Lorraine Griffin image consultant and personal stylist for Rainham/Sittingbourne/Faversham

Hi my name is Lorraine and I am the House of Colour consultant for Rainham, Sittingbourne and Faversham areas.

I first heard of House of Colour through a work colleague who had been for colour and style analysis.  She was full of praise for the experience and I was looking for something really special for my friends birthday so I booked both of us for our colours.  I had no idea that buying my friend this experience would also end up being the biggest gift I could give myself.

I was very much play it safe girl, had alot of black in my wardrobe.  I was excited and a little apprehensive as to what I would be told on the day.  It honestly was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever had.  Its a day of self discovery, the moment you can see what colour can do for your appearance, can make your eyes look brighter, your skin smoother even make you look younger.  I found the whole experience enlightening and empowering.  I was full of confidence at the end of the day and couldnt wait to go back and learn about style also.

My journey started 7 years ago and I havent looked back.  Alot has changed in that time, I got married had twin girls and swapped working life as a retail buyer to be a stay at home mum.  That is until now, I am starting a new chapter of my life in becoming a consultant and I cant wait to share this amazing experience with my clients.  As a consultant I have the opportunity to combine my love of fashion with helping others on their own personal journeys into the world of colour and watch first hand their transformations.  I get to see their confidence grow and hear about all the positive changes they have experience along the way.

Whatever your circumstance whether you are in business and you want to stand out from the crowd, a busy mum who has lost her way abit and would love some help in reconnecting with yourself and finding your confidence again.  You could be a graduate just about to join the workforce and you want to make sure you make the right first impression in the all important interviews, or you could be about to enter retirement and you are leaving the corporate world behind and you want to discover your own style for this new exciting chapter of your life.  Colour and Style analysis is for everyone no matter what age or life stage you are at.

If you want to be confident in your clothing decisions, and stop wasting money on clothes you only wear once or not at all. If you want to feel excited when you look into your wardrobe about all the possibilities you have available to you, knowing that whatever outfit you pick will be perfect for you.  Then please do as I did and give yourself the gift of colour and style analysis.

To Book : Click on the link above.  If you would like more information or if the dates are not suitable for you, then please email or telephone me to discuss alternatives, I will always try to help.

Colour Consultation  4 - 5 hours £145 per person

Classes are small and friendly, and in an informal relaxed environment you will learn about colour and have fun along the way finding out your own unique personalised colours.

First we will discover which season you are through the use of bespoke drapes, we will identify which season colours compliment your unique skin tone and colouring.

We then apply some light makeup which is relevant to your personal season, which then helps us to move onto the next stage of finding out your WOW colours, these are the colours that have the correct depth and tone of colour that are perfect for you.

At the end of the class you will leave with a wallet containing your seasons colours and a booklet full of helpful advice about how to work with your colours once you leave the class ensuring you feel confident and fabulous in your decision going forward.

Style Consultation 6 hours £199 per person

Have you ever said the words " I have nothing to wear! " even though your wardrobe is bursting at the seams with clothes.  Are you guilty of panic buying for an occassion, and end up over spending on completely the wrong things ? Then personal style class can help you.

This class will give you the knowledge to understand what suits you and why, making shopping easier.  You will spend less time selecting items and you will save money as you will no longer buy clothing that is not right for you, and that sits in your wardrobe with the tags still on!

In class we will identify your bodyshape and what clothing styles compliment your frame.  We also look into your personality as this has an impact on how we dress and once we have identified this we can then tell you your unique clothing personality.

You will leave the class with personalised booklet and the knowledge and confidence to make the right clothing decisions for you.

Skincare and Make up Consultation 2 -3 hours £60 per person

Often skincare and make up is an area that most women find daunting or the sheer amount of options available overwhelming.  This class is fun and informative and its a real mini pamper day what is not to like.

We start by preparing your skin with a mini facial using our wonderful Essentially Yours skincare range.  You will then learn new makeup techniques and how to apply our House of Colour make up confidently to create different looks.

Also available :-

Wardrobe Review and de-clutter £60 per hour

Shopping Trip £60 per hour

Mens Colour & Image £305

Scarf Tying Class £25

Kid's colour Class £50 (excludes wallet)

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Lorraine was very friendly and made me feel the centre of her attention.  It was very interesting, and quite exciting to see the colours bring me to life particularly as I has no make up on!

It was just fasinating, finding some of my wow colours that I never would have expected.  I feel it would give people more confidence with their clothing purchases and not make expensive mistakes.

N. Scott