Kate Matthew
West Cornwall,
Expertly Trained Stylist & Colour Analyst

Kate Matthew

West Cornwall,

Kate Matthew


07724 320605

Hi there! I'm Kate, the Colour and Style Consultant in West Cornwall. I will open your eyes to a world of colour and fashion confidence.

Kate Matthew

You deserve to feel great in your clothes every single day

Welcome to House of Colour West Cornwall! I want to help you look and feel your best every day, by teaching you exactly what colours and styles suit you perfectly, so that when you walk into a room, everyone will take notice.

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their look, but it can be hard to get there. Perhaps you've lost yourself to 'mum clothes' or feel anxious whenever you walk into a clothing store - sound familiar? With expert Colour and Style analysis, I can help you discover your WOW colours and clothing personality, so that you love looking in the mirror again.

Kate Matthew

What Colour Analysis Can Do For You

In the safe and welcoming environment of my home studio, I will teach you the exact colours that lift your natural features and make you look simply radiant. You will go home knowing your seasonal palette and your WOW colours, all thanks to the fun and scientific process of colour analysis. You will take home a beautiful fan of your colour swatches and a personalised workbook, with all the information you need to go forth and explore the world of colour!

By the end of the consultation you will: 

  • Know exactly the colours to wear so that you look and feel your best.
  • Feel empowered when walking into a clothes store, knowing exactly what to look for.
  • Save money by only buying clothes that you know look great on you - so you will actually wear them!
  • Feel more confident, especially because everyone will be complimenting you!
Kate Matthew

Book Now And Say Hello To Fashion Confidence

Services Available:

I offer a range of services, click the 'book now' link and start your colour journey.

Coming Soon:

From December I will be offering personal style consultations. If you want to know more about this or want to be first in the queue to book your sessions when appointments become available, email me at kate.matthew@houseofcolour.co.uk.

Booking Policy:

Please note payment is required upon booking to secure your consultation. I do not offer refunds. If you cannot attend your consultation, please contact me and we will reschedule your appointment. If an appointment is cancelled less than 48 hours before it is due to start, your payment may be forfeit. Of course, I understand life is unpredictable, so please let me know as soon as you can and we can come to a resolution.

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