Elaine Gill image consultant and personal stylist for Harrogate, North Leeds, Wetherby, Otley

A House of Colour Star Consultant award winner, Elaine covers the Harrogate and North Leeds areas and has run her highly successful image consultancy since 1999, so you're in safe hands. She works with both private and corporate clients from her base in the spa town of Harrogate

I am happy to have a telephone conversation with you to find out which services best suit your needs.  In order to help you feel at ease and discuss any particular requirements you may have.  If you require a particular date for a class then please check with me, as this may be possible if it's not listed.

Background:  I'm not exaggerating when I say Colour Analysis changed my life! I'd worked in the packaging industry in sales and marketing for more than 20 years - but after my own transformation, I decided I no longer wanted to focus on the latest beauty products or savory snack. Personal packaging is now my passion - the visual impact we make is so important, and I can help you make the most of yours.

How can I help you get the job, career progression, partner and make more money? By showing you how to dress your AUTHENTIC self...put simply, I can change your life!

Clients tell me this all the time - male and female. You'll leave my studio feeling excited energized and inspired after learning, which colours and styles make you look younger, slimmer and more stylish. The biggest gift I can give you is a confidence boost -when you learn to put together outfits that truly suit WHO you ARE, you'll glow with the knowledge that you always look your best whether it's a party, business meeting or job interview.

The COMPLETE JOURNEY can be started by booking for Colour Analysis, then we can book dates for Style and Make Up classes at your colour analysis. It's best to do the complete journey as you wouldn't only wear one glove, would you? Same with the clothes we wear, they have two parts, Colour then Style. The Make-up workshop adds the groomed finish to your look and completes YOUR transformation. 

TIME is of the essence - FAST TRACK STYLE DAY FOR MEN & (OR) WOMEN 1:1 or 1:2 - Colour, Style and (Make-up) all in the same day. Ideal for those who value their time and want to get their look together quickly on a more personal level or couples that would like to share the experience.

WEDDING SERVICE - Let me help you discover the best colour, neckline and fabric for your wedding dress and find stunning accessories and flowers that flatter your colouring and personal style. This service can be used for you and your bridesmaids, your Mother and Mother in law!

SHOPPING TRIP/WARDROBE 'DE CLUTTER' - From two hours upwards, it helps to get your wardrobe together quickly without any mistakes, of course this is only available after Colour Analysis and Style!

Due to the current economic climate you may be thinking it all sounds really great and if I had the money I'd love to do it, but the cost would be too much or a frivolous spend at the moment. I can let you speak to anyone that has done the full course and implemented it. The cost is soon overtaken by the savings both in time and money that you would have otherwise spent on outfits that don't work for you.

So a wise purchase starts with knowing what actually works for you. The people that have made this investment for work related issues have found that they got the job/ promotion/ directorship or increased their salary by 25% within 2 years of implementing the course. Of course it works in all walks of life, be it a change in your shape, new baby, just retired or newly 'single' how we look and therefore feel has a huge impact on how we think about ourselves!

Class dates - if you CANNOT find dates that suit you please contact me to see if I can help.

Can you afford not to?  See a few of my testimonials below! 

I look forward to hearing from you and helping YOU on your personal style journey.

'You never get a second chance to make a first impression', make yours count!

OK - so today I wore the coral lipstick, coral camisole and blue wrap dress. OMG OMG OMG everyone did a double take, many compliments. Freakin unbelievable! Can't thank you enough for re-inventing me. Your fabulous... two years compliments in a week!

Susanna - Harrogate/USA

I wanted to treat my mum as she has been unwell and I thought that a colour and make-up day would cheer her up.  What a revelation, I am now wearing colours I would never have had the confidence to try let alone buy! Mum was over the moon with her new make-up, it a special day that will last a lifetime for both of us.  A wonderful experience and we now have a date planned for some shopping.

Sammy & Anne - Adel

Thanks for helping with my wardrobe I now know everything goes together.  I'm confident in what I wear without getting stressed in a morning. My Make-up was also a revelation.  I've shied away from wearing colour around my eyes in recent years, simply because I wasn't sure how to apply it.  I didn't want to end up looking like some 80's reject. You showed me how to enhance my look using the right shades in the right places and to experiment with new colours - definately worth while sessions.

Julie - Leeds

As a Business Growth Specialist, it is imperative that I create the right impression which is why I recently enlisted your help as an image consultant.

The whole experience was fun, informative and extremely useful.  I have learned important principles that have finally helped me to understand how to dress to create the right image and although I feel I will need your help shopping, the changes I have made so far have definately had an impact and I am confident I will get the results I am looking for. 

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs helps to create a better business image.



Stuart Wright - Action Coach

Elaine is an expert, Having your colours done is the most amazing experience.

The best I can say is that the next day when I had got ready to go out and went to say goodbye to my husband, he said: I think this may be the first time in your life you have gone into a room and said "ta-da!"

Getting colours right is not only about the way you look, it is also very much about the way you feel about the way you look.

I can heartily recommend referring yourself and everyone you know to Elaine - just do it now!

Angela - Business Solicitor/Mediation

Elaine really made me think hard about who I was and how I needed to ensure the way I dressed would reflect it.

After completing the course Elaine I went on my first shopping trip.  I hate shopping! but shopping with Elaine is a joy to behold.  She saves me hours and I'm sure hundreds of pounds by making sure I only try and buy clothes the right shape and colour for me.  I just open my wardrobe and I know whatever I choose will look and feel great!

I'm sure you've heard 'dress for the job you want', well Elaine certainly helped me to do this and my new wardrobe at work made clients, colleagues and managers alike notice me for all the right reasons.  This teamed with my new found confidence (and a bit of hard work), has over the last 3 years helped my career to grow from strength to strength.  I have recently landed a promotion giving me a 40% salary increase and putting me face to face with some of my companies' biggest clients.

I can't thank Elaine enough and will continue to use and recommend her services.

Jenny D -

My sister and I, as women of a certain age, were looking for guidance on style, colour and makeup and had booked Elaine with high expectations.  We were not disappointed.

Our morning was spent looking at our own best colours and makeup styles - Elaine really knew her subject and helped us expertly on our style journey.

We were both really surprised at simple changes that were transformational.  We then looked at our own wardrobes that we had brought along.  Elaine again demonstrated her expert eye, gently pointing out where we could improve and change our styles - a truly eye opening experience.....  

...the whole experience was worthwhile as I feel far more comfortable and confident in my new look.  I can highly recommend spending the day with Elaine for a truly transformational result!

Shirley, MD - SICL

I couldn't recommend Elaine enough, I had my colours and style done a few years ago and it had made me more comfortable in my own skin, more confident to be my authentic self and not just me in my style. Once you look and feel like you, the difference in how you naturally present yourself opens doors for opportunities both personally and professionally.

Claire Hartshorne