Diana Blakeman image consultant and personal stylist for Salisbury/Southampton/Romsey/New Forest

Diana Blakeman - Personal Styling Consultant - Franchise owner for Southampton/Romsey/Salisbury(East)

Established in May 2003, incorporating all my experience from 30 years in employment, and 10 years in People Leadership

With calm energy, as a Nurturing Catalyst, whose "Purpose" and "Why" is to Ignite human potential on this earth

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Premium Consulations now available for 1 to 1 appointments

I’m grateful to be working on the the phones and offer the following services via video call:

·        Virtual  ONLINE Style sessions – our usual full day consultation broken down into three, two-hour sessions on a 1:1 basis. This is an eye-opening experience with results that last a lifetime.

·        Virtual  ONLINE  Wardrobe review – we’ll assess your wardrobe together and clear out what you don’t need to help simplify your life and refresh your style.

·         ONLINE Outfit building – a great way to utilise what you already have. We’ll make a record of any new outfits and create a list of missing items as we go.

·         Online shopping – tell me what’s missing from your existing wardrobe, or we can work it out together, and I’ll shop to fill the gaps, the items get sent to you, then we can review which ones stay and which go back!

When I’m working from the Virtual studio I can fit around your current circumstances. We can set up a 30 minute call to explore your requests, check availability below:


From Accountant to Adding Colour

One hour in November 2002 changed my life.

I'd never experienced a light bulb moment like that one, in fact it was like being lit up by the National Grid

It's very scary when you discover what you never knew!! How did I get this far into my life without knowing what a difference your unique Colour tones makes to the way you look and feel every day...

Little did I know about the Biology - the body and the skin

Physics was not my strong point - I discovered its all about natural daylight, tones of colour and you

Then there is the person you truly are on the inside - I'd always been there, never knew how to dress for my personality and look credible!!

What staggers me most is that - nobody ever teaches us this at school!...

Now I've gone beyond Corporate, masculine dresser, headmistress look, unapproachable and scary

It was a courageous step to leave the Corporate world and finally love what I do every day :-) 

Words from a client that describes what a difference colour makes!

"I used to wear 100% black and hated it, I now wear 100% colour and love it" Audrey, So'ton

"The whole experience is liberating and makes shopping much easier and fun! You don't enjoy what you are not good at"

It also takes years off you (the record is 20 years!!)

Want to discover how to have your lighbulb moment?

Want to feel good about what's in your wardrobe?

Want to know what has the "wow" effect

Look no further - check out these stories http://www.houseofcolour.co.uk/testimonials

Transform your life in three steps or book a Bespoke 1:1 day:

Bespoke Colour, Style and Make-up Session - an exclusive day for Women £575
This bespoke 1:1 service can be tailored to your requirements. The face to face or online sessions will fit your schedule  Looking at your flattering Colours, Make-up and Personal Style journey all in one day. You will learn all you need to know to dress successfully for your colouring, shape and lifestyle a fabulous opportunity to spend time on you.

Bespoke Colour and Personal Style Course- an exclusive course for  Men £575
This bespoke 1:1 service is the Men's Fast Track, eith Face to face or through ONLINE sessions which will cover all you need to know to ensure that you make the right first impression and present your best image at all times. We will identify your flattering colours, shapes and styles of clothing, covering all you need to know to dress successfully both personally and professionally.

Look forward to awakening and connecting to the Real you


Diana Blakeman

Living Life in Colour, Stylishly

Tel:01794 512365 or 07703 598130


Holder of House of Colour Professional Excellence Accreditation**

View my BLOG here https://www.houseofcolour.co.uk/dianablakeman/blog/

Gift Vouchers are available for any of the services on the House of Colour website, including Personal Shopping and Wardrobe review/edit

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I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me on Thursday! I had a great time, got some great things and learned a world of information!

Now everywhere I look..... I see! I have cleaned out a large chunk of my wardrobe and will continue to learn. This is the magic of what you have taught me ...there was no way I was going to remember everything but it gets the mind going in a different direction and it is off and running making connections in things one sees all the time. It is like extra neurons have been activated that have been sleeping for years!

Again, thank you!

Carol S (IOW)

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