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House of Colour Chester and Deeside,
Expertly Trained Stylist & Colour Analyst

Janet Jones

House of Colour Chester and Deeside,

Janet Jones



I provide Colour Analysis and Personal Styling Services for Chester and Deeside.  House of colour provides the best colour and style for people of all ages, available on the market. It's life changing and a gift for life. My studio is located in Chester…

Janet  Jones


Welcome to House of Colour Chester and Deeside.  I want to help you to discover the real you, through life changing colour analysis and style.  After your session you will know exactly the right colours that complement and enhance your natural skintone.  You will no longer make costly mistakes when shopping for clothes.  It really is the best present to yourself.

Perhaps it has been several years since your initial colour analysis and you feel the colours aren't quite you anymore, then a colour rerate will give you, your up-to-date WOW colours that you will love again.

If you have never had your colours done and would love to know your very best colours, the ones that make you glow, then a 1-1 colour analysis is highly recommended.

Maybe you have a job interview for the perfect job, so wearing your best colours will immediately make a positive impression.

Do you feel you are wearing the right colours but something is missing?   I can help you discover not only your WOW colours, but your unique style.  

Style Sessions and Style Refresh Services will be available to book from December 2024.  Please email me if you would like to pre-book in advance. 

Janet  Jones


It's Life Changing!

It Increases Your Confidence!

You Will Feel & Look Your Best!

You Will Love Being You!

You Are Worth It!

It's An Investment In You!

Prevent Costly Mistakes!



You Will Never Look Back!

Janet  Jones


After having a child at 40 years of age, being told we were unlikely to ever have children, this came as a huge shock, but a wonderful surprise. Like others, being a mum meant putting your child first, money was tight and we had to make sacrifices. For probably about 12 years I lost my way, neglected my appearance, hid behind baggy clothes, never bought any new clothes for myself and lost confidence.

Then one day I looked at a photograph of myself and thought, I look dreadful, tired and ill. I spoke to my husband and said "I want to go for colour analysis and get my colours done", which I had done back in the 1990's. I searched the internet and that's when I discovered House of Colour. I booked a 1-1 consultation and was analysed as a summer. My 'life changing' journey began. I started shopping for clothes and bought a few new items. I started to feel better about myself, but something was still missing, so less than 18 months later I went for my Style Class. This was the final piece of the jigsaw. This has not only helped me grow in confidence, but has improved how I see and feel about myself.

I then decided that I wanted to train with House of Colour and become an Image Consultant, because I want others to learn their WOW colours and discover themselves through style too, so they can grow in confidence, just as I did.

You may look at the price and think, this isn't cheap.  I thought the same, but looking back on how it has positively changed my life it's a small price to pay.  It's an investment in yourself for life.  You will save so much money long term.  You will avoid so many costly mistakes when buying clothes in the correct colour and style for you and your body shape.  I used to try and hide what I thought looked bad, but in actual fact I was making myself look worse.  Learning my correct style actually made me look better.  I received so many more compliments and learnt that how we see ourselves, is not always how other people see us, and wearing the correct colours and style of clothes proves that.


My studio is professional but relaxed and is a safe space to discover who you really are.

House of Colour Chester & Deeside

2A Redhill House, Saltney, Chester. CH4 8BU. 

If you would like a map and directions from both Chester and Deeside, please email me at janet.jones@houseofcolour.co.uk and I will forward them onto you.  



Colour Analysis, Advanced Colour, Personal Style Services, Personal Shopping, Make Up, Colour Rerate, Childrens Colour Analysis.

Transform getting dressed everyday into an effortless and joyful experience with our life-changing colour analysis.

Through precision-dyed drapes and my expert training, I provide you with invaluable insights of knowing your season; a palette of colours customised to your unique undertones. Our approach is inclusive, serving people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders, ensuring that your season remains a timeless guide throughout your life.

Experience the three essential components of our colour sessions:

First is our world-class, scientific draping process that we have refined for excellence and accuracy over the past four decades. Next, I will provide advice on jewellery, watches, glasses, and, when applicable, hair and makeup based on your season. Our makeup eliminates the guesswork, enhancing your natural beauty with colours perfectly suited to you. Finally, we’ll dive further into your season as we identify the best colours for both your casual and professional life, uncovering your collection of WOW colours.

You will leave your appointment equipped with a fan of your seasonal swatches and a tailored brochure filled with personalised tips and reminders specific to you, empowering you to confidently shop for and wear your new colours!

For optimal accuracy, arrive at your analysis without spray tans or makeup. Your privacy is paramount, so no photos will be taken or shared on social media without your consent.

Adult Colour Session 1-1

Adult Colour Session 1-2

Adult Colour Rerate

Children's & (Teens) Colour 1-1 or 1-2

Personal Shopping Services 

This appointment is ideal for those seeking to refresh or delve deeper into their seasonal palette. Together, we’ll discover your best neutrals and explore an array of colour combinations, empowering you to curate a capsule wardrobe that brings joy with every wear.

Experience tailored makeup recommendations, including your perfect lip colours, and receive expert advice on hair shades that perfectly harmonise with your palette.

You’ll also unlock the full potential of MyHOCLookBook as we guide you through organizing your wardrobe, identifying styling gaps, and igniting inspiration to experiment with new pieces.

Advanced Colour 1-1

This appointment is designed to apply all the knowledge you gained in your colour and/or style analysis and appointment and apply it to your own wardrobe. Together, we'll filter through the pieces you don’t wear so you can donate or resell them, keeping your closet free from clutter so you can better mix and match pieces in your wardrobe to create more looks with fewer items.

This process liberates your closet from clutter, empowering you to effortlessly mix and match pieces to unlock endless styling possibilities with fewer items.

1-1  Wardrobe Services

1-1  Personal Shopping Services

Discover the science and psychology behind personal style by unlocking the power of you. During a style analysis, I'll empower you to seamlessly combine your inner self with your outward appearance, so you can step out into the world radiating confidence as your authentic self.

We consider your proportions, personality, and preferences to give you a style framework - we call this a “Clothing Personality."

You will confidently know which fabrics, prints, patterns, accessories, necklines, details, and silhouettes flatter your unique body architecture best. By integrating your personality into this framework, our style analysis transcends mere fashion guidance, going a step further to help you identify how you feel in different styles and pieces, ensuring that your wardrobe not only reflects your style but also represents your individuality.

For this appointment, you’ll bring 5–10 items from your closet that you LOVE and 5–10 that make you wonder why you don’t feel good when putting them on. Together, we’ll use this information to help you discover why you gravitated toward and loved certain pieces and what it is about the others that weren’t working for you, saving you time and money in the future! At House of Colour, we believe clothing needs to be adjusted to you, not the other way around. It is our goal to make sure you feel your most confident as who you are and how you look right now.

You’ll leave with a book with detailed information specific to you that we’ll fill out during the appointment and a Clothing Personality card with keywords that will help guide you when shopping. If you’ve already had a colour analysis, this card can be inserted into your fan which will make shopping easy and efficient!

Personal Styling Services 1-1 (Available Soon)

Style Refresh 1-1 (Available Soon)

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