Margaret Harris image consultant and personal stylist for Berkhamsted/Hemel Hempstead/ Kings Langley/Chipperfield

Margaret Harris, Colour Analyst and Personal Stylist for Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead, Kings Langley and surrounding villages

One of the most common comments I hear is that people have a stuffed wardrobe, and nothing to wear!

Does that resonate with you? As your consultant, I guide you to a place of calm and happiness - because you will know whether clothes are the right colour and style for you, and you will understand how to choose clothes which flatter you, and say all the right things about you. You will always be appropriately dressed - whatever age and stage of life you hapen to be. You will make the right impression, and feel liberated and confident. The skills that you gain will have a lasting impact, helping you to be visible, memorable and more YOU.

At House of Colour, we have talked for decades about buying well, buying less and looking after the planet - you will therefore be choosing your clothes in positive ways to help the environment too!

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Our sessions and services can be tailored to suit all, conformist or otherwise.

My passion is helping you to achieve the best for yourself, no matter what age or stage in life!

My Studio is in business premises in Berkhamsted, just off the main road, there is plenty of free parking. 


Margaret Harris, Personal Style and Image Consultant, offering Colour Analysis, Style, Skincare and Make-Up in Berkhamsted, Hemel Hemstead, Kings Langley, Chipperfield, Bovingdon, Potten End, Aldbury, Wiggington, Dagnall, Studham, Gaddesden and nearby areas



 I attended Margaret's Colour Analysis workshop recently, as I have always been fascinated by fashion/make up and surprised myself that I had never done this before! Margaret is a consumate professional with an almost tangible passion for what she does! I felt completely at ease from the moment I walked into her Studio; even sitting in front of the mirror without make up wasn't an issue with Margaret's lovely, friendly approach.

Even if you think you've got a good idea as to which colours suit you, seeing SO clearly how one colour can have you looking at death's door, and another (seeminlgy similar) shade have you looking as if you've just returned from holiday is amazing, and truly an eye opener! It didn't stop there! We looked at some different make up ideas as well as clothes, accesories and scarves etc that adorn the Studio, which is heaven for any woman!

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this workshop for any man or woman, and of any age - I can't wait for the next workshop. 

Thank you!"


The Colours Workshop took me by surprise - it far exceeded my expectations.  I was a bit sceptical at first at how much colours could make a difference to your appearance but when you sit in front of the mirror and see so clearly how certain colours make you look healthier and more radiant - even define your jawline - it's remarkable.  And not to mention fun!

Margaret is a great host and made me feel very welcome as soon as I arrived, and I definitely learned a few new things - not only about colours, but make up and accessorising too.  She even got me wearing big bold lipsticks - and feeling great about it.

I'm now armed with my colour wallet and new lipsticks and hugely excited about future shopping trips.  For anyone wondering whether to take the plunge, why wouldn't you?  Now I've done it, it seems crazy that I've walked around all these years wearing clothes that make me look washed out!  It's definitely worth it!

Thank you!


Thank you for an enjoyable and informative day. I felt it was a VIP session!

I learnt alot about myself, loved the Colours Session, and the Style session was quite a revelation. I will do my "homework" and go through my wardrobe to complete my mix/match chart and check my caspule wardrobe. Then shopping!


Thank you again for a great day.


It's amazing how much difference knowing your colours can make to your confidence and self esteem. I look so much more radiant and I have so many more compliments than I used to. It's made shopping so much easier, not to mention the cost saving as I am able to scan for my own colours, and ignore the rest. I've also had a Styling Session with Margaret. Apart from being a fun session, I learnt alot about myself and why certain styles do and don't feel right. The final step later on was to have Margaret spring clean my wardrobe. Apart from being incredibly "cleansing" (!) I was able to see where the gaps were and by investing in just a few items, my wardrobe is more streamlined, goes alot further, and I no longer seem to  have those days of "not knowing what to wear"! These sessions have been a totally worthwhile investment. I recommend it for everyone, and I highly recommend Margaret who takes a fun, down to earth and very practical approach whilst being sensitive to one's wallet.


Since my session with you, I have had a number of promotions myself which have been wonderful.  I love using my colours daily and feel so much more confident and visible. What a fabulous investment!! I've had kind remarks saying I look better than my photos!


