Elena Kornilova image consultant and personal stylist for Amsterdam

It was amazing to see all the benefits from colours, now I see things with new eyes and find very exiting when looking at clothes and accessories.
Elena gives not only her personal touch in her consultation but shares the Joy of colors with full energy. 
I fully advice you to join a session is worthy for everyone.

Anna Mora, the owner of the Pilates studio

So glad I’ve done this! Now I can start New Year with a new redefined and perfected style. It’s just incredible how many eye-openers I had during the session even thought I thought I already knew everything about myself and my style. Thank you so much, dearest Lena, for providing me with essential knowledge which will now make my appearance far more sophisticated at much less effort than before.

Anna Kuznetsova

I felt so amazing after the Colour and 90 seconds makeup workshop.  Thank you so much for your time.  I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend you.

Abhinaya Selvakumar, Frontend Developer

A new chapter in my life has just started! More colorful, juicy & abundant!!! Elena Kornilova thank you for gently guiding  me on the beautiful journey of rediscovering my personal wow colors and style:) You’re absolutely right that we all intuitively know what colors make us shine and reveal our true beauty, but sometimes we don’t trust our inner guidance and need that extra affirmation to help us reconnect to ourselves. 
Funny, before we started a session, I already felt inside that Summer colors resonate the best with me. And then you confirmed it! You know, at the end it’s not about the colors, it’s about meeting new me & embracing what comes with it! ❤️
P.S 2 big boxes of old clothes and shoes are packed for donations💥😃

Victoria Ratmanova, founder and CEO of Naturals Cosmetics.