Denise Winton image consultant and personal stylist for Glasgow

Have YOU got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear?

Do you ever wonder if you've got "IT" right?

Have you ever felt that you'd "lost your way" with your wardrobe?

I certainly did until I discovered the House of Colour Journey - I was so impressed with the results that I changed my career to become a Stylist with the company. That was 24 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made!


Imagine making no more mistakes in your wardrobe? Did you know  that the average woman in Britain wears 20% of her clothes 80%of the time? (That indicates that 80% was an error!)  

Read on, to discover how you can change all that! 

We offer many different courses and services to give you the knowledge of how to look good, and more importantly, feel good, at all times. If you don't find a scheduled date for one of our services, or if none of the dates suit you, please contact me directly to arrange it with me.

Colour Analysis is a natural starting point where we identify the colours that best reflect your own colouring - everyone suits every colour, but it's the shade of the colour that makes the difference. You will also find out the makeup shades that complement you to complete your "look". It lasts from 1/2 to 3/4 day and you go home with a leather wallet with your fabric colour swatches and a personalised booklet of information. (Lunch and refreshments are included) £145

 Developing your Personal Style is the next step of your journey which looks at the shape and style of clothes that will flatter you the most and accentuate all you good points - everyone has them! It is a very comprehensive course which encompasses every aspect of your wardrobe organisation, your shopping habits and, most importantly, your best styles of clothes; using your body and face shapes, vertical proportions and your personality. It is a full day course and you take home your personalised work book containing all the information you need to avoid making a mistake again. (Lunch and Afternoon tea are included) £199

The Make-up Workshop forms the third part of your ourney and during this we explore different techniques to apply your make-up, with consideration given to skincare as well. Your preferences will dictate the different effects that can be achieved with yoiur make-up; whether it is a natural look, vampy look, professional look ... it's up to you. It lasts approx 3 hours and again, you take away your personalised workbook. It is very "hands on". (Refreshments are offered) £60

The Complete Journey gives you the opportunity to cover all the above courses at the discounted price of £375

This can be followed up with an advanced colour and styling workshops, personal styling advice, wardrobe management and shopping experiences - in fact, anything to enhance your experience to make you feel and look wonderful!

Colour and Style for Men - no need for men to feel left out! 

We offer men the same opportunity to discover how to look and feel the best they can, no matter what their lifestyle.

The advantage of knowing how to use your personal presentation to aid communication and break down barriers can generate confidence and self-assurance.

It is a full day course combining colour and style  (lunch and afternoon tea are offered) £345 though the 2 elemnts can be done seperately as well.

Please contact me for information about all our other services - I have other classes available.