Sian Davies image consultant and personal stylist for Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury

Sian Davies, Colour Analysis and Personal Style Adviser for Gloucestershire

Hello, my name is Sian Davies and I am your Star Stylist for Gloucestershire. My aim is to inspire and nurture my clients so their experience with me leaves them able to put together clothes that flatter, in colours and styles that simply work for you.

Let me tell you more....

I believe passionately that if you look good you will feel good; this has a positive impact on your confidence and your self-esteem. Wearing colours that flatter your skin tone can make or break your look. Colour hits the brain fastest so looking at someone in their best colours in clothes, makeup and hair colour creates an instant positive reaction, all important when creating a good first impression. Sometimes we all need a helping hand to restore confidence and revitalise ourselves, and my job is to help you identify your personal colour palette to add the WOW factor to your wardrobe. Colour analysis is an empowering process - let me and House of Colour show you how to feel 'in focus' every day.

How is your Wardrobe looking? 
What happens when you open your wardrobe? Does your heart sink as you trawl through the hangers looking for something to wear? Do you constantly grab the same old favourites knowing that 'it will do'? Most British women wear just 15% of their wardrobe 85% of the time! Well, imagine opening your wardrobe to find a perfect capsule of clothes that mix and match and you truly love to wear. Clothes that flatter your figure, enhance your skin tone, and are right for your personality. Like a second skin ...Sounds like a dream? I can help you turn that dream into reality by showing you your essential colour palette and teaching you how to create a fabulous clothing style as individual and dynamic as you are.

The Power of Colour and Style - My Story
I began my House of Colour journey a few years ago. I was at a very low point in my life. I had recently lost my husband of 24 years to cancer and I had three teenage sons to care for. Getting dressed in the morning revolved around trying to 'look the part' for my boys and proving to the world that I was coping with my grief. I dressed as I was feeling, uninspired and depressed. My wardrobe was in a rut, a sea of black and neutral shades with just a few splashes of red. I didn't like many of my clothes and I felt frustrated that I seemed to spend a lot of money yet still had nothing to wear.

To cheer me up a wonderful friend paid for me to have my colours analysed. I went along not knowing what to expect and found myself having a hugely enjoyable morning where I learned that my skin tone and colouring needed bright, blue-based colours. It was like magic - I could see myself that I looked more vibrant, fresher and alive in 'my' colours, whereas in the wrong colours the dark circles under my eyes looked so noticeable.

This was the beginning of an upward spiral for me. The better I looked the better I began to feel, mentally and emotionally, and my confidence grew. I was hooked and wanted to learn more. I attended the Style Day and once again it was a revelation. I learned what styles, fabrics and scale worked for my body shape and proportions. Also, the importance of dressing to suit your personality rather than following a fashion regardless of whether it was right for me. At last I had the tools and knowledge to make confident clothing choices to enhance and flatter my figure. With no more expensive mistakes my confidence and my capsule wardrobe started to grow and it felt great! I found the whole experience life changing.

I am passionate about helping others unlock their personal style and create a look that is as comfortable as it is stylish and exciting. My aim is to give you the skills so with each new fashion season you can identify your best colours, styles and accessories, picking what suits you and avoiding what does not. I will support you through this process, so whether it's laying the foundation for a quality capsule wardrobe or sourcing the perfect outfit for a special occasion I promise I can help.

I hold my Professional Excellence Certificate, have been awarded Star Consultant (2013 - 2017 inclusive) together with accreditation from  the Safe Beauty Association.

This is What I Can Do for You
I work with small groups (generally 3 and under) and I offer a one to one service catering to an individual's needs. All classes take place at my studio in Kemerton. Refreshments are provided throughout the day, plus lunch when appropriate.















For two close friends and I it was time to stop buying clothes without thought and get qualified advise on colours and style. I read through a few profiles and Sian sounded and looked very professional and friendly.

