Do our colours change as we age?

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March 2017 News


It’s a question we’re often asked. Do our colours change as we get older? Well… yes and no.

Your overall season is set for life because it’s based on the colour of the fat cells beneath the skin – either slightly yellow or slightly blue together with the brightness of your natural skin tone.  But as you’ve got older, have you noticed something about those double-star colours? Maybe they aren’t quite as `wow’ as they used to be.

What’s happened to the `wow’?

The skin’s upper layer gets thinner as we grow older, subtly altering its overtones. Eyes also become less bright and hair gets lighter. In short, we lose contrast – the magic ingredient for a youthful look - and those previously reliable double-star colours start to lose their power.

But don’t be depressed and turn to the Botox, there’s an easier way… Bring back the contrast in your face and you automatically regain confidence. You look younger, invigorated and vibrant. Refreshing your double-star colours will bring back the wow factor in an instant. It’s the main reason why we recommend revisiting your stylist every 5 to 7 years for a colour re-rate

Lighter… or darker?

It’s completely individual. Your stylist will carry out an updated analysis of your skin tone, hair and eyes. Some of you will need lighter, brighter `wow’ colours than before. Others will want to go darker and deeper. To give you some examples…


Helen Venables, our MD, is a Spring. Her double-star colours were bright navy, poppy, leaf green and shocking pink.  Today, her star colours have shifted within her season to brighter, lighter shades like aqua, dove grey, bright blue, geranium pink and apple green. Here’s Helen in comparison shots between those two parts of the Spring palette.



What about using your colours for work?

Different parts of our season can also effect the messages we send in business wear for example. Here is our Marketing Director, Brian, in two parts of the Autumn palette. On the left he is in the yellower part of Autumn looking very warm and approachable, on the right he is in the blue end of Autumn and presents a look of authority. Did you know you can get a specific business rating from your stylist to explore how your palette can be fine tuned for your business role? Contact your local stylist to find out more.




A quick word about hair and make-up

As we said before, staying visible is all about maintaining contrast. Lipstick is a really easy way to do this. Rather than drawing attention to the lips, it actually brightens your eyes and makes your skin look clear and fresh. Ask your stylist about the best lipstick colours for you right now.

A question women are asking, have you thought about embracing your grey hair? Seriously, some of you will look truly amazing. To see if it’s for you, check out our blog How to Rock Grey Hair for some examples of models looking stunning with naturally grey locks.