Maud Janssen image consultant and personal stylist for Netherlands/The Hague

Colour Analysis, Personal Style Advice and Image Consultant for The Hague, the Netherlands

Every one deserves to look their best !

If you look good, you feel good and I can teach you how to do that every day.

My name is Maud Janssen, I am Dutch and have been very passionate about clothes and styling since I was young. After finishing my Master in Psychology I moved to live in Rome, Italy. I have lived there for almost 10 years, moved later to Spain and loved the Mediterranean way of life. Women in these countries always look their best and feel confident about their appearance. I think we can all learn from them.

You know the first impression can only be made once and it takes only 30 seconds to do this! I never thought I could turn my passion into my job. But after a fabulous morning with a House of Colour consultant doing my colours, I knew what I wanted to do: make people look and feel beautiful wearing their right colours, make up and style. I now love what I do, it is such a positive job, seeing clients leave happy and radiant is just great!

Colour Analysis is such a powerful tool to look your best every day Have you ever had an outfit that just feels right? Every time you wear it, you get compliments and you feel like YOU in it. Do you have a wardrobe of clothes that don't "go" with each other or just don´t feel right? Or do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? How wonderful would it be to have a wardrobe full of clothes that work together, but more importantly they work on YOU. Your own colouring and personality will be shining through.

Come to discover the secrets to successful shopping and know exactly what colours suit you, so to look your best for any occasion ! 


STEP 1 BOOK A COLOUR CLASS and discover the benefits:

*Always look great with the right colour & make up

*Gain more self confidence and get lots of compliments

*Save a small fortune, time & energy in shopping

*Possess a co-ordinated wardrobe

*Have a fun experience !


How does it work ?

Having your colours and image done is not about whether you can wear blue or purple or brown, it is about discovering which shading of each colour suits you, and how to best maximize your own assets. Many people ask what exactly I do in a colour class. I basically work out which colours co-ordinate with your individual skin tone by comparing the effect a series of precision dyed drapes has on your skin-tone. If you are wearing the wrong colours you can look tired and it will draw attention to flaws, whereas the right colour shading for you will have a positive effect on your skintone and make you look alive, healthy and interesting.

Once we have discovered the colour palette that suits you, I put you in a basic makeup that works for your skin-tone. Then I discuss and rate each of your colours, advising you whether the colour should be worn top-to-toe or as a blouse, or even just as an accessory. You go home with all the information and you will start the process of looking fabulous and getting lots of compliments!

A Colour class in a group costs 149 euro for a half day including a colour swatch wallet of your season to take home with you.



If you have poor shopping experiences and even worse changing room ones then this is the class for you !

You'll learn the shapes, styles, accessories, fabrics and patterns that work for you. Imagine going shopping and knowing exactly what to buy to make you look and feel wonderful so you can build a flexible and interesting capsule wardrobe to suit your lifestyle. How fantastic would it be to feel confident that you look your best for every occasion, formal or informal without running to the shops first! Well the great news is that after this class you will.

A Developing Style class in a group costs 200 euro for a full day including your personal style book & lunch.



A hand's on session, learn how to apply make-up to compliment your natural colouring to look "naturally finished" rather than too made-up using the colours that work best for you. Best after knowing your Colours but also possible just on it's own. 

A Make-up class costs 70 euro for approx. 2 hours.


BOOK ALL 3 classes and benefit from our Complete Journey price of 350 euro ! 

It really is the best way to look and feel fantastic by learning how to invest wisely and make the right choices for you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you discover the colours & styles that make you look and feel great. It is the BEST investment you can make in yourself and will last you a lifetime ! 

Feel free to contact me through email or phone to book a session or just ask for more information.

I also offer wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping trips and give presentations for groups. 

