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Here are a couple of links to start you off this Christmas! They are articles which I published in Staffordshire Living's Nov/Dec issue 2019:

Look from p34 onwards for the party looks feature. Enjoy!

Is your wardrobe looking dull and uninspiring? Then take some inspiration from the natural world of colour

Mother Nature spreads her colours generously - alongside browns, whites, blacks, blues and greys are colours of every hue.

  • Bright yellow daffodils cover green hillsides
  • Pink and violet wash the skies as the sun sets
  • Rust-coloured leaves are scattered on brown and green-dappled forest floors
  • Bright holly berries glow against deep green leaves and bright white snow

You, too, can look as lovely, as vibrant as Nature intended you to look.

Want to find out how?  Read on….

Do you feel that your clothes are making you look drab, or washed-out? Do you spend ages looking at your wardrobe but still can't find something to wear? Look no further! Here at House of Colour Lichfield you will discover which colours best suit your skin, your eyes and your hair, so that you can look your best and present yourself looking gorgeous in every situation.

Your appearance can positively affect you regardless of what stage of life you are at.  Would you like to be more confident when you are starting your first job, progressing in your career, or going to university? Or becoming a mum? Or returning to work after maternity leave or unemployment? Even when you are retiring, or are already retired, looking and feeling good will give you the confidence you need to make the most of life's opportunities.  You will discover the tools and understanding to help you achieve this confidence when you come to House of Colour classes.

My own colour journey began when I started a new job in 2004. I recognised how well co-ordinated and attractive a colleague of mine looked all the time whilst I often felt just downright dowdy. When I finally asked her, she told me about her House of Colour journey, which inspired me to want to explore it too. Although my first concern was that it was too much money to spend on myself, I finally decided to save up and have a treat. It was certainly one of the best decisions I've made, as well as one of the best treats I’ve ever had. Far from costing me lots of money, I have found that the financial outlay has been a great investment as I've saved myself from the expensive mistakes which had previously hung unworn in my wardrobe!

My stylist showed me that my clothing mistakes had been down to choosing colours which I liked (summery pastels in lavender, lemon, duck egg blue) instead of colours which ‘liked me’ (deep autumn colours of rust, teal, bronze and moss green). I was so excited and enthused by what I’d learnt, that I continued the journey by attending make-up and image classes. That's where I added to my knowledge  and discovered that I needed softer styles and more delicate patterns than those I had been wearing, as well as shapes that showed the figure I had been hiding in loose clothing.

You, too, can learn how to find YOUR best look which makes the most of your natural features, makes you look younger, healthy and well, and both expresses who you are and how you live your life.

Come along to any of the sessions in my studio in Lichfield – there are classes for colour analysis and image for both men and women. Groups can be for up to four people at a time, so why not come along with your friends, or family, or your partner, and see their transformation as well as your own? Book for any of the dates listed in the class information on this page. I also keep other dates free - ring me to enquire.

I also do fast-track sessions in one day which includes both colour and style. So if you would prefer to come on a date which is not listed, or to come alone for some special one-to-one attention, please contact me. If you would like some help with sorting out your wardrobe, I can come to your home and help you, and I am available for personal shopping trips to make sure that your shopping experience is both enjoyable and rewarding! Ring me on 07790 653669

I look forward to taking the journey with you!

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Last year I went to have my colours analysed. It was a very uplifting experience that has had a huge impact on the way I dress and shop. Linda was extremely welcoming and she put me at my ease straight away. I no longer waste time trying clothes on that do not suit me. Since seeing Linda I feel so much more confident about my appearance. It is not just about clothes but accessories, jewellery, skin care and make up. So many people have commented how well I look and my husband says my skin has never looked so good. I can thoroughly recommend anyone thinking of coming to Linda for a consultation or buying it as a special gift for someone. 

Mary, March 2016

Linda made us feel comfortable and very welcome. 

