this service is a brilliant way to consolidate what you would have learnt from me in your Colour and Style sessions. My hourly rate for Personal Shopping is £60 subject to a minimum of 2 hours.

Research has proven that the way we dress hugely impacts on the way people perceive and interact with us. Take control of the messages you communicate through your appearance. Increase your success and opportunities in all areas of your life. If you're in a field that demands a powerful, smooth and professional image, or you want to hit the ground running, then I can help you. In this practical and valuable session you discover: Which colours, shapes and styles flatter you.  How to create a wardrobe that gives you the edge in any social or business situation.  How shopping 'smart' saves time, money and effort. How to communicate a consistently professional image by undertaking dress codes. I also offer a personal shopping service to speed up the implementation of all the above and offer you that added layer of assurance.

Colour and Style for Men - £335
121 Colour for Men - £200
121 Style for Men - £190

Gift Vouchers are always available for any value. Treat someone special with a personalised gift voucher for any class, product or service!

Spread the word and have fun in the process

Do you want to organise a presentation to know more? Organise a presentation for:

  • your group
  • your work
  • the WI
  • charity event
  • golf club
  • PTA events
  • mothers union
  • or just your friends!

Call 07771 721 363 or email for more details.


House of Colour literally changed my life!  I learnt what colours and styles I looked my best in.  Whenever I look in the wardrobe to see what to wear for the day, or whenever I go shopping to buy clothes, I always have in mind the recommendations that Lynda May gave me.  I have recommended House of Colour, in particular, Lynda May, to many of my friends and even now 5 years on, I still follow the House of Colour guidelines.

Terrie Taylor, Warrington

Having read an article about Colour Analysis, I booked with Lynda May for a Colour Analysis Class, Make-up Workshop and a Style day.  Each session was fun, informative and eye-opening!  Who knew there was so much to learn about easily improving for ourselves, something we do every day!  I have not bought anything since that is not in my colour palette and I confidently purchase my make-up through Lynda, as I know everything will be correct for my skin tone.  I now understand the subtleties of dressing my body shape and my personality, which makes some styles right for me and conversely I can instantly spot those styles and colours which will not flatter me at all so I don't waste time and money buying mistakes.  It's great to receive compliments about looking well, and I smile, knowing that they are mainly due to the knowledge that I have gained from Lynda who has given me the insight to know what to wear that suits me best.  Thank you Lynda.

Hazel Austin, Warrington,

Going on this life-changing journey with Lynda has been one of the most unbelievable things that has happened to me.  I have 'found myself' and I like what I found!  I have enjoyed the whole process and my look, inner confidence and self esteem are going from strength to strength.  Lynda, you truly are amazing!

Ruth Harrison, Culcheth, Warrington

17 years ago I decided to treat my mum, so I booked us both in to 'have our colours done'.  It was the best tonic I could have given my mum ... better than any HRT prescription.  The experience was a day filled with personal attention, good tips and advice, and a truly personal tailored plan as to what colours and styles suited, not only our shapes but our personalities as well.

Lynda has a warm, welcoming personality and instantly puts you at ease.  She has a genuine interest in helping women unlock their hidden attributes.  I could never have believed the difference wearing the right colours make, if I had not experienced it myself.  You appear to shrink in size but grow in confidence; not to mention the time saved whilst clothes shopping . . . when you know what suits you, hours are saved.

Lynda is always available to offer advice, and even now 17 years later, I am still in touch and always feel more motivated after chatting to her.  Who would have thought that the 'treat' for my mum, could have turned out to the gift that keeps giving.

Ann Sholicar, Liverpool

In a word - amazing!  Go shopping with Lynda and she will hand you an item of clothing and say "Try this on" .. puzzled and very doubtful, you oblige.  Be prepared for the Wow factor when you look in the mirror.

Helen Lord, Culcheth, Warrington

I can’t say enough about HoC and how it has transformed the way I shop and dress,I feel more confident in public, knowing the clothes I am wearing suit me .  I have had my colours done, make up and style day and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.

Lynda makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and is always there to give tips if required.  I have recommended Lynda to family and friends, they too really enjoyed the experience and it is always a talking point.


Elaine Smith

I first met Lynda  20 years ago. I needed a speaker for a national businesswomen's group (BPWUK). The talk was so inspiring that several members booked to have their colours analysed. After the class, Lynda sent me off as a very happy "blue Spring". I quickly followed it up with a style class and I can honestly say I've never looked back. Those classes radically changed my shopping habits and over the years have saved me thousands. It's been great to get compliments and to feel fabulous in my clothes. It's also been fun to recommend friends and acquaintances and to see their transformation too. I'm definitely a long-standing convert and no wonder, because every time I open my wardrobe the sun spills out and every day is Spring! 

Thanks, Lynda!

Jacqui Birni

Lynda has years of experience at this and a great eye, both of which she focuses on each client to great effect. But many consultants have that. What sets Lynda apart are two things:

-   Her truthful directness. It’s unswerving as well as absolutely necessary in this minefield of insecurities and delusions, but it’s delivered with enormous compassion, humour and grace so it becomes a gift.

-    Her innate and practised understanding of humans, what makes them tick, how to help them through those very insecurities and delusions her simple directness addresses, and how to let go of what hinders them.

You won’t have a more complete and effective experience than with Lynda.   

Sue Healy, Wigan

What such a liberating experience to know that when you go to your wardrobe everything in it suits you not just by colour but style and shape

Taking my colour experience has been the most empowering thing I have done for myself

I can only thank you Lynda

It has been just over a year since I had my colours 'done', and I've had great fun sorting out my wardrobe. It's still a work in progress, but I'm getting there! It has been quite an undertaking because I was taken by surprise that I was an 'Autumn', and my wardrobe was predominantly black, white, grey and blue! Most of the black and white has gone, and I can work round some of the greys and blues.

After my style class I took a few things to be altered at Stitches on Orford Lane in Warrington, and I was really pleased with the results. 

My two friends keep on saying that they must come to your colour and style classes, and one of them wants another friend to come along as well. Hopefully they'll make their minds up eventually!

I went to Turkey for 10 days in the summer, hand luggage only, so my colour and style classes came in very useful as I was able to pack a minimum of clothes but still had two different outfits for every day, I was well impressed!


Mandy Jewell, Warrington

House Of Colour has changed my life!

Knowing the right colours when shopping saves so much time and energy.
Wearing the right colours makes you look and feel good.
People notice that you look good and your confidence grows.
Knowing, wearing and loving your colours is a personal journey that I continue to enjoy.
Thank you, Lynda!

Helen Pritchard, Southport