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´I have considered having my colours done for many years and finally took the plunge in October 2013. What a revelation and pleasure! Maud expertly took me through the process, culminating in my diagnosis as a ´sultry winter´. The day was enjoyable from start to finish, set in beautiful surroundings and hosted by the stylish and friendly Maud, I felt comfortable and at ease throughout. I look forward to experimenting with my new colours and make up and returning for a Style day in the very near future!´ Joanne

´I thoroughly enjoyed my Color-session with Maud! It has really shaken up my beliefs about what 'my' colours are ... It has also helped me to realize how important choosing and wearing the right colours are: it really makes a big difference in how I look and feel. Maud creates the perfect atmosphere to experiment with colors and she clearly enjoys sharing her colour expertise with her clients to make them look the best they can. And, importantly, it has an impact on my daily choice of colours and what to wear -- for the better! Thanks a lot! ´Liselore

´Thank you so much Maud for your expertise in helping me realize my true colors!! No wonder I've felt 'blah' all these years...I am very very happy with my new look, especially since changing my hair color. Makes me feel really good. I love the makeup I bought and have been wearing it since, getting compliments even from people I don't know. Wish I would have done this 30 years ago! Will definitely come back with my daughter so she can find out about her best colours earlier than I did! ´ Shawn


´Maud, just want to say a big thank you for this afternoon. I felt so comfortable and welcomed. It was a fabulous experience and I'm really pleased with the outcome! Right after the class I saw a friend of mine andthe first thing she said was, 'you look really pretty'. The best bit is that she didn't know I had just left my colour session.I wish you all the best in your profession. I know it's going to be successful!´ Tracey W.



´Thank you very much for helping me to choose the right colours. From now on it will be much easier to renew my wardrobe, to match colours and choose accessoires. These tips you have given will be really very helpul for me. I really enjoyed the session!´ Patricia



Maud is, naast een zeer innemende en stijlvolle vrouw, niet de doorsnee styliste die jou een stijl wil opleggen. Ik vind haar erg correct en invoelend. Ze is een wereldwijze vrouw en dat merk je direct. Haar advies is subtiel en helder. Je merkt aan Maud dat ze een doel voor ogen heeft en dat is jou tot de beste versie van jezelf helpen maken. Ik heb ontzettend veel aan haar advies gehad en ze heeft de spijker op zijn kop geslagen. En dat terwijl ik altijd al met kleding en makeup bezig ben en zelfs al eens een styliste in de arm heb genomen. Die staat nu ver in de schaduw van Maud. Na haar advies weet ik precies welke tinten én welke kledingstijl ik het beste kan dragen en waarom. Mijn aangeklede leven ziet er ineens 180 graden anders uit. Ik vond het shoppen in het begin lastig, omdat er zoveel afvalt wat niet mijn tint is, mijn stijl of mijn stof. Maar ik krijg er zo'n fijne kledingkast voor terug. Alles in mijn kast is leuk, staat me leuk en - voor mij cruciaal - combineert met elkaar. Met alle dank aan Maud die me letterlijk kleur heeft gegeven. Ik kan iedereen haar ten zeerste aanraden! 

Ik heb bij Maud de kleuren - en stijlsessie gedaan en ben daar echt heel blij mee. De uitkomst van de kleursessie had ik totaal niet verwacht. Maar nu ik eraan gewend ben voelt het heel goed. Het klopt. 

Wat ik zo enorm goed vind aan Maud is dat ze zonder vooroordeel bleef kijken naar welke kleuren mij het beste passen. Het was niet direct duidelijk maar ze bleef doorkijken totdat het echt helemaal zeker was. 

De stijlsessie was een groot thuiskomen en veel herkenning. Nu begrijp ik waarom ik bepaalde dingen nooit aandoe, ook al zijn ze in principe mooi. En waarom ik andere dingen fijn vindt. Dat MAG dus ook gewoon omdat het bij mij past.

Ik weet wat te dragen en wat niet. Tot en met het soort stoffen en snit aan toe. Geeft zoveel richting en helderheid. Ik hoef nu niet meer te twijfelen over of het welk of niet past. Mijn oude garderobe staat op Marktplaats  

Ik raad Maud zeer zeker aan! Heel fijne vrouw die je niets aanpraat. De beste tip die ik van haar kreeg was: bij twijfel niet doen. Het moet minstens een 8 zijn.


I really enjoyed my House of Colour analysis by Maud. She is a warm and friendly host who is honest but respectful giving you her professional opinion. It was tricky deciding between me being an Autumn (which I hoped I would be) or Spring, which I turned out to be. I never felt rushed and I had a great time.