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Hi, my name is Linda Davis and I’m a passionate Personal Color Specialist & Image Coach located in the Kansas City area.

As the Image Consultant & Personal Color Specialist & House of Colour in Kansas City, I’m 110% dedicated to empowering my wonderful clients and teaching them to purchase things they will truly love and actually wear. Instead of going on a random shopping spree, I’m here to help you learn how to build an eye-turning, one-of-a-kind wardrobe for a uniquely beautiful and confident you!

In addition to running my own consultancy, I also began serving as the Head of USA Training for House of Colour in 2015, ensuring that all new stylists are armed with the tools and know-how they need to help our valued clients look and feel their very best.

An avid student of life, I enjoy constantly expanding my knowledge base. I earned numerous House of Colour certification including Color Analysis, Personal Style Training, Bridal Training, and House of Colour in Business. I have completed extensive training for Plus Size, Personal Shopping, the Language of Dress and Makeup application. 

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I actually have a funny/great story about my 'colors' yesterday! I was already planning on doing some fallshopping after my appointment and, with my color swatches in tow, went to one of my favorite stores. Because I was picking within my new color profile I was getting complements on the outfits I tried (a beautiful lilac blouse with creamy large pearl necklace; gray slacks with lovely turquoise-like sweater, etc.) not only from other shoppers but from each of the salespersons as well. When I was paying for my items the salesperson said: "You look like Marilyn Monroe!" and that was a real spirit lifter for a 57-year old!

I thought the whole thing was so fun. It also gave me a little bit more confidence in choosing new things for summer and fall, and it's nice to hear some compliments about how you look right before you turn 30. I would recommend the process.

Having my color and style profile done by Linda last week in Kansas City was life changing, inspiring, eye-opening and thrilling.

Thank you for suggesting that I take my personal consult with Linda Davis. She is excellent at this work, and brings much beauty & insight to your company. It was a real privilege to watchher work and be the recipient of her skills.

Thank you so much for an amazing few days of learning and discovery, what an amazing experience!! I am still quite overwhelmed with the wealth of information that you shared and incredibly perplexed at how I could have been so far off on my colors, all that said I am 100% ready to embrace my own unique beauty and commit to making myself and my style/color journey a fun, empowering and exciting experience. When my plane landed in Denver I decided I needed to "hit the ground running", so I went shopping for a few items to embrace my new "Blue Autumn"/Romantic Classic lifestyle. This is an emotional journey for me, as you could probably tell when I was at your studio. I feel free in a way that I have never felt before and I am hoping that as I try my new colors I will finally see the beauty that is inside of me come through on the outside!!! Also you got my style personality "spot on", I could not have figured it out on my own, but it makes so much sense to me now!! It is amazing to watch you work and it seems that as you spoke, aveil was lifted from my eyes and it all made so much sense!!I LOVE your studio and everything about the way you presented yourself and the information that you shared with us!!! You have a desire to educate and empower your clients and you have an amazing sense of professionalism-I can see why you are so great at what you do!! Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!!! This was definitely a life changing experience for me!!!!

Thank you so very much! I'll be back for the style & personality course very soon :)

I have to say that my initial consultation gift to House of Colour changed my life last summer in such a positive way during a very stressful time. I feel much more confident in my appearance knowing that I am selecting not only appropriate clothing colors but make-up shades, eyeglass frame colors, etc. that enhance me.

Thank you for all your time and valuable help and coaching. I am so excited about what I learned. I feel a real understanding of how I want to portray myself and how to get there!

This was a game-changer. Thank you.

I've used Linda Davis, of House of Colour Kansas City, and what a wonderful difference it made! People ask me if I've lost weight, changed my hair, etc. and it is simply following Linda's guidance on color and personal style. Yes!

- B. K.

Wow - you made my dark (undereye) circles go away! By simply changing colors you made them appear and dissappear.

- A. D.

Amazing, enlightening, freeing and so much fun!

Thank you so much for everything. I was pretty unsure going into our meeting, and it way exceeded my expectations. Thanks for your patient explanations and your informative tips and advice.

On a humorous note, I was looking at my color wallet when I was in Joplin for work last week. Mind you, I put the appropriate stars and checks and percentages next to each color so that I am armed when I shop. I thought that I might have lost the wallet when I later checked my purse. I felt anxiety like I would if I thought I lost my wedding band! I retraced my steps in Joplin in a panic. The wallet had fallen out of my purse and was sitting in my trunk. What a relief! I obviously value what I isn't often I panic when I missplace something.

Our organization had Linda do a two-hour workshop on color and personal presentation for 70 women. It was a very informative time and helped our group to be more thoughtful about their appearance and color choices. Linda was very kind and professional in her presentation, and I highly recommend her for any group that needs to consider personal appearance.

