Natalie Schofield
St. Ives/St. Neots/Huntingdonshire,
Expertly Trained Stylist & Colour Analyst

Natalie Schofield

St. Ives/St. Neots/Huntingdonshire,

Natalie Schofield



Natalie Schofield

"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul." - Wassily Kandinsky


Everyone deserves a life full of colour. Colours are known to bring an unmistakable energy to an outfit or a room, have the ability to evoke a multitude of feelings, and make lasting impressions. However, the key to feeling comfortable and confident wearing colour is discovering how to make it work in a unique way for you.

What is Colour Analysis?

Colour Analysis is a fun yet scientific process, through which we discover together a range of colours that work in harmony with your natural colouring and give you an instant glow. 

In a safe and friendly environment, I work with you to open your mind and explore a world of colour combinations that can be adapted to make you shine in all of life’s experiences.

You will leave the studio feeling inspired and full of knowledge and confidence ready to show the world your most authentic self.

What Colour Analysis will do for you:

  • You will be empowered to look and feel your best in any situation
  • You will save money by creating a sustainable wardrobe that all works together
  • You will fall in love with shopping again, and overwhelm becomes a thing of the past
  • You will receive more compliments, as the confidence radiating from you will be too hard to ignore

This is an investment in yourself that will last a lifetime.

My journey

My own journey with House of Colour started when I was around 10 years old after attending a children’s session with my family. I have grown up around colour and have therefore developed a keen sense of working with colour, but that’s not to say that I haven’t lost my way a few times (hello black wardrobe!). I chose to do a colour analysis re-rate after I finished university to help myself transition into the professional world, and I later developed things further with a style analysis session to help me reconnect with myself after becoming a new mum. 

I speak from experience when I say this process is more than a confidence booster; it can be inspirational. It is the key to unlocking your authenticity, giving yourself permission to shine exactly how you are.

Let me help you take that first step.

Colour is powerful. Colour is transformational. Colour is unique to you.

My services

I offer a whole range of services to help you on your journey - please click through to my booking page to find out more.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance in choosing, please email and I’d be delighted to help you.

Coming soon!

Colour Analysis is only half of the story. Style Analysis sessions will be available from December this year and are the perfect follow up to your colour consultation. Please email me to register your interest and receive priority booking once appointments become available.

Welcome to House of Colour St. Ives/St. Neots/Huntingdonshire!

Appointments take place in my dedicated studio within my home in Kings Ripton, Huntingdonshire.

A warm and friendly environment


Here you can read more about the services I have on offer.

Transform getting dressed everyday into an effortless and joyful experience with our life-changing colour analysis.

Through precision-dyed drapes and my expert training, I provide you with invaluable insights of knowing your season; a palette of colours customised to your unique undertones. Our approach is inclusive, serving people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders, ensuring that your season remains a timeless guide throughout your life.

Experience the three essential components of our colour sessions:

First is our world-class, scientific draping process that we have refined for excellence and accuracy over the past four decades. Next, I will provide advice on jewellery, watches, glasses, and, when applicable, hair and makeup based on your season. Our makeup eliminates the guesswork, enhancing your natural beauty with colours perfectly suited to you. Finally, we’ll dive further into your season as we identify the best colours for both your casual and professional life, uncovering your collection of WOW colours.

You will leave your appointment equipped with a fan of your seasonal swatches and a tailored brochure filled with personalised tips and reminders specific to you, empowering you to confidently shop for and wear your new colours!

For optimal accuracy, arrive at your analysis without spray tans or makeup. Your privacy is paramount, so no photos will be taken or shared on social media without your consent.

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