Should I do my Colour Analysis online?

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March 2020 News

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Absolutely not, do not waste your money. 

Having an accurate colour analysis gives lifetime value

We have noticed, and of course its not surprising as everyone is trying to keep income flowing, that some are offering colour analysis online.  It’s a tempting prospect – from the comfort of your home hooked up across the web to receive a boost from understanding the colours that will work best for you.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Low cost and a fascinating personal project to get one’s head round in these weird times.

At House of Colour we have been thinking hard about how we can support our training activity we have 12 new consultants who were planning to train at the end of the month and obviously their plans have had to change somewhat.  As part of our support of them we started developing modules on how to colour analyse that we could offer virtually.  Our lead trainers recorded many sessions of high quality footage but guess what?  What we have always said – that you cannot do colour analysis over the web- is true.  The difference that the right or wrong colours make to the way an individual looks just don’t show up clearly enough for any meaningful decisions to be made.  The right colours will make someone look healthy dynamic, smooth out their skin, blemishes appear diminished and if youre as old as I am they take 10 years off you.  Yes please!   The colours that are not your best make us look ill, overweight, tired and sometimes quite frankly dirty. 

How do I ensure my colour analysis is accurate? 

Video technology is amazing and we are all relying on it in a way we had perhaps never thought we would need to, but it has limits.  Discovering accurately the perfect spectrum of amazing colours that bring an individual into focus is beyond visual technology.  Our phones and cameras when in automatic setting mode will compensate for the light level and colour saturation they detect and will change the brightness and colour auto correction of what you see on screen. Hence any judgements we make about the effect of colour on our skin are worthless.  You will end up with an analysis that is at best skewed and at worst just plain wrong.

At House of Colour we are excited about the future, we have wonderful plans to move this company forward and can only accept this extraordinary time as an amazing opportunity.  We will emerge stronger and ready to deliver the best, most accurate colour analysis and style insights.  While we’re all cocooning – waiting for the beautiful butterflies to emerge - we’d advise you to hold fire.  Don’t waste your precious money on something that ultimately can’t work and wait until you can receive the best .  Personal 1 on 1 analysis in beautiful natural daylight with an expertly trained consultant who values you and wants to build your confidence and self esteem.


What about Personal Style? 

Now style is quite another thing…. We can offer you online style sessions with your consultant.  Contact her to find out what’s on offer – an update of how to dress your body and personality with what’s on sale in the shops right now…. And there are some amazing bargains to be had!  Help with wardrobe decluttering – seems everyone is on that!  Time with your consultant over the web looking at the items you’re just not sure about – why don’t they make you feel amazing when you thought they would in the shop?  Use your time and connect with our expertly trained consultants.  It will be fun and life affirming.


See you on the other side