Julie Shields image consultant and personal stylist for Pittsburgh

How about dressing as the authentic, confident You?

The one that you feel on the inside but just can't seem to present to the outside world?

At House of Colour with Julie Shields this is what you will learn to achieve, with simple, clear and 
structured classes, personal one on one attention or an easy group session with like minded individuals that want to improve their lives.

In Color analysis we teach you how a quarter of the world's colors look amazing on you, giving you better looking hair, skin and body image, how choosing make up, accessories and most importantly clothes, in your color palette will immediately create the person you really see in the mirror.

With Personal Style Development we address the who of you, learning all about your personality traits that influence how you dress, yes they do! We dive into your lifestyle, your shopping habits, the good the bad and the ugly, when to shop, where to shop and more importantly How to shop! We give you all the information you need to dress your body's archetecture correctly and then we even throw in a check list to make it simple, every, single day!

Click on this link to view Julie's classes and availability and let's get you started on the journey to a more complete you!



Being stylish and saving money the HOC way:

Stumped for an outfit to wear to a rehearsal dinner next month, I was absentmindedly browsing sale racks when I found a pretty Lobelia sleeveless blouse with Royal Blue beading. The Lobelia caught my eye as a double star color of mine. The top is a great style matched with skinny black capris and wedge sandals already in my color sorted wardrobe. I *love* it and it was a bargain. A session with Julie Shields has been paying off!

Max, Pittsburgh

I love the stitch fix maxi skirt and I thought to myself... what can I wear with it? So, I pulled the cardi out of the closet and the tank out of the drawer and KABAM! awesome outfit. Garanimals for adults. Seriously. Obviously the color analysis is important, but the style analysis cannot be overstated in its awesomeness! I don't dress like susie rockstar one day and katy conservative the next, feeling self conscious or like a fraud. I just dress like Heather all the time now! At TNNA over the weekend I wore my red dot dress and I knew for sure that the looks I was getting was because I looked great and authentic. It was still a little unnerving to be so checked out, but I knew it was good. I'm gushing, but a year later, I am still super thrilled with the whole process."

Heather, Pittsburgh

Julie, thank you for helping me to organize my clothes and refine my style. You gave me such great confidence and it really helped me to land my dream job. Plus, I had the right dress for the final interview! You knew just what would look great on me and more importantly what I would feel good in. I have a new outlook on my clothes and I feel great.

Hannah, Pittsburgh

Hey Julie! I have to tell you that since we streamlined my closet earlier this year and added those key pieces back in, I just walk in and grab pants and a shirt and a piece of jewelry and have a comfortable, pulled together, easy, fantastic outfit with very little effort. Everything works together so well. It has made packing for my business trips even easier as well. Doug too...he grabs a shirt and pants and never has to ask me "can I wear these pants with this shirt". We LOVE it...thanks so much!

Adrienne, Sewickley

I got so many compliments from my friends and family about how great I look! Julie really takes the time to help her clients understand the science behind style and color. She gives you the encouragement you need to feel great about having your inner beauty shine! Thank you so much for your time and advice! You have me feeling like a million bucks!

Lisa, Pittsburgh

 had an amazing experience with my daughter, my sisters and nieces,and great niece! Couldn't believe I am a summer when I thought I was a winter! So nice to know what colors enhance me instead of just lovely colors that I like. Love that I know what jewelry tones make me look best as well as makeup. Thanks Julie for an amazing experience! Spreading the word in Ohio!

Tina, Ohio

Julie Shields is awesome and super knowledgeable. Great resource for companies as well who care about branding and first impressions. Every woman should truly treat themselves to meet with Julie and update colors and wardrobe!

Lynn - Wexford, PA