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Do you feel like YOU in your clothes or does your wardrobe leave you uninspired?

Perhaps you've found yourself thinking...
What colours suit me?
- What colour makeup should I wear?
- What should I wear with what?
- How do I accessorise?
- What styles suit my body shape?
- How do I project a strong professional image?

Or maybe feeling...
- Invisible, drab, frumpy
- Overwhelmed by shopping?
- In need of a boost?
- Curious about colour and style?
- Style-less?
- Not worth looking good?Uncomfortable in the clothes you have bought and/or frustrated by the unworn clothes in your wardrobe?

    Change can be scary, but knowing what works and what doesn't is enormously empowering and saves so much time and money by not making all those impulsive (or sometimes well thought through) mistakes.

    When your clothing really fits, there is a visual integration between your clothes and you. Your clothes look like they belong, which is the difference between looking average and looking great. No matter your gender, size, age, or stage of life, you deserve to know and embrace YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF in style.

    A little about me:

    Prior to my colour & style consultations, I possessed that wardrobe in desperate need of inspiration. It exacerbated how I often felt on the inside - not worth it, boring, and lacking energy. It became a vicious cycle as when I wanted to feel good, I didn't know how!

    Discovering my colours instantly lifted me. I remember getting a compliment from a guy at the pub (this was a few days after my consultation and I was wearing a newly purchased top and necklace in my wow colours) and I actually felt deserving of the compliment. The words started to sink in that I deserve to look and feel good - I began validating this message for myself.

    In truth, my style knowledge came many years later. Weight gain impacted my mindset and I started using clothing as an excuse to not take care of myself properly. I actually liked having a work uniform as it was an excuse to not look so good. You reach a point where enough is enough though, and I took the reins back on my life again. I had spent so long dressing...to hide me, I had forgotten what dressing like me looked like. I knew how it felt - but didn't know what to buy to get that feeling back. That is where my style consultation came in. I discovered how to dress my body shape and acknowledge the bits I should be proud of! But also, through looking at my personality, I discovered the details in clothes that gave me that good feeling. The House of Colour style process got me spot on...my consultant helped me find me - that inner girl who was rather lost.

    I'm still growing my personal style - it takes time, but my wardrobe of colourful clothes that work for my style make me happy. I now walk out my front door more confident and believe in the compliments that I get given...and the ones I now give myself. Change can be a hard and emotional journey, but it can also be amazing. 

    I pride myself on providing the most amazing experience for my clients EVERY TIME they come for a class. You will learn heaps, have a lot of fun, and be supported by me all the way. No judgement. Lots of encouragement. 

    Lizi Green

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