What's Your Shopping Style?

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June 2015 News


The other day I had a clear insight in to what type of shopper I am. My husband and I were sauntering along happily in the local shopping centre, heading towards the lighting department of the department store and chatting away, just enjoying being together and having precious time off together. Suddenly everything changed! Out of the corner of my eye I saw it...THE maxi dress. MY maxi dress, the one I had been searching for all Summer!

There it was hanging just inside the shop and before I knew it I had dived in through the door, grabbed the hanger and was in the changing room at the back of the shop. And how good did I look! Colour wonderful, style and fit perfect! Oh yes this really was mine and I was at the till paying when I noticed my rather confused looking husband wandering around outside the front of the shop. Poor man, I had just disappeared and he had continued walking and chatting away to himself for about another 2 shops before he realised I had gone.

You see I am a hunter when it comes to shopping. I dash in, attack the garment, club it to death and then carry it home victorious! Others are gatherers. They start at one end of the high street and purposefully cover the ground sussing out exactly where the very best patch of berries is before returning there to make their purchase. Neither method is right or wrong, but my behaviour was a very stark example of the fact that, love shopping, or hate it, we are all very individual in our approach. And if we understand and unpack some of the psychology behind our shopping patterns we can learn to have far more positive shopping experiences.

So often we go with a friend who knows what she likes, but it may have nothing whatsoever to do with our body shape, colouring or style. It may look great on her but not necessarily on you. This leads to a wardrobe full of things that you have paid for that belong to her and consequently don't get worn. Sometimes we go absolutely determined to find one particular item. We have the perfect image in our mind and in our over focussed state we miss all the other wonderful garments that may be calling us as we walk by! Sometimes we just keep on buying the same style because we've had success in the past and of course that's exactly how we end up looking - as if we've had success in the past!

This comfort zone is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. A colour and style consultation with a House of Colour Consultant, is always a great investment because then you understand what will work for you and what won't, and how to relate that to trends in the shops at any one time. Although Image Consultants can provide all the services offered by personal stylists or personal shoppers, they offer so much more because they educate you from an objective viewpoint which results in you enjoying really successful shopping trips time after time because you understand exactly what you're doing. And that means whether you are a hunter or a gatherer your wardrobe will be full of clothes you love and make you feel fab!

Happy shopping!

Come for a Personal Style Day at House of Colour, so that we can help you know what will work for you and what won't, and how to relate that to trends in the shops at any one time and of course if you fancy a an accompanied shopping trip with your consultant you can arrange that too.