Linda, the style class is amazing. I now will enjoy shopping for my Romantic Natural self. It answered so many questions and now I have the information to dress with confidence and really embrace my authentic style. Many thanks for a fun day.

Thanks so much for coming and speaking to our group, my team has been talking about nothing else.  Everyone showed up today looking more polished which was exactly what I was hoping for!

Love, love, love my new colors!

I can't tell you how much more confident I feel.  I have people comment to me all the time about how I always look so polished and put together. Thank you Linda, you were exactly what I needed.

I had such a great time with Linda. I wish I had done this years ago. I had no idea what a difference the right colors can make! Linda really knows what she is doing. She was very helpful and spent a lot of time with us. I highly recommend her.


I have been having fun exploring my new color palette. There are many Summer colors that I have never worn before, but I'm finding that I like the way they look.  I have had a couple friends doubt that I am a Summer because of my brown eyes, but I have felt confident in telling them that I could see with my own (brown) eyes the way those colors looked on me.  Thanks for making it an educational experience.

I'm getting my hair done on Friday and I will make sure I tell my hairdresser that we need to focus on summer/cooler shades so everything will be in harmony.

                                                                                   - Lisa N.

P.S. I broke up with black.  I found some mushroom brown jeans, dark brown/gray jeans, denim jeans, and navy pants so I can retire my black pants.  


"I went thru both the color analysis and style analysis 1.5 years ago...The information you learn going thru these sessions is surprising and I have tested it, and it really makes a difference. Lets be honest here, do you really think a guy that looks like me could get all these women .... it is the clothes & style!!!! LOL"

- S.M. in Overland Park KS

I think I've only missed a couple days of wearing lipstick since our session! I wore makeup before but never in the right colors. Now I know what looks good and it's much more enjoyable to do everyday. I hope you never underestimate the impact you are making in the lives of people. It has changed my whole approach and attitude towards clothes and makeup. I now see them as a way to put my best self forward. Thank you for shining light on a whole new path for me to explore. 

Thanks! I'm finally enjoying shopping again!

“Linda was incredibly patient and kind to me. Thanks for the education. See you soon for more classes.”


Thank you for spending the day with us.  What an eye opening experience and know more is to come in this process!

Lynn S.

I have been very busy since the first of the year since I became a discussion group leader at my Bible study (BSF) – it has also meant I’m dressed to go out with people two days a week!  I’ve been wearing my summer colors, including the blues and purples, teals, and dusty rose – along with those boots!  Also, I’ve been trying to include trends adapted to my style, and I guess it’s all working.  People have been so complimentary – noting the jewelry, nails, etc., along with colors.  While shopping is still a challenge (height, shape, my style not as common), I now can easily eliminate options not right for me, and have been able to buy pieces that work in different ways.  I won’t say I have a capsule wardrobe, but I’m better creating different looks out of pieces that work well for me.


Dearest Linda,

"Thank you" is not enough for what you have help me with this month (and in the last 3 years, really!)  Knowing I have some great outfits greatly reduces my stress, & I know I will feel more confident when I present!  But even the every day joy of getting dressed and piecing together my outfit has become a positive, motivating part of my day.  Thank you for your wisdom, passion and your enthusiasim.  I feel brand new!

- E. C.

Just wore one of my Wow colors for my Passport photo, what a difference!

M. L.

I just wanted to pass this on.  I've gotten several compliments this week plus this private FB message after posting pics!  Thank you for all your help!                            

"Teresa, your clothes selections and make up is right on.  I don't know if your using that know-your-colors system or not, but every photo of you in these pics is are perfect."  

- Teresa R.

My closet is like a Swiss Army knife! I’m equipped for any event.

I did the Color Analysis, Personal Style and Makeup 101 classes with Linda, PLUS she came over and audited my closet: I learned SO MUCH! My time with Linda not only taught me the best pieces for my body/personality, but also gave me the green light to donate clothing that just didn't seem to sit right on me for whatever reason (well, now I know the reasons!). Now when I open my closet I am in love with every piece I own, and I have confidence that everything I own is really going to battle for me and making me look healthier, more in focus, younger, and more positive. I should mention that while I love casual, quirky, fun styles (which work well for me) as a business owner it is very important that I also have enough pieces that convey that I am a professional at what I do- Linda explained this very well to me, and I feel that I am on my way to better first impressions and more confidence in both my business and personal life.

- Eliza. C.

After my session, I've been sorting through make up, and pulling my colors to wear.  When my daughter came home  on Thursday - she took one look at me and said "You look AWESOME!  That lady really got your colors right."  She is my artist, and I think she has a natural knack for colors based on some feedback from a friend who was an artist for Hallmark for many years.  It was just so out of the blue for her, and gave me a confidence boost.
Thank you so much for helping me understand my own colors better!

- N.A.

You have such a wonderful gift to offer women! 

- M.H.