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Have you lost your mojo when it comes to clothes and style? Not really sure what suits you or what to buy? I can help!

Have you lost your mojo when it comes to clothes and style? Not really sure what suits you or what to buy? I can help!

I am a House of Colour Star Consultant, winning the sought-after accolade of a star award in my very first year. I was then over the moon when I achieved it again the following year and then again in 2022.

I love being a House of Colour stylist. When I “had my colours done”, it is no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. I went from feeling frumpy – and trying pretty hard to be invisible – to being comfortable and confident in my own skin … and in my clothes!

Many of the people who come to see me are facing some kind of transition in their lives and perhaps are feeling a little lost, like they have forgotten who they really are.

Maybe someone:

  • after having children who feels very ‘mumsy’ and that they have lost their identity
  • leaving the corporate world who has forgotten how to dress casually
  • about to enter the world of business, terrified about what to wear to the office
  • in their early 30s, wondering if they are dressing old before their time
  • in their 40s/50s/60/70s worrying that they might look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’
  • experiencing what some people call a ‘midlife crisis’, others a ‘wake-up call’
  • more mature, towards the end of their career, finishing work and heading into retirement
  • coming out of a relationship break-up and wanting to ‘dress for themselves’
  • not knowing what to buy or what to pair with what, so wearing the same old things

The reason I love my job so much is seeing a person’s transformation, knowing I am helping it to happen. It’s about making a difference, seeing how pleased they are … and then when they ring or email me saying “I got three compliments this morning, and all I’d done was …” well, that just makes my day.

Getting to know my client during our session together means they will trust me and let me show them a colour palette or outfit suggestions that may well include shades or shapes they might not have gone for themselves..

The two main session types are Colour and Style: many clients decide they would like to do both, if so, it is totally up to you which one you want to do first. Most people tend to start with Colour; it’s what has made us famous, and there is a clue in our name! And, by the way, there is so much more to your Colour consultation than simply being a ‘Season’! Our analysis uses a set of precision dyed drapes and a process refined over 4 decades. What defines your 'Season' is the undertones of your skin and whether they are warm or cool. It's always done face-to-face and in natural daylight to ensure that the results are accurate.

Style is a longer session where I want to learn more about you so I know which looks will suit your character. For me – and now for many of my clients – it was the Style class that had the most profound effect. A House of Colour stylist uses Carl Jung’s body archetypes to determine what styles of clothing suit you best – but then also seeks out those clothes which allow your personality to shine through. It’s really about creating the illusion of proportion … but I will be dressing you according to your personality and not just your proportions, showing you how to dress your body, and making the most of your best features.

It’s about not hiding under (or behind) your clothes: I want to peel away the layers (at least metaphorically!) to find the real you inside, and bring her – or him – out to play … or work … or go partying … or dine out … or chill … or do school runs … or whatever … looking great and feeling gorgeous!

Session Options:

1-2-1 Session A half-day tailored just for you – many clients much prefer it this way, and you will have the whole session to learn about exactly what suits you. If you choose a Colour session, you will learn which are your WOW colours, and how to combine them to get the look that works for you, letting your personality shine through – and you will leave with a beautiful wallet of fabric colour swatches to take with you – for the next shopping trip, or just to explore the potential of your own wardrobe! A Style session is much longer as it’s not as simple as just assessing your body shape – by getting to know you properly I will identify what your personality is like, so that the clothes will suit the “you on the inside” as well as on the outside.

Pairs Session Perhaps you would like to come with your mum or your daughter or best friend so that you get that all-important second opinion from someone whose judgement you trust already, plus you will probably have a really good giggle and a fun day out!

The Transformational All-In-One-Day Experience In for a penny, in for a pound! Or just getting it all done in one go! A full day with Colours in the morning and Style in the afternoon. This is often the most popular option with my male clients, but many female clients like it too, taking everything in during one longer day.

Group Session A full day for you and your friends.  I can see a small group in my studio, up to 3 max, but can accommodate 4 if you don't mind being cozy!

Make-up Tutorial Generally this comes third in a trio of sessions, to co-ordinate with and complement your new sense of Colour and Style, but it is also available as a standalone class. 

Shopping Trip This is a practical extension of your Style Session as much as it is an opportunity to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. I cater for all budgets and there's no pressure to buy anything at all. In fact, I've had clients who've booked me for a shopping session just to learn what to look for in the future.

Wardrobe Review A bit like a shopping trip, but in your own home!! Time to get excited about what’s in your wardrobe already, items you already own!! Very affordable if you are on a tight budget … and it could be a real revelation!

For prices and availability, please see my 'Fixed Sessions' page. Weekend sessions are available on request (premium rate applies).

Most people start with Colour, but if you aren’t sure which option will be most suitable for you, just get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

It's not about how you look - it's about how you feel! 

*Weekend/Bank Holiday dates are available by special arrangement at a £25 per person premium. Please email me to arrange.

*Please note that my sessions are run from a room on the first floor of my home. I can move to the ground floor if needed, just let me know in advance and I would be delighted to accommodate you. If you require step-free access, please contact me for options.

Tracey Marshall
Tracey Marshall
Tracey Marshall
Tracey Marshall

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