Jackie Mitchell
Expertly Trained Stylist & Colour Analyst

Jackie Mitchell


Jackie Mitchell


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How wonderful would it be if you could open your wardrobe every day and always have something to wear in colours that make you look your very best? I can help you discover these through the House of Colour Analysis. 

Jackie Mitchell

I've always loved fashion and style. Even as a small child, it was one of my favourite things to play dress up. In my previous working life as a music teacher, I could express a litttle individuality in my appearance but there always seemed to be items which didn't quite work and I was never sure why. Through my years as a young mum, this aspect of life falls a long way down the list of priorities but once my girls were teenagers I fully enjoyed disovering myself again. With age and experience we start to learn what suits us and what doesn't but I still had a fairly hit and miss approach with my clothes.

Jackie Mitchell

I had been aware of colour analysis for some time and finally went through the process with House of Colour in 2021. To say this was life-changing would be an understatement. Such a transformative experience and a huge confidence boost! I finally understood how colour can affect how we look, literally even the difference between making us look well or ill. I have a wardrobe full of items which I absolutely know will work for me with no more expensive mistakes when shopping.  Even better, my outfits will be worn for several years which is so much better for sustainability. I am also a true convert to the House of Colour make-up range: great quality products at a reasonable price and all in my colour palette. 

Jackie Mitchell

Earlier this year, I decided to call time on my teaching career. Weighing up how I wanted to spend the remainder of my working life, House of Colour came up as a very appealing option. I am so excited to share the magic of colour analysis with you and work together to guide you towards the very best version of you.  

'The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are' - Carl Jung, The Psychology of the Unconscious

My Studio is in my home, a few miles from Cirencester, where you'll be given a warm welcome from me and my 2 dogs!  Do let me know if you're not keen and I can keep them away from proceedings.

I work Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays plus some Saturdays. Please contact me to discuss further if you can't find an appointment to suit you.

I usually start sessions by 10am to make the very most of natural daylight. This is important both for colour analysis and also make-up.  In summertime, these can start and run later if preferable.

I look forward so much to meeting you and starting you on your colourful journey.  

'The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you' Coco Chanel


Let's start with Colour Analysis and Make-up Tutorials.

Transform getting dressed everyday into an effortless and joyful experience with our life-changing colour analysis.

Through precision-dyed drapes and my expert training, I provide you with invaluable insights of knowing your season; a palette of colours customised to your unique undertones. Our approach is inclusive, serving people of all ages, races, ethnicities, and genders, ensuring that your season remains a timeless guide throughout your life.

Experience the three essential components of our colour sessions:

First is our world-class, scientific draping process that we have refined for excellence and accuracy over the past four decades. Next, I will provide advice on jewellery, watches, glasses, and, when applicable, hair and makeup based on your season. Our makeup eliminates the guesswork, enhancing your natural beauty with colours perfectly suited to you. Finally, we’ll dive further into your season as we identify the best colours for both your casual and professional life, uncovering your collection of WOW colours.

You will leave your appointment equipped with a fan of your seasonal swatches and a tailored brochure filled with personalised tips and reminders specific to you, empowering you to confidently shop for and wear your new colours!

For optimal accuracy, arrive at your analysis without spray tans or makeup. Your privacy is paramount, so no photos will be taken or shared on social media without your consent.

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