Alison Burgess image consultant and personal stylist for Winchester


HOORAY!! We are back!  I am so thrilled to open my studio and welcome you back. 

I have learnt so much from this unprecedented time, who would have throught that our screen image would become front and centre.   Please contact me to find out more about;  How to own the zoom call, wardrobe oganisation and style classes online.  As well as our inperson colour analysis and personal style classes.  

I would love to hear from you. 

My name is Alison and I am passionate about helping my clients feel confident and looking their best in every circumstance.
Would you like to learn exactly what flatters you?  I can give you the knowledge to put together outfits in which you feel comfortable and confident at work, home and all social situations.

Would you love to avoid shopping 'mistakes' and save money by only buying clothes that look great on you, whatever the price label?

Would you like to know which colours suit you and where to wear them on your body enabling you to shop quickly and effectively?

I would be delighted to show you how to create this life changing goal.

I was lucky enough to discover House of Colour when I was 20 years old.  I received a colour consultation as a gift from my mother, who was trying to persuade me to wear something else apart from BLACK!!  I found their advice invaluable and it ignited my fascination with how colour and personal style can influence our business and personal lives.

The development of my career in the residential property world allowed me to embrace my love of style and colour.  Now, personal styling and colour analysis has grown into my full-time job, helping clients with their own sense of style, positively transforming their lives and achieving both personal and professional goals.

I run 1:1 appointments, group sessions or, if you prefer, why not make a private group in order to have a fun and educational class with your friends.


"The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you" Coco Chanel

Colour Analysis discovers which colours work best for YOU.  When you are wearing your ‘right' colours you will be in perfect harmony with your eyes, skin and hair tones.  Your appearance will be enhanced and your confidence will increase.

This is the start of an exciting journey, in which you discover how to create your personal brand.  You have a unique skin tone and colour, which means some colours make you look great and some have completely the opposite effect.  This inspiring and revealing session is designed to;
1.Discover your own unique blend of colours, harmonising with your natural skin tone, hair and eye colour.
2.Learn how to use your unique and comprehensive range of colours.
3.Find out how to add colour to outfits and accessories giving you a wonderful mix and match, flexible wardrobe.
4.Discover a new sense of excitement and self confidence.
5.Understand the best make up colours for you.
6.Master what to wear and how to look your best for every occasion.
7.Look healthier, younger, fresher and more dynamic.

2022 Class prices;

£185 -  Colour Analysis Class - 3/4 hours depending on number of attendees

£80 - 1:1 Colour re-rate - we recommend every 7-10 years



Continue your journey of discovery with a make-up class packed with great tips on how to keep your make-up current.  Whether its something you've never tried or part of your everyday routine, make-up is an important part of life as we wear it to aid communication, as well as to make the most of our natural assets.  However, most people have never had the opportunity to learn how to take professional care of their skin or how to use simple and foolproof methods for expertly applying make-up.  In this hands on and fun class, you will learn how to use make-up colours properly for every situation in life from the beach to the boardroom and understand how they will make your eyes sparkle and your skin look alive and fresh.

Class price £70


"Fashions fade, style is eternal" Yves Saint Laurent

Style development looks at your body architecture, your lifestyle and your personality to discover your best clothing style.  Put together with your colours and you will have a wardrobe that works for you and your lifestyle.

Working in a small group or one to one, I will take you through a day dedicated to discovering how to build a wardrobe that really works for you, your body shape and lifestyle. 
1.Discover the clothing silhouettes that best suit your body shape - you will then know exactly which clothes make you look great.
2.Learn the language of clothes and the rules of dress, giving you complete control over the impression you create through your personal style.
3.Create your capsule wardrobe - you will learn about wardrobe planning and management for your budget and lifestyle.
4.Make great decisions when buying clothes - learn how to spend wisely and how to avoid costly mistakes.
5.Choose the secrets to buying and using the right accessories.

£295 -  Style for women

Please contact me regarding 1:1 classes



This class is ideal to encourage self-esteem and confidence in young men and women, inspire prom wear, first interview and going to university.



Purchase a gift voucher for an experience which lasts a lifetime! Birthdays, anniversaries and business incentives. Please email me for the voucher and payment facilities.


GENTLEMEN - Yes, men need this too!

For men there are 2 steps to a whole new you;

Step 1 - Colour Analysis

Step 2 - Developing Style

Discover the shapes and styles that suit you best. Leave feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

£185 - Group class - Colour Analysis

Please contact me if you require 1:1 colour and style classes

£295 - Group Class - Developing Style, lunch and refreshments included.


WARDROBE ORGANISATION FOR MEN AND WOMEN - sorting into capsule wardrobes, check individual items for colour and style. Mix and match items to create outfits you didn't know you already had and work out what's missing, be it individual items or colours from your palette.

It is a good idea to do this before going on a shopping trip or to just organise your life!

£60 per hour



This is a wonderful way to consolidate your learning.  Let me teach you how to shop for your colours and styles.  We will decide what you are shopping for, be it a special occasion, a holiday or an entire new wardrobe. Some clients do this once and learn how to shop for themselves and others come once or twice a year for a wardrobe re-vamp. 

£60 per hour


This is a very popular service were I will carefully handpick clothes and bring them to your house for you to try on in the comfort of your home, there is no obligation to buy and I will return items you do not wish to keep.




"Over the years of being a mum, gaining and losing weight (I'm still not happy with my shape/weight) and changing work roles, I'd somehow lost sight of what my style was.  Always choosing something that fitted over something that made me look and feel great.   I asked Alison to help me sort my wardrobe, my colours and style and because she has such a lovely way about her she instantly put me at my ease.  In two sessions she has helped clear my mind, created a new focus for my wardrobe and also really increased my confidence ... seriously everyone should do this!!  

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