Our first session was to establish which colour season we were best suited to. Sian immediately made us feel very welcome and relaxed. We had fun, found out lots about colour and were spoilt with a lovely lunch and other naughty treats! The day absolutely flew past.

Our second session was style, we arrived with an array of our own clothes to try on and received some fabulous advise on what looked great, what didn't and why plus how to make an informed choice considering our personalities, shape and size.

Our third session was skincare and makeup application, more great tips on products, colour and how to apply.
We ALL loved our three sessions with Sian.
We ALL love our new colours and styles.
We ALL love our new found confidence.
Thank you so much!



Wanting a more ‘put together’ and polished look, I turned to HoC and had my colours and style done a little while ago.  This gave me new insights, particularly into good colours for me.  When it came to my own wardrobe however I still felt at something of a loss.  Wondering how to pull it altogether and unable to see the outfits for the clothes! 

I needed a second opinion on what to keep and how to make it work and what really wasn’t for me.  I needed direction to begin to build a capsule wardrobe & help in putting outfits together.  Sian helped me to work though the items in my wardrobe, guiding me in what flattered me and what didn’t. 

Her advise to stop trying to ‘match’ colours etc. and allow my coordinating palette to work for me was liberating.  I also found her guidance on the best length of tops for me & better trouser style incredibly helpful.  It felt like we were working as a team and on a journey together. 

Sian helped me to identify some gaps in my wardrobe and suggested possible items but allowed me to think about what I would like.  It has given me a new enthusiasm for building outfits and I feel more confident in my look.

Anon, Sept 2016

I spent a very relaxed and enjoyable morning with Sian looking at colours and experimenting with make-up. Sian has a lovely way of explaining things and really takes an interest in making sure she gets it just right for you. Thank you so much for all your help.



Sian made my friend and I feel very at home immediately. The studio was very attractive with lots of interesting things to look at.

The session has given me lots more confidence about the colours that suit me most. I immediately started to declutter my wardrobe and first of all got rid of " the black" apart from a favourite pair of trousers! I was on a bit of a mission for a while but it has certainly made shopping easier. And I have had lots of complements about "looking very together".

Thank you Sian the experience was great.



My mother and myself had a wonderful time on our colour analysis day. It's opened up a whole new range of colours I would have never chosen before! Plus enabled me to get rid of the clothes that really don't suit me!
Wonderful day with Sian and lovely lunch too. Many thanks. Looking forward to our style day! 


I felt that my House of Colour experience with Sian was a great 'pick me up' ! It confirmed a lot of what I already knew about which colours suited me and gave me the confidence to try new colour and style combinations. It has also saved me a lot of time, money and energy when I go shopping because, at a glance, I know what works for me. Meeting new people and enjoying a healthy lunch in Sian's 'happy' studio was an added bonus on both my colour and style days. Loved it!



I have always thought that black flattered me and was easy to match with other colours if I wanted to be a bit more adventurous. So much of my wardrobe was black. I also bought tops to go with specific bottoms, and ended up with a wardrobe full of separates that could only be worn with a couple of other things. So very often I had a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing I wanted to wear. After learning my colours and getting some shopping pointers, I have clothes I want to wear, that I know suit me. It makes me more confident, and makes shopping so much easier.

It was a relaxed, lovely day. Sian was very patient with me and my friend as we were both clueless about clothes, shopping and stepping away from blue and black!
I would recommend this experience to anyone.



I went to keep a friend company and was not sure about the idea at all. I am totally converted. I loved the experience and have changed the way I dress and feel about clothes. I always have my colours in my handbag and have saved a small fortune in clothes since I have been to House of Colour.



Sian is an amazing advert for House of Colour, and because of that, I listened to her advice and have implemented her style ideas for me. I would highly recommend House of Colour to anyone in a wardrobe-rut, and in particular Sian. She is warm, encouraging and very informative. Thank you for a wonderful day!  



