Revelation Primer SC12

Great match for the following Season(s): Winter , Autumn , Summer , Spring

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Revelation Primer / SC12

Our lovely primer gives you a luxurious, velvet soft, smooth surface locking in moisture to keep your skin supple and a perfect base to keep your make up looking fresh all day. No added water to ensure a deeply nourishing formulation. It will give a smoother finish and appearance to your skin and make-up.


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Use this every day - it makes such a difference to how your skin feels and looks. Like liquid silk, and your make up lasts!


Amazing product, enables makeup to be fresh all day/night and reduces oil and sweat - very rarely have to reapply powder which is amazing.


I have tried other brands but always come back to it because it's the best. My skin feels so smooth and my makeup stays in place so well.

Claire - Glasgow

Great product, smooths on to skin easily and helps foundation to last through the day - will buy again!

Petrina Bache


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