When I go out in my colours, I get compliments. I thank you for all your time, and never judging me. You are a great consultant, and I'm glad I did all my classes with you. Thank you.


Should've done this years ago - would have been promoted a lot quicker!

Margaret is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and supportive. I had a very interesting, informative and enjoyable session.

John P.

Having been offered both Colour and Style sessions with Margaret as a present, I was a bit sceptical. I wasn’t sure I needed them, and I didn’t think I’d enjoy talking ‘colours’ and ‘styles’ for any more than 5 minutes. Clothing doesn’t really interest me that much, and my idea of hell is going clothes shopping.


I’m now really pleased that I went along, and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. I learnt loads about what works for me, what doesn’t work - and why - and I was encouraged to broaden my quite limited view of clothing, styles and colours to include things I’d never normally have gone for. 


Margaret is brilliant at putting you at ease, explaining in practical terms what the sessions are all about, and is really flexible about meeting your particular needs. She has a great sense of humour too, which really helps.


I’m sitting here in my newly dyed dark-green sweater - I’d never have dyed a sweater before, or gone for green. But it looks great, and I now know why. I’m still not a lover of shopping - but it’s less stressful now that I know what will probably work better for me, and I can do it in less time, and I’ll waste less money on clothes that don’t really suit me. 


Now that’s a result!


Jon D

I just wanted to say Thank you so much for the Kids Colour session on Saturday. My teenager had some real confidence issues, and the session that we did really gave her an additional massive boost. It makes such a difference when you know a colour looks great on you, and now she can't wait to go shopping. The make up session was also great, to show her that she doesn't need to 'pack it on'!

Every teenager should do this!

You've been brilliant. Thank you.



I was given a lot of confidence from this experince (Colour Class). It has changed the way I feel about myself. I can't thank you enough!


The session with you was truly life-changing - I can’t believe how much better I feel and how amazing it is to have this knowledge!

My family love the way I look - younger etc!

Also the makeup is amazing too.

I have so many actionable insights and personal encouragement. I am actually starting to enjoy how I look.

Thank you for what you do!



My new man said to me "You always look lovely. You wear such beautiful colours!" 😂 Well, if that isn't a testimonial already, Margaret!?House of Colour has changed around my wardrobe, jewellery, home, career and now also my love life!! I am very grateful that I met you! 


I thought that the Colour Class was amazing, and learnt so much. I've ditched the black forever. However, the Style Class is even better in my view, now I know what to DO with my colours, and I feel more like ME!  


Margaret did my advanced colour and style class, including kindly giving me great advice on make-up colours, and I feel now very inspired and ready to start over as a new and improved me on a higher level of beauty. 

The day was fantastic and surpassed all and any expectations I had!  I’m grateful.  Margaret is very caring too.


Miss MPH of London

What a fabulous session. I emphasise that Margaret was fabulous. She has given me a confidence boost and the impetus to make a change after many years of being stuck in a rut.


This was from a client who recently attended Advanced Colour & Style:-

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your class!!!!


My husband and I did the colour and style classes with Margaret, and we had such an amazing day! Margaret is so helpful and lovely, but we learnt loads and feel empowered by what we learnt. Thank you so much!


I spent Saturday with Margaret at a 'developing your style' workshop. Having had my colours done some while ago, I still didn't feel my wardrobe was quite right. The workshop was fascinating and ended with me know my CP (clothing personality) plus my own shape and proportions so that I can adapt the styles that suit me to be tailored exactly. I can't recommend this workshop enough - Margaret is so passionate about what she does. Nothing is too much trouble for her to explain, she solves every problem, and gives so much advice and guidance. This workshop is guaranteed to save you wasting money by buying the wrong things! (Oh, and lunch was delicious!!) Thank you

Emma R

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, and have stayed inspired all weekend. I've documented most of my wardrobe and was amazed at how easy it was to decide something was a 'zero' and just needs to go. Equally, I've decided to try out some new styles with things that are a 7 or 8 to see whether I can solve my problems with them.


Outstanding in every way! Margaret is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and supportive. The colour session has opened up a whole new world of wardrobe possibilities!!