Linda Whetherly image consultant and personal stylist for Bentley / Farnham / Farnborough / Fleet / Frimley (Camberley) / Aldershot / Frensham

Hello and welcome. I am Linda Whetherly, and together with my colleagues Hilary Cryer in Camberley and Erin Christy in Hook/Hartley Wintney, we are your House of Colour Consultants for West Surrey & North East Hampshire. We cover Alton/Farnham/Frensham/Bordon/Hindhead/Puttenham, Frimley/Camberley/Bagshot/Lightwater, Hook/HartleyWintney/Fleet/Farnborough/Aldershot and surrounding areas . I run our experienced franchise and work from my studio's in Bentley near Farnham Surrey as Personal Colour and Image Consultant and Corporate Image Consultant for the last 27 years and I still love it and seeing my clients develop and hearing about the results and changes to their lives.

WE ARE BACK for 121 Colour Analysis or Style Consultations or 2 together for a social bubble. I have trained in COVID 19 infection prevention and control, ready for getting back to what we do best and what clients want. All listed classes are for 1-2-1 until further notification or 2 if from the same social bubble. If the days listed for bookings are not what you want just ask and we can change any if not booked, we can choose one to suit. On booking I will forward the precautions required and what we will both need to follow.

I have listed 121's or social bubble/family groups.

Call or email to discuss and we can pick the right thing for you & cost.

If any booking needs to be moved that will be fine. 


121 Colour Analysis consiultation are listed @ £210 

121 Style consultation @ £295

121 Colour & Style day combined @ £500

Colour Analysis Social Bubble @ £155 pp

Style Social Bubble @ £210pp

Gift my vouchers to for someone as a gift or for recognition for a lifetime, I will extend  the usual 6 month voucher life for this year and maybe next.

Just email or call to discuss options.


Be stunning always and colorful especially for this Summer. xx


My HOC Story:

I was first introduced to HOC colour and style analysis myself 26 years ago as a client. I am passionate about the life-changing benefits it brought me and love to create the same for my great clients.

I immediately realised I had found the last part of my marketing jigsaw, how to market people effectively, so I then became a consultant with House of Colour later that year back in 93. This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I have great personal & corporate clients and I love to see the WOW factor transformations & hear the success stories, business and personal, when clients become all they are and can be when they know how!

Let the House of Colour experience change your wardrobe and your life as it did for mine:

Client feedback (see others below):  

Hi Linda, Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed my session with you on Saturday. I was amazed by the whole process and came away 'buzzing' with enthusiasm. I have cleared my wardrobe and realised I had a ridiculous amount of black!! (The charity shop will be delighted.) However I also discovered that I did have quite a few items that were within my colours. I had an enjoyable shopping spree on Sunday and picked up a number of pieces that I can mix and match in my wardrobe. My daughter insisted I did a fashion show that evening!

My Gift Vouchers

Give my gift voucher for an experience which lasts a lifetime not just for a day! Give them for Birthdays, Anniversaries and Business incentives for any amount. Just email me for the voucher and payment facilities including PayPal. Do get in touch if you would like more information and begin your own exciting journey into a colourful and stylish future. You won't regret it!

The Benefits of HOC Classes:

  • Look good, feel GREAT and totally empowered

  • Enhance your relationships, career and job prospects

  • Streamline the wardrobe, eliminate waste and enjoy successful shopping trips

  • Walk Tall – put the fun back into your wardrobe and your life!

 Don't just take my word for it ….. see testimonials!

You can book a consultation from this page or email or call for information or to book a 121 day. Call 01420 22703 or 07971 547464 or email me are generally more dates availability than shown. If you would like to book a 121 or for a different date for a couple or group just ask. If a date is not already booked I can change that date or consultation to whatever is needed.  Just call or email and I will see what we can do.


Where personal presence and impact is essential for influence, this training is essential!  

Whether as a private individual, or an ambassador for your organisation, colour and style development gives you the confidence to express who you really are and can be and gives your best WOW effect for life, relationships & impact in all presentations, leadership & Executive Presence, for teams or 121 development.

Corporate Training and People development aligned with brand Image:

All my corporate programmes are bespoke and I would be happy to discuss your company's training and development needs. Corporate seminars, workshops can be inhouse or on location.

BIO: Linda is an internationally renowned, engaging inspirational professional who is trusted with the identity level development of a person for Image, Impact & Influence. Linda specializes in the Psychology of Image, aligning a company's brand values with teams or one to one to executive and C level. I work as speaker/trainer/coach/analyst with blue chip brands or SME's, Business owners & Entrepreneurs. I combines 26 years with HOC with psychometrics, NLP master practitioner and soft skills training & coaching. I have also spent 30+ years in Film, TV, Radio & Press developing client product placement, sponsorship & advertising, so I truly understands personal and corporate brands.  Linda has appeared on Radio in newspapers, magazine articles and been involved in Films & TV series.

