Linda Lach-Szyrma
St. Albans, Hertfordshire
Expertly Trained Stylist & Colour Analyst

Linda Lach-Szyrma

St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Linda Lach-Szyrma


07946 333 685

Based in St Albans.

Hi, I am Linda Lach-Szyrma, your House of Colour consultants for St Albans covering St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn Garden City, Hatfield, Potters Bar, London Colney, Cuffley & Brookmans Park.

From my studio in St Albans, I run friendly colour analysis, personal style and skincare/make-up classes to support both women & men to become ‘better versions of themselves’. I provide the practical advice and skills needed to think differently about how we present ourselves on the out-side so it reflects more of who we are on the inside.

Being ‘seen’ and ‘visible’ isn’t just important in building our own confidence, it also role-models the right behaviours needed for the next generation to get ahead in life too.

We do this by teaching you to become your own Personal Stylist in three steps:

· Colour Class: Discover which colours ‘bring you to life’ and ‘put you into focus’. I'll do this in your Colour Analysis Class: 4-5hr sessions of up to 2 people (often friends/family/colleagues enjoying a shared experience) or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c.2 ½hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Colour Consultations here - all include a personalised colour booklet and colour wallet.

· Style Class: Understand the best clothing styles to suit your body shape and personality. This happens in our Style Classes: 5hr sessions of up to 2 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 4 hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Style Classes here. With the skills you learn you’ll start enjoying successful shopping trips, feeling slimmer/younger and more confident in your own skin. At last, you’ll find choosing what to wear a pleasure every day. 

· Make-up Class: Help you establish a long-term nourishing skincare routine and learn quick and easy techniques to applying make-up that suits you. This happens in our Make-up Classes: 3hr sessions of up to 2 people or on your own on a 1:1 basis (c. 2hrs). Please scroll down for prices or read more about our Skincare & Make-up Classes here.

If you are in a hurry, you can also choose to complete these three stages in one day in an exclusive 1:1 class, or a popular choice is to book all three steps together (taking each class separately),

I also offer personal shopping trips, wardrobe reviews and colour reviews (for those who have had their colours analysed in the past).

Whichever way you decide to make your journey with House of Colour, you’ll start walking taller and receiving confidence boosting compliments just by becoming more visible right away. Whether it’s in your career, personal life or at home. By learning more about who you are and how you can translate it on the outside, you will feel empowered to achieve more and believe in yourself more than ever before. You will have wished you’d done it sooner!

2023 Prices for 1:1 sessions are:

  • Colour Analysis - £265
  • Style Session - £365
  • Make up Session - £100 (with £20 free make up included)
  • The Complete Package - £690 (discount of £40 when purchased together plus £20 free make up)
  • Colour & Style - £605 (discount of £25 when booked together)
  • Colour Rerate - £120 (wallet not included)

Why not contact me to discuss your requirements? If you want to bring a friend along, I can share the group prices with you.

Linda Lach-Szyrma

Personal Image Consultant

House of Colour St Albans

Mobile: 07946 333 685 Email: 


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