Claire Mathews Star Consultant with 5yrs of experience image consultant and personal stylist for Southend/Rayleigh


Following the  latest government advice sadly all face to face services are currently suspended.  Some of my services can be adapted to online including shopping and wardrobe reviews, please get in touch if you are interested in exploring these and I shall be happy to help.  The health and safety of my clients is the most important concern so we can all look forward to enjoying the exciting world of colour and style in the future. Stay well and please get in touch with any general enquiries, I will be happy to answer and questions via email or chat on the phone ready for when things can get back to normal..

I was introduced to the power of colour and style whilst working for an executive search firm in the City of London. I was completely blown away with the experience.  I was made a 'winter' season and a 'Romantic Classic' clothing personality.  Suddenly I wanted to shop as it all made so much sense to me now and I couldn't wait to inject that excitment into my wardrobe!  When I decided to leave the City I explored the possibility of becoming a stylist and House of Colour was my first choice.  So much knowledge and expertise and this was exactly what I was looking for as I had never run my own business before and the concept seemed slightly scary so loved the idea of having this trustworthy brand supporting me.

When I did my training with House of Colour they checked my colours and I was indeed a 'winter' and they also checked my style which was similar but with a little tweek of being an 'Ingenue Romantic' which gives me the glamour and the prettiness I desire in my wardrobe and suits my personality and my body shape perfectly.

For me there is no doubt about this process it truly is an amazing journey and one that keeps unfolding - even now...!

I have been a House of Colour Star Consultant for the last 2yrs.

The benefits of colour, style & make-up are never ending...!  It really is as easy as 1,2,3...

  • Discovering your 'WOW' colours gives you a vibrant healthy glow and the most impact.
  • Finding shapes and styles that naturally flatter your body and personality feels like you have made your way home to the 'true' you and as you settle into that understanding more and more life somehow becomes easier to navigate as your confidence and self esteem grows and ripples out towards your friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Simple make-up techniques for flawless skin and sparkling eyes helps you to feel and look fabulous and saves you time.

Had my colours done by the marvellous Claire Mathews.  I am a golden/blue spring!  Had a lovely day and shopping trip is now required!!!

Judith Clark

It was a brilliant day.  I learned so much from Claire who was fantastic, so helpful, knowledgeable and extremely patient!

Leigh Shelley

I had a really good experience having my colours done.  Claire was very friendly and made me feel special.  She made it easy to understand.

Hannah Keely

What a truly wonderful experience.  Very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.  I thouroughly enjoyed the time spent with Claire as did my daughter.

Jacqueline von Kutzleben

Very relaxed and informative experience.  Promoted confidence to enable me to go and buy clothes in the right colours.  Valuable advice re make-up choices.

Barbara Johnstone

Fantastic experience and totally brillant consultant - have since recommended Claire and will continue to do so.

Sarah Wall

Very helpful, enjoyable and inspiring.  Worth the money and it made me look at colour in a new way.  Fantastic experience.