Lesley Burton image consultant and personal stylist for Lincolnshire

Lesley Burton, Colour Analysis, Image Consultant and Personal Style Advisor for Lincolnshire 

“It should be you that makes the clothes, not the clothes that make you”

I have the best job in the world because I can turn this statement into reality.

I will show you how to achieve this by following the 3-stages of Colour Analysis, Skin Care & Make up and Personal Style.

Attending these 3-classes is an investment in your future transforming you for a lifetime because together we will make you:

Always look good – learn how your best colours, shapes and styles make you look younger, slimmer & fitter in smart or casual clothing

Gain confidence – Knowing you always look your best boosts confidence and self-esteem, and makes you feel comfortable and secure with yourself, helping you at home and work

Shop successfully – learn the secrets of developing a wardrobe that works for you, a small number of clothes in your colours and style that will mix and match enabling you to shop with confidence and never say “I haven’t a thing to wear”, again

These classes are for:


Whether you are a mum wanting to look good at the school gates, a career person looking to make the right choice for the office, helping you to stand out and be noticed, a bride knowing that dress is really the right one.

About Me

Hello I’m Lesley.  Having spent 14 years bringing up a child, and starting a business, I seemed to have completely lost myself somewhere along the way and so decided that the colour journey was a way to help me.  Incredibly it was so much more for me bringing focus back on me again and making me feel good about myself, confident, not that sallow drained reflection in the mirror that all working mothers know, and so I took another step and became a consultant.  I now have the greatest pleasure in watching the reactions of others as they also discover themselves and the confidence that comes with it.


Lesley Burton, Personal Style and Image Consultant, experienced in Colour Analysis, Skincare and Makeup, Image and Style advice covering Lincolnshire.

Lesley really helped me to see the differences, I love having WOW colours personal to me


A lovely uplifting day