Lindsay West image consultant and personal stylist for Salisbury


At House of Colour, we are following the Government’s advice to stay at home to stop coronavirus spreading.

I’m grateful to still be working and able to offer the following services via video call:

Developing Style – our usual full day consultation broken down into three, two-hour sessions on a 1:1 basis. This is an eye-opening experience with results that last a lifetime.

Wardrobe review – we’ll assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don’t need to help simplify your life and refresh your style.

Outfit building – a great way to utilise what you already have. We’ll make a record of any new outfits and create a list of missing items as we go.

Online shopping – tell me what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, or we can work it out together, and I’ll shop to fill the gaps.

Like many others, I’m working from home until further notice and can fit around your current circumstances. Please, don’t be shy! Tell me what you need help with, and I’ll try my best to assist.

To book, or if you have any questions, please phone me on +44(0)7771141513, email or contact me on Instagram @salisburypersonalstylist or Facebook by clicking on the icon to the right of my profile picture


It's all about YOU looking fabulous and feeling great!

This amazing confidence boosting transformation gives you the knowledge to find the colours that make you look fantastic, and make you look and feel years younger. It gives you the tools to enhance your shape, dress your assets and express your personality.

Imagine the freedom when you are seen and accepted for who you truly are. You can relax when you know with certainty that what you are wearing is absolutely right for you as a unique individual.

Imagine going into your wardrobe in the morning knowing that all the clothes suit you and your lifestyle.  Making a choice about what to wear becomes a pleasure - what a way to start the day!

I had my colours done around 11 years ago, which completely changed my life. I first heard about the company at a school fair.  I remember the House of Colour consultant walking into the room and making such an impression on me.  She was the oldest person in the room but looked absolutely amazing and I thought 'I want to look like her!'.  

Over the next year or so I asked for money instead of birthday and Christmas presents and booked myself in for colour and style classes.  After my colour class I was hooked.  I had always been someone who preferred merging into the background so that I wasn't noticed, but had come to a standstill in my career.  Discovering my season and which colours were best for my skin tone had a dramatic effect and I started being noticed and getting compliments, not about what I was wearing particularly, but more about how well I looked.  I had never worn lipstick and realised what a difference it made to my whole apprearance when I did.

Learning about my clothing personality was so enlightening and empowering.  I had never worn clothes which were in trend, prefering to wear what I felt comfortable in and what made me feel good.  I now understood why, and that although I felt my clothes were frumpy in comparison to my friends, I wouldn't have looked right or felt comfortable some of their outfits.  This gave me new confidence and the freedom to be me!

I discovered that the colours that really support me are bright and clear and extremely visible!  I could no longer hide. These colours have totally supported me in coming out and presenting myself with self-confidence.

Find out more about this step by step approach to a new you.

Colour Analysis

Make-up and Skincare

Men's Colour & Image

Wardrobe reviews and shopping trips.

For further information on dates and booking call -

07771 141513 or 01722 416839   


I left my Style session with Lindsay feeling happy, excited inspired and full of ideas and energy. Lindsay really got to the bottom of why some styles I liked just didn’t suit me and now I understand why my favourite pieces are my favourite pieces. I love the way she was able to fit my body, face type and personality into the styles of the clothes and accessories that will make me look my absolute best. She did this in an easy going and fun but sensitive, structured and clever way. I can’t wait to start exploring the stores for some new, key pieces I’ll love with the confidence that I know exactly where my money will be best invested. 


It was such a fun day.  I feel like I've found more of myself and therefore feel more confident.  I would recommend it to anyone.


Heartfelt thanks for a wonderful colour class yesterday. You made me feel relaxed and fabulous! 
The moments when we found my colours were incredible and I will hold those in my mind as I a) go shopping and then b) wear things that actually suit me ; as I know I will feel so much more empowered and confident than ever before! 

I can't wait for the style class now!

Becky Wilson

I had a wonderful time with Lindsay.  I have not had such a day for a long time which was all about me and making me feel better about myself.  Lindsay is great.

Claire Makin

It was a great day and I feel I left with a good understanding of how to choose colours in the future.


“I really enjoyed the morning and it has given me something to think about. Some of my colours I already wear but others I hadn’t considered.”