Kyla Fellner image consultant and personal stylist for Abu Dhabi, UAE

Prior to finding House of Colour, I thought that being well dressed and looking good was either a matter of knowing how to do it or not knowing, and I was very much in the latter group! Little did I know that there was a secret formula to it! 


Having had a career as a pilot, only science-backed concepts made sense to me. In my eyes there was no logic to fashion, it was fleeting, environmentally unfriendly and not scientific until I stumbled across House of Colour. House of Colour’s science-based research for both what colours to wear to enhance your natural beauty and what styles each body shape and personality need to feel comfortable and “like themselves” changed my life. I went from never knowing what to wear to having an easy, user-friendly wardrobe that perfectly fits my lifestyle.


I was thrilled to be analysed as a “Summer” the soft muted cool tones perfectly harmonize with my skin tone, and my clothing personality “Classic Ingenue” allows me to embrace my perfectionism whilst honouring my body geometry. Knowing that I need to wear structured, elegant, delicate, neat and high-quality items, in soft cool muted colours ensures that what I purchase, not only get appropriate usage but are a representation of who I am.


As a House of Colour Consultant, I have ladies (and men!) walk through my studio door as a client, but by the end of the session they leave as a friend, what we do in our house of colour studios truly changes lives for the better. Helping people to see themselves as their very best is priceless, and I am lucky to be able to do that every day. 


I had such a great experience with Kyla. She was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and really opened up my eyes to what colours suit me best (many of which I never would have guessed). I highly recommend this to anyone who’s on the fence about having their colours done. Wish I’d have done it sooner!

Kate F.

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