Additional Services


Want to take your colour confidence to the next level?   


Why not book yourself into a 2 hour session with your consultant where we help you develop your use of colour. 


Having experienced your initial colour session about 6 months ago or more, you will have gained confidence with your ‘season’ however you may now feel ready to explore the wider palette or there maybe areas where you are less confident? 


We will explore the use of your neutrals, help you understand how to introduce those colours you are less confident with and to show you how these colours can be complimented with the use of the right make up and/or accessories. 


Understanding how to wear your whole palette in a complimentary way that is perfect for you is interesting and empowering.   






Having a style that evolves as you, your lifestyle or your body evolves means you will have a style that is authentic to you whatever life throws at you 


In this 2 hour bespoke session we explore how to develop your confidence in your style further with an understanding on necklines that best work for you, patterns and materials.  


Utilise the expertise of your Image Consultant to help you with outfits you are struggling to style and to take your wardrobe further to truly reflect you authentically. 



Book time with your Consultant to experience either one of more of the services listed here.  Prices will vary by Consultant. RRP Hourly rate £80 


PERSONAL SHOPPING (minimum 2 hours) 

Your consultant will be delighted to guide you expertly through what is available in the shops, whether updating your existing wardrobe or assisting you in selecting a new one.   


This is a wonderful way utilise their expertise whilst being guided by your own personal shopper! 




WARDROBE DECLUTTER (minimum two hours) 

A valuable and practical session to help you create a wardrobe of clothes that works for your lifestyle.  This can be completed on line or in person. 


Your Consultant will be able to review your clothes with respect to colour, shapes, lengths, necklines and patterns, then make suggestions for new outfits using your existing clothes.  


Each session is designed specifically for the client & their objectives for the session which will be agreed prior to the session. 


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SCARF TYING (minimum 1 hour) 

Join your Consultant in a workshop, either on line or in her studio where you will learn how to wear scarves to reflect your own unique style.   


It is a a fun way to learn interesting looks by tying scarves in various ways and utilising different styles of scarves to create a dynamic impact with your accessories.  A workbook with a step guide on how to create each knot is yours to take away. 


This an be undertaken in a group or 1:1. 


COLOUR RE-RATE(1-1.5 hours) 



As you go through life, things about you change such as your hair colour, the opacity of your skin and which colours you feel confident wearing. Whilst your season stays the same, revisiting us to have your colours re-rated, gives you a fresh look at your colours and what works on you. 


Experience that WOW in the mirror again when you see yourself in your best colours, feel the joy of a make up spritz and rediscover those colours that have been hiding from you  


Leave with a new colour book with your new ratings in. 


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BUSINESS RATING (1-1.5 hours) 



Some colours will give you the authority, impact and presence you need to make the right impression in the business environment whilst others may be best reserved for social situations.  Your consultant will go through a thorough business rating to help show you what works for you. 


Your consultant will also help you hit the right level of formality for the type of work and culture in which you operate. She will also take into consideration how to build a wardrobe for hybrid working and give you guidance on where to shop. 


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Discover how to wear your accessories to reflect who you are and what you do. 


This exciting, hands-on workshop will ensure you discover the best ways to use accessories to maximum effect.  Understand what works for you best and how to simply elevate your style. 


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Having shared the joy of finding your own colours, it will become apparent that wearing the right colour matters for youngsters too! 


You probably remember having your favourite colours and clothes as a child!  You want to buy the right clothes so your kids look good or select the right hand-me-downs to keep. 


This session is aimed at 0-13 year olds and gives the child the insight into their seasonal palette, what some of the best colours are and also a little insight into the right colours of make up (if appropriate).  They leave with their colour book to help them understand the detail. 


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