Make Up Tutorials


These can be undertaken on a 1:1 basis or in a small group and can be online or face to face in the comfort of our consultant’s studio. 

Price for this session is £100 (with £20 free make up) for a 1:1 session.  Group pricing maybe available. 


We are very proud of our make up range.  It is made specifically for us and our consultants can help you find the products that suit your skin tone perfectly. However some struggle to master the make up techniques and want a more personalised service than watching on line tutorials. Our consultants are trained in make up application in a simple no fuss way.  We believe that your natural skin should show through but that make up should enhance your natural beauty. 


Learn simple, quick make-up tips that give you glowing skin, sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile.  It is preferential that you understand your House of Colour Season so that we can ensure that we tailor the make up colours to your skin tone to best suit you but not essential. 


Wearing the right colour make up for you ensures that it accentuates your features & harmonises with your skin tone.   




After just 2.5 hours, you’ll know how to look naturally gorgeous in any situation from the beach to the boardroom. Nobody will notice your make-up. They’ll notice you. 


  •     A beautiful new look, wearing the right colours that naturally light up your face. 
  •     Discover how to create a flawless complexion, without looking ‘made-up’. 
  •     Find out how to apply eye make-up for your eye shape. 
  •     Achieve a radiant daytime look that lasts all day. Explore glamorous evening ideas. 
  •     Learn professional make up secrets that work specifically with your skin.




MAKE UP SPRITZ! (minimum hour) 

Designed to help you revamp your look in line with current fashion trends or to simply give you a fresh burst of energy and a revitalisation of your make-up bag! 


With the help of your expert Consultant , perfect your application techniques and try new products, colours and looks in a relaxed environment.  Each session is designed specifically for the clients requirements and is agreed prior to the session.  This can be undertaken in a group or 1:1.