Personal Styling



This session can be done online or in person with your House of Colour expert.


Once completed you will never need to ask "Does this suit me?”, because you will know. We look at the shapes that flatter your body and affordable styles that capture your inner personality. We need you to dress YOU. 


1:1 Price £365 

(Prices may vary depending on location and time) 



  • Learn how to dress YOU well by understanding how to dress your architecture 

  • Understand how to reflect your inner personality in your clothes 

  • Get advice on how to utilise the existing items in your wardrobe in a fresh way 

  • Gather information about where to shop and how to budget successfully & spend wisely 

  • How to pull an outfit together accessorising & finishing touches. 

  • Effortless style, fewer clothes. Getting dressed in the morning will be a joy. 


As part of your style session you will received access to MyHOCLookBook which is our online wardrobe and shopping tool.  This will enable you to upload your wardrobe via an app online and organise it as you wish.  You will also receive,  via this tool, your Style Clothing Board inspiration, relevant sections from our Fashion Edit Catalogues and 3 inspirational Look Books for you.


House of Colour personal styling sessions are supportive and informative and take place in the UK, USA and many other international locations. They're enormously good fun and they're run by the most thoroughly trained, highly qualified personal stylists available.