Sayle Christensen image consultant and personal stylist for North & West Norfolk, King's Lynn

I haven't always done this .... and if you'd told me three years ago that I'd be doing this for a living, I would never have believed you! I've spent more of my life outside of the UK than in it, working in countries like France, Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Denmark and Sweden. In my time, I have been a ski instructor, expedition leader, voice over artist, Spanish teacher, travel guide and educational leader and I never used to think much about my look! But now, using world renowned science based colour theory and processes to identify personal style, I work with men and women of all ages to help them find their best true image so that they can get the most out of life! I make it friendly, fun, and informative. My down to earth approach means that clients feel relaxed, comfortable to show who they really are, and open to (potentially massive!) transformation. I can assure you that I will go above and beyond to provide excellent value. This is for EVERYONE! You deserve it!


'If only I had done this years ago!'  

'It's changed my life!'

'I would have saved a fortune on the 'wrong clothes'!

'Sometimes I got it right, sometimes I got it wrong ..... but NOW I know why. I have a formula & process to follow that delivers time & time again!'

'All those years of not looking as fabulous as I could!'

'Before my session, I remember thinking it was a bit expensive ..... After, I was in no doubt that it was the best money I'd spent on myself in ages - Priceless!'

'What a perfect gift for an eighteenth birthday!'

'It's never too late to make a change.'



*Coronovirus update*

My priority is to keep you and myself as safe as possible, and prior to re-opening my studio, I have implemented a number of changes in the way that I operate that you will notice when you next visit.

During the time my studio has been shut, I have completed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention and Control course which is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists Ltd, the UK trade body for our industry.

I do provide a number of services virtually or via video conferencing such as online style, wardrobe decluttering, personal shopping and brand and image webinars and would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me for more information.   


Those quotes, above, are just a few of the comments I've heard over the years from men and women who have embarked on the House of Colour journey and who now enjoy throwing open their wardrobes to dress as their absolute best self every day.  I made the same ones myself after I'd finally taken the plunge and 'got analysed!'

It seems crazy, until you've done it, but the CONFIDENCE you gain from KNOWING YOU LOOK GREAT, is really what this is all about.  

Weight loss, greater happiness, a healthier approach to life, career advancement, romance, and exciting new beginnings are usually some of the many inevitable by-products of the increased confidence gained when your image fits, and exactly expresses, who you really are on the inside.

Using world renowned colour theory and proven processes to identify personal style, I work with men and women of all ages to help them find their best true image.  

I am thrilled to have the great privilege of empowering my wonderful clients to feel more confident through style and colour.  I love seeing how they embrace their newfound understanding to reap major benefits in so many different aspects of their lives.  

It's all about YOU! 

You can easily learn how to look younger, happier and healthier, so that friends, family, and colleagues comment daily on how ‘well’ you look.  You may even find that everyone around you, even strangers, will smile more as they react positively to your radiant presence! More importantly though, you will feel totally fabulous and your outside and inside will feel like they really match. 

Please contact me at or on 07510 893524 if you'd like to book. Or, if you’d just like to learn more about it with no obligation whatsoever, you are welcome to attend one of my free, fun and informative ‘Rocking Colour!’ talk events in my studio which will be taking place again as soon as things have returned more to normal.


How does it work?

Colour Analysis

Your  journey, like mine when I had my first colour analysis, begins with an inspiring session to determine the particular blend of colours that are in closest harmony with your skin tone, hair and eye colour.  I could clearly see the effect the different colours had on my complexion and was amazed that some colours made me shine, whilst others drained me of all signs of life entirely. I immediately understood why I had so many barely worn smart work dresses and other clothes in my wardrobe. The bright blues, icy greys and burgundy reds that I loved did not love me back! I'd put them on, only to take them off again because they never looked quite right! Or I'd wear them, but would never really feel like myself. It’s helpful to attend a group session in this respect, as sometimes we notice the difference more dramatically on others before we begin to see it on ourselves.  Seeing how someone else’s complexion can light up in the right colours, yet appear zombie-like in the wrong colours, can be extremely illuminating…. If not a bit terrifying at first! The woman I attended my session with looked stunning in amber, whilst primrose left her corpse-like, and as for me, I could barely face myself in the mirror draped in pale pink!  I looked ancient - and ill! Chestnut emerged as one of my ‘Wow’ colours and I loved it. So much so that I changed my hair colour at the next opportunity ….. I wanted that colour as close to my face as it would go!  

In this session, you will also learn the powerful impact that the right colour lipstick and blusher can have. For a day to day look, when it's the ideal colour, in the correct place, it doesn't even look like you're wearing make up - It just looks like you!   

