Diana Blakeman image consultant and personal stylist for Salisbury/Southampton/Romsey/New Forest

Diana Blakeman - Personal Styling Consultant - Franchise owner for Southampton/Romsey/Salisbury(East)

Established in May 2003, incorporating all my experience from 30 years in employment, and 10 years in People Leadership

With calm energy, as a Nurturing Catalyst, whose "Purpose" and "Why" is to Ignite human potential on this earth

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Premium Consulations now available for 1 to 1 appointments

I’m grateful to now be working from the studio and offer the following services::


Women's Colour Analysis Group Class- £165.00. Find out which colour palette suits your skin tone, eye and hair colour and the perfect make up (Foundation, blusher and lipsticks) from your palette that will give you a natural, professionally applied look. The class includes a leather colour swatch wallet (for you to take with you when you shop) and an information booklet to give you the tools to make the right colour choices for clothes and makeup. All make up is available to purchase. The class is 3-6 hours depending on numbers attending with lunch and refreshments as required. One to one sessions are available for £230.00 and last approx 3 hours. 

Developing Style for Women Group Class- £220. Discover the confidence to be who you are every time you get dressed. Fnd out which shapes and styles suit your body shape and personality, how and when to wear accessories and how to create a versatile capsule wardrobe for whatever stage in life you find yourself. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe. The class is approximately 5.5 hours and includes lunch and refreshments. If you prefer, a one to one session is available for £330.00 and is approximately 5 hours long.

Skin Care and Make up Class- £75.00 Learn how to take expert care of you skin using natural products that are free from petro chemicals and parabens. The products are ethically sourced and produced. Containing only vital and essential oils, the products are at the forefront of anti- ageing. Learn how to create the right looks for you, apply your make up professionally and using the right colours to make you look fresh, natural and healthy. Includes a workbook to keep your knowledge safe and all products are available to purchase so you can recreate the looks for yourself every day. The class is 2-3 hours long. If you prefer, a one to one session is available for £85.00 and is 2-3 hours long.

Want to book steps 1-3 together and receive a discount?

The Transformational Experience- steps 1,2 & 3 - £365. All of the above for a whole new and empowered you with a £60.00 (the price of the make up class) discount for booking all three at once. (Have the day to yourself as a one to one £530)

The Transformational Experience all in one day- £625 for a one to one or £500 each for 2. This is the complete package but all in one day.


For Men there are two steps to a whole new you:

Step 1.

M1. Colour Analysis for Men- £165.00 Colours are just as important for men! Colour analysis in a group class (or a one to one for £220) Find out your best colours to make you look your best self for work and in your social life. Discover your best suit colours and what goes with what. 

Step 2. 

M2 Developing Style for Men- £220.00 (£330.00 for one to one) Discover the shapes and styles that suit you best and leave feeling confident about everything you wear. Includes lunch and refreshments as required and lasts approx 5 hours

Want to do it all in one day?

M10 Colour and Style all in one day for Men- £480 Includes lunch and refreshements as required. For a one to one class £550

Childrens/ Teenagers Colour Analysis up to age 14: £70 Colour wallet is not included. Over the age of 14 we recommend that they attend an Adult colour analysis class to prepare for school proms, interview attire etc. The knowledge will last a lifetime.

Once you have completed steps 1 & 2 I can:

Sort your wardrobe- We can sort your clothing into capsule wardrobes, check the colours and styles, help you to mix and match items to create outfits you didn't know you already had and identify what's missing be it individual items or colours from your palette that you are not wearing. Charged at £80 per hour, this is a great thing to do before going on a shopping trip or for just organising your life.

Other options:

The Transformational Experience all in one day for couples- £990.00. This is an exclusive day for you and your partner to rediscover yourselves, your colours, your styles and to be confident that you are reflecting your true selves in how you dress and look amazing every day. 

Colour review: £100.00 It may be some time since you had your colours done, A review lasts approx 1 1/2 hours and gets you back on track. Includes a booklet of information and your ratings. Excludes Colour Swatch Wallet. 

Wake up you make up- £35 Designed to help you revamp your look in line with current fashion trends or simply give you a fresh burst of energy and revitalise your make up bag.

Scarf Tying- £25. Discover how to wear scarves effectively to suit your personal style and enjoy the hands on experience of learning how to tie chic knots that make you look effortlessly stylish.

Having your "Colours Done" changes your life. Start your journey with me today! 


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From Accountant to Adding Colour

One hour in November 2002 changed my life.

I'd never experienced a light bulb moment like that one, in fact it was like being lit up by the National Grid

It's very scary when you discover what you never knew!! How did I get this far into my life without knowing what a difference your unique Colour tones makes to the way you look and feel every day...

Little did I know about the Biology - the body and the skin

Physics was not my strong point - I discovered its all about natural daylight, tones of colour and you

Then there is the person you truly are on the inside - I'd always been there, never knew how to dress for my personality and look credible!!

What staggers me most is that - nobody ever teaches us this at school!...

Now I've gone beyond Corporate, masculine dresser, headmistress look, unapproachable and scary

It was a courageous step to leave the Corporate world and finally love what I do every day :-) 

Words from a client that describes what a difference colour makes!

"I used to wear 100% black and hated it, I now wear 100% colour and love it" Audrey, So'ton

"The whole experience is liberating and makes shopping much easier and fun! You don't enjoy what you are not good at"

It also takes years off you (the record is 20 years!!)

Want to discover how to have your lighbulb moment?

Want to feel good about what's in your wardrobe?

Want to know what has the "wow" effect

Look no further - check out these stories http://www.houseofcolour.co.uk/testimonials

To start your journey of discovery book in to one of my classes. In case there isn’t a date to suit on the website please contact me to arrange a good time.

Look forward to awakening and connecting to the Real you


Diana Blakeman

Living Life in Colour, Stylishly

Tel:01794 512365 or 07703 598130


Holder of House of Colour Professional Excellence Accreditation**

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I just wanted to thank you for everything you taught me on Thursday! I had a great time, got some great things and learned a world of information!

Now everywhere I look..... I see! I have cleaned out a large chunk of my wardrobe and will continue to learn. This is the magic of what you have taught me ...there was no way I was going to remember everything but it gets the mind going in a different direction and it is off and running making connections in things one sees all the time. It is like extra neurons have been activated that have been sleeping for years!

Again, thank you!

Carol S (IOW)

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