Jennie Billings image consultant and personal stylist for Hitchin/Letchworth/Stevenage/Hertford

Are you struggling to get your identity back after having children?
Fed up of wearing the same 'Mum uniform'?

Feel like you used to know what suited you but really don't know what's right anymore? Ever wondered how to go about choosing the right things that give you individuality and a real boost?

Then you're not alone. Let us help you.

My free 'Learn how to feel better in your clothes' taster session will help you become confident in your clothes again and feel your best.

Find out in this one hour free session...

  •  How you can achieve lasting confidence in your clothing choices which make you feel great.  
  • How you can use colour to make you look brighter and healthier 
  • The quickest ways to make yourself look great with what you already have.

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Colour - the Next Step

Understand exactly which colours light you up, inside and out.  The right colour can make you look healthy and glowing no matter how well or tired you are.  In this in-depth session we go into detail as to what exact shades really work for you.  You'll also discover which make up colours including your perfect shade of red lipstick make your eyes sparkle and skintone even in our 90 second make up routine. You receive a wallet with all your colours and a booklet with guidance on how to wear them.  No more living in blacks and greys but enjoying w hole range of colours that suit you. To book check out the bookings section on my page for dates and times.


Personal Style

What styles, shapes of clothes really reflect you, making you feel and look good?  It can be really hard to decide on your own what actually works on you.  This session looks at your body shape and most importantly your personality so you understnad what types of clothes reflect you, the person on the inside.  Its the person on the inside that needs to be connected for us to actually love what we wear.  Find out once and for all what really works for you, how long, how short, what patterns, what proportions.  Enjoy your capsule wardrobe, get dressed without thinking about it and always have something to wear.  You'll never look back.  To see more and book a class look a the booking section.


Also available

  • Personal Shopping
  • Wardrobe reviews
  • Make up lessons
  • Colour reviews
  • Style reviews (reinvigorate what you already know)
  • Kids colour

If you have specific questions or would like to book please  call me on 07786 264452 email




I was amazed by the effect of colour (clothes and makeup colours). The style consultation made me realise what choices lead to my favourites clothing items and which to those unloved items at the back of the wardrobe.Thank's Jennie, my wardrobe will be popping with colour.

Christine N, Hitchin

It's been simply amazing to see how much difference wearing the suitable colours and style can make. Jennie has been a truly fantastic person to work with and I feel like a totally new person, with much more confidence. Thank you so much.


Just wanted to say thank you for today.  I really enjoyed it and look forward to going shopping to add some new “wow” colours to my wardrobe!
My husband commented on how alive I looked when I got home! 

Sue, Harpenden

Whilst wearing my new lipstick (thank you!), I ran into mother of ex-pupil of mine. 'Look at you', she said 'looking as young as ever...and your hair colour's fab too!' Yep, loving my new lippie...

Jenny, Luton

I've had so many compliments since having my colours done. At least once every day, someone has said how great I look. And most importantly, I've felt good most of the time too. I sorted my wardrobe and went shopping last Friday to get a few items to work with what I had, never imagined buying so much coral, red and bright blues! Or switching to gold jewellery! Thanks for getting me there! 

Julie, Hitchin

The advice Jennie gave me has been invaluable. I am now much more careful about what I buy, thinking about what style and colours suit me each time, rather that buying on impulse. I have bought a number of key pieces for my autumn/winter wardrobe and have already received a number of compliments!

Lucy, Stamford

Massive increase in confidence!  It has boosted my personal relationships 😊
 I can pick clothes out of my wardrobe within seconds and know that the fit and flatter me. 

Eilis, Hitchin