Having my colours 'done' has been my main subject of conversation for the last year and a half! I can bore my friends and some strangers for hours about it, and spend a lot of time persuading them to get it done themselves. I found the whole experience fascinating and it has made me much more confident in wearing colours as I now know what suits me. I am now happy to wear colours together that I wouldn't have mixed before, and, as an Autumn, I have cast out all the black and grey in my wardrobe which I can now see visibly washes me out. It makes shopping a lot quicker and easier as well, as I can whizz through shops, selecting or ignoring items based on what works for me.



The colour analysis day was a completely unknown quantity for me as it was a rather surprising Christmas gift. I wasn't offended to receive it but I felt a little sceptical about the concept.
The tone of the day was set as soon as Sian opened the door. She is a great advert for what colour can do for you and is smiley, relaxed and informal.
I was really intrigued and surprised by some of the theory behind colour analysis and when we started looking at ourselves wearing different colours the impact was undeniable.
The whole experience was fun, informative and though provoking. Sian was knowledgeable and happy to answer questions and we had more than a few laughs as well as a lovely lunch!
I'm in the early stages of making changes to my look but I'm already enjoying seeking out new colours I wouldn't have thought of buying before. 



HoC was such a fun and valuable experience. I never thought that colour could do so much for a complexion and appearance. 
I am Autumn which was quite surprising - I always thought I was a spring. But the before and after photograph just emphasised how wrong I was. 
I don't enjoy shopping, mainly because of my shape/size and often buy things that look good on models but not myself. Now knowing what colours suit me I feel more confident that I will not waste money. 
Siân was so welcoming and I felt at ease instantly. 
Thank you, I will never shop without my swatch book again!


I had lots of clothes and nothing to wear, so shopped for more but never saw anything I wanted to buy. I knew that some days I looked OK and others I didn't even though an outfit was nice and well put together. My session was exactly what I needed to get me back on track. It is two weeks since my colour analysis, in that time I have felt happy every day about my appearance, have had compliments and have loved buying new things!


Absolutely amazing! Wonderful Service and it was incredible how colours can change the way you made a huge diffeance to my life as I've been wearing the wrong colours! Would recommend it to 100% of my friends and family! Well done!

Eleanor 2017

Having my colours identified has now given me the confidence and permission to move forward to manage my clothes and makeup. I feel able to declutter and shop, knowing that I'm working towards a look that will enhance me. 

Even though I was already shopping in the right season, I was staying safe and it was great to find new colours that I would never have looked at before or had the confidence to wear. After seeing how they all work together with the colours I already love, I am really excited to start putting together the wardrobe and look I have always wanted. 

Sian was so lovely and it was so nice to have some time to focus on myself and feel special.

Pip 2017

From the moment Sian opened the door, I knew I was in safe hands and wanted to look half as good as she does. I now have the tools I need to create my own style in a range of fabulous colours, all of which I know will look great on me. Adding my perfect make up colours to the equation was amazing, who knew a red lipstick could look so good!

I cannot wait to transform my wardrobe and am already feeling ten times more confident in my appearance! I cannot thank Sian enough and would recommend the colour analysis to everyone. Bethany Filmer

Bethany 2017

What a wonderful and fascinating insight to the wonderful world of the colour spectrum. An interesting and informative day with lots of surprises.

Jackie 2017

Thank you for a lovely few hours finding out what my best colours are. I have always been rather self conscientous and know the knowledge learned will help me portray a more confident person and help me to look my best. Thank you Sian.

Anon 2017

Caro 2018

Wardrobe Review

Thank you so much for yesterday.  Bizarrely, I really enjoyed it.

All of my clothes I can wear are now hanging in one wardrobe or on one shelf or in the drawers.  I’ll tidy up the drawers later today so I can see everything at a glance.  It’s my intention to look through a number of google images of the celebrities and see if there are any current items that draw my eye (for things I NEED to add to my wardrobe).

I’ll also have a look at the Kettlewell website later to see what they have available for staples and the website for trousers.

Lisa H