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Julia Muir

I am a pharmacist who loves colour, with a deep understanding of the science behind Colour Analysis

Chemistry and Colour Combined

I have always been fascinated by the science of colour. My own House of Colour transformation started in 2005 when an NHS work colleague suggested that we 'go and get our colours done'. I had always wanted to do it, and so my husband bought me a gift voucher for Christmas (take note ladies and gents- it makes a great gift experience !)

It was a most fascinating and enjoyable day, that I still remember clearly many years later.

Shopping trips were immediately transformed into a more enjoyable, focused and less costly affair, with the knowledge that one quarter of the colours were right from me, and the other three quarters were definitely to be avoided.

A little while later I experienced more empowering learning with my Personal Style class.

Now a colour and image consultant in my own right having trained in 2015, I have a very rewarding career supporting others to embrace life skills that aren't taught at school.

Come join me- what are you waiting for? 

I was awarded a HoC Star Consultant award in 2018, 2019, and 2022 and possess a Certificate of Professional Excellence.

Forthcoming class dates can be viewed by clicking on ' View classes'.

Other dates and 1 to 1 bookings are available upon request. Please email me for further information.

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