It’s been really good to know what colours I can wear to enhance how I look and I feel more confident to mix and match outfits.The skincare and make-up range are lovely and I have enjoyed experimenting with different looks for day and night. Looking forward to my style analysis session. A great experience and worth investing in. No more shopping mistakes to hide in the wardrobe. Thanks Linda.

Mary, April 2016

Linda is so patient and professional - she will spend as long as you need to make sure you get the results just right for you! I had a great time learning what worked for me, and I would really recommend a session with her!! It's really helped my confidence and knowing what to choose when I go shopping - I tend to head towards the right colours before I look at the styles! Thanks Linda - I would recommend it to anyone!

Sally, June 2016

I approached Linda as I wanted to buy the perfect Christmas gift for 3 female family members, and after showing me a number of different styles and colours of scarves I knew immediately that these were perfect. Not only was the style superb but the mix of colours was excellent. The quality was very luxurious. I would have no hesitation on recommending Linda to anyone, she is very knowledgable, professional, friendly and has a very good eye for style.

Paul, January 2017

I can thoroughly recommend the colour analysis experience I had with Linda, she explained the background and rationale for the session clearly and made the whole morning very enjoyable. The whole experience felt completely bespoke (although slightly self indulgent!) It certainly gave me my mojo back for shopping for clothes and now, when I look in my wardrobe I can see that all the colours go together. An added bonus is that I often receive compliments on how I look now that I’m wearing colours that I know suit me.

Joanna, February 2017

I've known Linda for some time now and it's her knowledge and attention to detail that particularly stands out. This again was the case when I recently had my colours done. I had a little knowledge of my season, but it has opened up a world of other colours that suit me and given me a new interest in my clothes, make-up and overall appearance.   

Katie, June 2017

I can definitely recommend a colour analysis day with Linda. Such a warm friendly atmosphere in which to discover my ideal palette of colours. Everything was explained so clearly and it was exciting to find out my wow clothing colours and flattering makeup. Can't wait to put it all into practice!

Sue, August 2017

Having felt a little apprehensive beforehand, I was immediately put at ease by Linda's warm welcome and professional manner.
I found the whole experience very uplifting and was amazed by the transformation shown by the appropriate make-up and colours.
Thank you so much Linda.

Ann, August 2017

A highly enjoyable experience and one that I would recommend to anyone looking to find the colours that really work for them. Linda has provided me with the information, tips and tools that I need to never make clothes and makeup purchase mistakes again!

Gillian, September 2017

I was very impressed by Linda's knowledge and skills. She inspired me and taught me lots of things about how to use the colours that she identified as suiting me best. She took the time to make sure she was giving me the right colours and explained everything so I understood it.


Jane, November 2017

Linda made me feel at ease and very welcome in her Studio. The whole experience was a joy, from start to finish. I've always dreaded shopping for clothes but now I have my colours and know what to shop for, I can't wait to hit the shops! Highly recommend to anyone, male or female!

Cheryl, December 2017

My experience with Linda was nothing short of fabulous! I found the whole science behind colour really interesting and it was so exciting discovering my wow colours. A highly recommended experience

Anna, February 2018

I loved having my colour analysis session and am so looking forward to wearing my colours with confidence now that I know what looks good on me.

Vicki, March 2018

The three of us had a wonderful day out, great fun and very interesting seeing the transformation in how we looked in our wow colours! Lunch was delicious and Linda was lovely, very professional and knowledgeable, she worked very hard all day and her enthusiasm for colour was tangible! If you are considering having your colours done, do it!   

Jenny, May 2018

I had an amazing colour class session with Linda. It was really exciting and interesting to hear how your colour works. Linda is professional, warm and friendly.

I'd recommend anybody who's considering having their colours done to do it. It's worth every penny!

Gail, September 2018

My colour analysis session with Linda was brilliant! I wasn't sure what to expect & ended up being on my own (due to other people being ill/unavailable) but Linda put me at ease & I felt really looked after by her. I loved finding out about all the colours & found discovering the best colours for me exciting, affirming & invaluable. Many thanks. x

Jo, January 2019