7 Piece Deluxe Brush Set

Great match for the following Season(s): Winter , Autumn , Summer , Spring

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Make Up Tools / BRSET
Introducing our fabulous new brush set. Made from super soft synthetic fibres, this beautiful set of 7 brushes are all you need to achieve a flawless makeup look.
The set includes (L-R):
  • Round Buffer Brush - great for applying powdered products such as our dual compact foundations, translucent powders and bronzer.
  • Brow Brush and Comb – the ideal tool for grooming brows and combing out eyelashes to stop mascara from clumping.
  • Eyeshadow Blender – use this for application of eyeshadow and for blending one shadow into another.
  • Oval Eyeshadow Brush - use this one for applying eyeshadow over the lid and into the crease/socket line to contour your eyes.
  • Lip Brush - use to apply lipstick and lip gloss to achieve a perfect finish.
  • Eyeliner Brush - use wet or dry to define your eyes along your lashline. Also makes a great brush for precise application of powder to shape and deepen your eyebrows.
  • Angled Contour Brush – use to apply liquid foundations, BB creams and illuminator as well as powdered products such as bronzer and blusher. A great brush for contouring and highlighting.

All the brushes are made with synthetic fibres making them vegan friendly. The synthetic fibres also ensure these brushes are easy to clean with antibacterial soap or shampoo mixed with a little water, rinse and reshape before laying them flat to air dry.

The brushes come in a House of Colour cosmetic bag (made from 100% Fairtrade cotton) to keep them clean and safe.
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