Corporate clients include IBM (15+ years), Micro focus, Barclays, Sprint, Cadburys, Henley Management College, University of London, Costain, Vertex, B&Q, Cable & Wireless, ExxonMobil, Aon Consulting, Top Management Programme for Cabinet Office, Nortel, Intermec Technologies, Novartis, Carlsberg Tetley, various Hotel groups etc. & main streem media. For independent bespoke courses I run with associates email me for info. 

For Women:

Step 2. Style Class approx 7 hrs (for women's group max 3) - £210.00pp. or 1:1 £310.00.

or â€‹Virtual Style Surgery 121 for £225 for 3x2 hour sessions, or we can choose 1-2 or 3, offered via video call using skype, teams, facetime or zoom   on a 1:1 basis 


For Men:

Step 1. Colour Analysis class approx 3-4 hrs (Men's group max 3) £155.00pp or 121 £210.00

Step 2. Style for Men 3-4 hrs (max 30 Step 1 and 2 combined day (max 2) - £365pp

or â€‹Virtual Style Surgery 121 for £225 for 3x2 hour sessions, or we can choose 1-2 or 3, offered via video call using skype, teams, facetime or zoom   on a 1:1 basis   


shop to restock your wardrobe to create a perfect capsule wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.


Children's/teen's Colour - £70.00. (without the wallet) for 7-13 year olds, we recommend teens from 14 years plus should attend an adult class.

I look forward to working with you for an your amazing journey of self discovery and the results!


Personal & Corporate Image Consultant

House of Colour Farnham/Alton/Hindhead/Puttenham, Hook/Hartley Wintney/Fleet, Farnborough/Aldershot, Frimley/Camberley/Lightwater/Bagshot, Farnborough/Aldershot and surrounding areas.


HOC Feedback form: Enthusiastic **   Knowledgeable **    Supportive **   Professional **          I feel very fortunate to have been “coloured” by Linda.  There is not enough space to describe her lovely, kind, helpful, personality – it was a brilliant experience.  


Dear Linda, I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and patience this afternoon.  As you say in your email it was great fun. I am just thinking about the next stage and will let you know in a couple of days.  Sincere thanks again.Judith


When I went to work on Monday wearing my new colours I received many compliments!! I feel like a new woman!! So many thanks and I'll hopefully work with you again one day soon.   Sam


HOC Feedback form: Enthusiastic **   Knowledgeable **    Supportive **   Professional **         Myra


Linda is a credit to you (HOC) also fun to be with and extremely professional, thank you. Linda was referred to me and I have referred her to others and I only saw her a few days ago!   Christine


I just wanted to say thank you. I've been slowly changing all my new purchases to align to the colours you showed me and this Christmas it was time to invest in my first lipstick. I always felt a bit of a fool wearing lipstick so steered away from it but I gave my boyfriend the colour book and let him loose. I've never had so many compliments! 


I'm nearly there on my wardrobe I've switched my engagement ring to platinum and have bought a white white wedding dress. Speak to you soon. Gem x


July's Meeting - A huge success! 

We were absolutely delighted to have Linda Whetherly join us as our Guest speaker yesterday. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and psychology behind the techniques and information that Linda shares. There was a lot of invaluable information that could make a massive difference. I'm sure everyone who attended will agree that this was a fascinating subject, and what we learned can be used in our business immediately. This was borne out in the number of questions and the discussion that went on right through lunch and even continued after the meeting ended.   Elaine Koczubik

Elaine Koczubik

Linda, you were really impressive last night – you’re a great role model and really inspiring as Viki said you would be. Next time we meet you won’t recognise me … Thought the psychology of image was extremely interesting and very powerful. Great to meet you and hope we get the chance to work together again soon.

PS Every HR Department I work with needs this!   Partner Baxter Neumann

Training Company

Linda, I had meant to get round to this a week ago. But on top of the official feedback (which I hope that you got back) that your session was extremely well received by all delegates and rated very positively in the feedback ...  I wanted to express my gratitude for your impact on me personally. Those few hours have had a bigger impact on me than any other single event in my life for some years. Somehow by giving a name to the contradictory sides of myself and therefore, in a sense, resolving the conflict, it was like flicking a switch in me ... and has given me the confidence to 'wear my own clothes' as it were. But far more importantly it has given me a massive boost in self-belief to do concrete things to fulfil my vision for myself. Anyway, look forward to meeting you again at the March course and again a really big thank you.   IBM Leader Technical Masterclass


Dear Linda, I wanted to thank you for an excellent day. I took away a lot more than I expected and am so pleased to have such clearly defined areas to work on and (I hope!) now the tools to accomplish my goals with. It was very satisfying to feel such a marked change in my confidence and presence. Hope to work with you again in the future.  Caroline SPRINT

Caroline - Sprint

 I had such a great time with you and have begun my wardrobe cull, and it's going really well. They were some dresses I was holding on to for a few years that I've not worn as they didn't look right and they are all the colours I shouldn't be wearing, so it's the perfect way to get rid of them. Jan 18.