Lesley Burton image consultant and personal stylist for Lincolnshire

Lesley Burton, Colour Analysis, Image Consultant and Personal Style Advisor for Lincolnshire

Hello I'm Lesley your House of Colour consultant for Lincolnshire.

I am here to take you on a fantastic journey which will take as little as a day, but will last you a lifetime.  Who can I help?  Everyone; whether you are male or female, old or young, it is never too early, or too late, to discover the colours and styles which will make you shine.

How do I know this works?  Because having spent 14 years bringing up a child and starting a business I had completely lost sight of me along the way, and decided that the House of Colour journey was a way to help myself.  Incredibly it was so much more for me bringing focus back and making me feel good about myself; self-confident and focused, not that sallow drained reflection in the mirror that all working mothers know, so I took the next step and became a consultant.  I now have the greatest pleasure in watching the reaction of others as they also discover themselves and the confidence that comes with it.

What can I do for you?

Save Time and Money - Knowing which colours and shapes to choose not only makes shopping easier but also means those expensive mistakes in your wardrobe are a thing of the past.

Feel Confident - Walking out of the door in the morning knowing that you are looking good is a huge boost to your self-confidence and makes you able to take on the world.

Enhance your Career - Making a good first impression improves your chances of promotion and thereby your earning potential, first impressions are 68% visual

Always look good - The correct colours and shapes will make you look healthier, younger and slimmer.

The House of Colour journey works to a simple 3-step formular which you can complete to your own timescale.  Please click on 'Class Dates' above for availability,as well as these other dates are always available and can also be tailored specifically for you or your group of friends or colleagues.


Classes for Women

  1. Colour Analysis - Developing Style - Make-up and Skincare Class - 3 for 2 3 steps in 1 Day - Short of time, complete all 3 steps together (1 to 1) £530.00
  2. Colour Re-rate - £65.00  Revisit your colours and refresh your look.


Classes for Men (2 Steps to a new you)

  1. Colour Analysis - £150 Discover the best colours for you and how to use them.  Look healthier, younger, fresher, with a sense of excitment and confidence.  Classes last half to three-quarters of a day depending on numbers.  Want me to yourself 1 to 1 is available for £200.00
  2. Developing Style - £205.00  Discover the best shapes and styles to enhance your assets and your personality, how to dress to impress and be authentic to yourself.  Classes last a full day.  Want me to yourself, 1 to 1 is available for £255.00
  3. 3 for 2 £355.00  Purchase a Colour Analysis and Developing Style group class at the same time and receive an hour shopping free of charge.  The days to yourself £530.00
  4. 2 steps in 1 Day - £450.00  Short of time, complete both steps together in one day.

For Children

  1. Kid's Colour - £60.00 A shorter Colour Analysis class.  (Wallet available at an additional charge of £55.00)

For Couples

  1. Please feel free to contact me to book either a Colour Analysis or Developing Style class for yourself and your partner
  2. 3-Steps in a Day for Two - For you and your partner or you and a friend. £545 per person

Getting Married 

The best day of your life in full colour!  Colour Analysis can find the best 'white' for you as well as colours for your makeup, flowers andOther Classes

Advanced Colour, Advanced Style, Confident Accessorising, Scarf Styling, Wardrobe De-Cluttering, Personal Shopping trips, please contact me for further details.


I am happy to give talks at meetings, lunches etc, please contact me for further details.


Personal stylist and image consultant covering Lincolnshire. Expert in colour analysis, personal styling, skincare and make up advice, wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping, capsule wardrobes.  Change your life for the better, give yourself the gift of colour

Lesley really helped me to see the differences, I love having WOW colours personal to me


A lovely uplifting day


Thank you so much feeling better already


Lesley was very engaging and professional. Very informative and enjoyable experience. Will pursue another in the future.