Silver Vixens

Posted by: House of Colour, December 21, 2022

Silver Vixens


Has the silver wave swept over you? Have you noticed the increased number of younger women rocking silver hair, or that many celebs have succumbed to grey? Or the influencers using hash tags such as #silversisters or #greyhairdontcare? Maybe you’ve seen on Instagram the Californian colorist Jack Wilson providing perfect greys for clients who pay up to $8,000 and travel from as far afield as New Zealand?

Covid lockdown forced many to go natural. Grey comes in several forms and some discovered that they loved their pepper and salt, silver, white, grey, or grey-blonde looks. Simultaneously silver hair became fashionable. Going grey fabulously rather than fading into it isn’t complicated, it just needs some thought.


Summers and Winters

When clients discover their House of Colour seasonal type, hair colour is often discussed. The best general advice is that Winters and Summers (cool skin tones ) can look great if they go with the grey. If they prefer not to, then a good hair colourist will advise on their best cool look: ash browns, ash blonde, platinum or sometimes black.  Warm hair tones such as auburn or gold will be draining and ageing and should be avoided by cool toned people as they have the same effect as wearing clothes in Autumn’s chestnut, rust, or tan next to the face.  


Springs and Autumns

Most Autumns and Springs can choose to cover the grey with shades that are easy to add, and which look natural, for as long as they like : warm blondes, auburn, warm browns, delicious caramel, or cinnamon.



 As an Autumn, my honey blonde highlights worked for many years. Eventually they began to look too ash or too orange. I tried wash-in wash-out products, with patchy results.  Around that time, I developed a flaky scalp. A trichologist sorted it out. The idea of having only his rosemary shampoo and lotion, rather than chemicals, on my scalp, appealed.  So, I stopped adding colour. I’m enjoying the white. I’ve saved a fortune!

When deciding to stop colouring, it’s essential to assess hair condition. There might be no change, or the hair may have thinned or become coarser, if so, there are now many products worth investigating. A purple or silver shampoo can enliven the cool based person’s grey. As a warm based Autumn I avoid them! Long tresses may still look good, or a shorter cut might enhance changed texture, and flatter the face. The exact time to go grey is important. Initially my greying hair was drab but when it became a brighter grey-blonde I was happy to go with it. The transition process wasn’t difficult with light coloured hair. With dark hair it is often less easy, but a good colourist will advise, and support and tips can be found on the internet.  


Does our Colour season change?

Our season won’t change but our Wow Colours within it might. A House of Colour Colour Rerate updates this. The new Advanced Colour course is also a great investment, taking knowledge of Colour combinations to the next level.


The Lipstick Effect!

A makeup review is invaluable. Contrast in the face is an important feature in determining attractiveness and perceived age. It lessens with age as lips and eyebrows lose colour. A good eyebrow pencil becomes vital. Ramping up the blusher and adding bronzer will help. The top item to increase contrast and make us look our best is a bright lipstick. Clients often ask should their lipstick go paler as they get older. The answer is a resounding NO!!

Whatever your age and whether your choice is to add colour or to embrace the grey, don’t just fade away, but use the knowledge and power of colour in clothes and makeup to enhance the look, and have fun!

Fiona Ingham