HoC in Business


At House of Colour our consultants empower individuals by helping them to be their authentic selves in both their personal and professional lives. By connecting their inner personality with their outward persona our clients are able to express themselves powerfully, authentically and confidently.  


Our exclusive approach helps clients to better understand themselves so they can develop a personal brand that is multi-dimensional, professional, authentic and consistent across all their interactions. By being congruent in this way their impact and influence increases and they are also able to rapidly build trust with anyone they interact with. 


House of Colour in Business was established in 2013 to offer a premium and bespoke service to companies who want to develop the personal brand, influence and impact of their employees.  Our business consultants provide workshops, keynote talks and 1:1 executive consultations focussed on personal branding, impact & influence and confidence building. Through these sessions we provide both inspiration and highly practical advice to help your people rapidly build trust, connection and influence with colleagues and clients, all whilst developing a stronger sense of self.



To book a speaker or to find out more about our services please email info@houseofcolour.co.uk