Annabelle Antao-Bithrey image consultant and personal stylist for Longfield/Gravesend

House of Colour Consultant based in Hartley, covering Longfield, Gravesend and surrounding areas. Helping you discover how colour and style can change your wardrobe - and your life. Book a consultation now

Style consultation

How to dress well... personal styling that fits you perfectly. Have you ever stood in front of your packed wardrobe thinking "I've nothing to wear"?

Do you waste countless hours shopping for clothes, worrying that the latest fashion isn't really... you? Relax, we can help. In just one stress-free, enjoyable day House of Colour can stop you feeling lost and confused about your wardrobe. You'll leave with the confident, life-changing ability to know exactly which clothes make you look fabulous - just you, the person you are now.

Ideally, you'll be building on the revelation of your HoC colour analysis. But this class is an eye-opener on its own. Here's what you'll learn:

Your own personal style:

The shapes that flatter your body, affordable styles that capture your personality.  After all, none of us are supermodels and we all have a clothes budget.

You'll learn the language of clothes - the confident ability to express your individuality and send the right messages through a range of styles and looks.

Creating a capsule wardrobe:

Effortless style, fewer clothes. Getting dressed in the morning will be a joy.

How to spend wisely:

Never again will you waste money on that ill-advised "bargain". The secrets of buying and wearing accessories. Using key pieces to make a style statement that's entirely your own.

Colour analysis

At the end of this session, you will know which colours are your wow colours, the ones that make you glow and shine, the ones that bring confidence and compliments! You will also leave knowing the make-up colours that make you look fabulous. You will never have to shop wondering, "Does that colour suit me?" ever again.

You'll see the difference instantly. That magical moment when a colour lights up your face, makes your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. That moment will be the start of a deep natural confidence that stays with you forever.

First, you’ll find out which season’s colours naturally harmonise with your individual skin tone (spring, summer, autumn or winter).  We will identify your personal best, the “WOW” colours that will always give you that radiant, gorgeous glow.  No colour will be excluded.  It’s all about finding the right tone.  We’ll never tell you what to do. You may already know your colours, but we guarantee a far wider choice than you ever thought possible.  You’ll leave the session with a whole palette of colours that make you look wonderful and feel confident.

Give yourself a treat that lasts. When you leave you can tell your friends "I have my own Personal Stylist now".

So what do I do now?

1) Schedule a consultation with me on

2) Find out how your style and colours you wear can change your life

3) Relax in the knowledge that you are looking - and feeling - your best!



Professional to the core and witty with it. I had my colours done a few months back and totally got on board with it, encouraged and advised by Annabelle every step of the way. Surprised she didn't block me with the tons of questions and the, "Is this ok?"

I've now had my style done and what a minefield that was! Annabelle patiently answered all my questions, allayed my fears and encouraged me with this style. #romanticnatural.

Annabelle is so suited to this career, patient, diligent, enthusiastic and makes clients feel at ease. I wish you continued success with HOC and look forward to future discoveries together.

Heather Francis-Clarke

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