You’ll go away with a leather wallet with swatches of all your colours and, more importantly, a pocket-sized booklet containing essential information on the degree to which you can wear each colour, unique to you, for outstanding best effect. 

You will know what works for you and why, and you will never again waste precious time or money buying the wrong clothes and accessories.  Well, you might! I slipped up a bit to start with (Tangerine biker jacket ….. anyone?)! No-one is perfect, after all! But it will get easier! You’ll soon be able to wander into a shop, scan for your colours, and if they are not there, simply walk away!  

Colour analysis starts from an investment of only £155 - less than one costly shopping mistake!  How many unworn items do you have hanging in your wardrobe with the price tag still on? I will never reveal how many I had! 


Make up

Your most flattering colours need to be on your face, as subtly or as boldly as you prefer, so the next exciting step is to attend a make up and skincare session.  You will discover how to apply make up, for the regular life you lead, in a way that best enhances your unique facial features. You leave with a personal workbook full of notes and tips on what we covered in the session.

Make up classes start at £60.


Personal Style

In this enlightening session, you discover the clothing style that exemplifies you!  Ultimately, you will leave feeling empowered, confident, and at ease about the way you dress.  It follows a structured and totally fascinating process that considers your body’s natural lines and proportions, embraces your personality, and enhances your individuality.  You will learn which styles of clothes, necklines, hemlines, waistlines, and scale of accessories and patterns best complement and flatter your unique body shape and individual personality for any occasion - work, going out, formal events, hot summer days, hobbies, dog walking, school gate, exercise classes - and you will only want to dress ‘just like you’ forever more.

Knowing your colours AND your style enables you, over time, to create an amazing, versatile yet affordable, ‘capsule’ wardrobe which will deliver a substantial return on your investment.  This new wardrobe will only contain items that you truly love and that suit you perfectly ….. and because they will all be in the right palette, working together ….. there need not be too many of them!  

Personal style sessions start from £210.

There is, of course, no obligation to do all these sessions, but once you have had the colour analysis experience and start to see the difference, you may not be able to resist finding out the rest. I couldn’t!


About me

When it came time for a career change, I booked a colour analysis and style session expecting to learn that I was right to avoid wearing black and that I looked great in red - and hopefully a few other helpful style tips.  What I did not expect at all, was to feel so completely re-energised and excited at what I’d experienced, and so absolutely fascinated by the theory and technicality of the process, that I immediately decided that I wanted to make this my new career.  

Best of all, I got home and ruthlessly eliminated all the wrong colours from my wardrobe.  It was sartorial carnage! Tears were shed as I bade farewell to all the pastels in my life and folded my faithful cosy cobalt knit into the box. Incredibly though, after all the anguish, I was surprised to find that I was left with quite a few garments I could actually work with; items I had rarely worn!  I started to try them on in different combinations and couldn’t believe how good they looked. I seemed to have miraculously gained more instantly wearable outfits despite having chucked out almost half of my wardrobe!  

Incidentally, I did have it confirmed in my session that I should absolutely steer very well clear of black and that red is definitely one of my colours, but I also learnt that this is actually the case for many people; only those who fall into the ‘winter’ palette of vivid saturated colours can wear black without looking totally drained; and primary red is the only colour that looks good on everyone! All the other reds are a different matter entirely though ..... that's why my burgundy dresses weren't doing me any favours at all!    

Besides how thoroughly impressed I was with the detail and certainty of the process (I had a mistaken idea that certain elements of it were going to be a bit wishy-washy and involve me struggling to explain what colours and style of clothing I favoured), I was amazed at the reaction of the other woman who was there for the colour part only.  She was attending, rather reluctantly and sceptically, it seemed to me, as she had received a gift voucher from friends. She thought she ‘might as well’ redeem it then because she was planning to invest in a new winter coat. She was initially devastated to discover that the ‘autumn’ colour palette was unequivocally the one for her as she didn’t like those colours and her wardrobe was full of black.  But as time went on, and she gradually began to see the dramatic effect that the rich, warm and earthy colours were having on her face, hair and eyes, she started to embrace and value the process. Initially, she had been adamant that she would definitely not be staying for the personal style session, as that would drastically cut into her modest clothing budget but she ended up trusting the process 100% and recognising that investing in the afternoon style session would pay off ultimately as she would buy exactly the right coat, (and all clothes forever more) not only in the perfect colour, but also in her own unique style.   

The fact that this woman, who first of all struggled to accept her palette, and secondly, was certain that she wasn’t going to touch her clothing budget, ended up recognising the long term benefits of spending more on a personal style session than she was planning to spend on a new coat, convinced me that this is a process that everyone deserves to experience. 

What I really appreciate about House of Colour is that it’s not just about colour and clothes.  It’s about purchasing wisely rather than buying more. It’s not about fashion or trends but about feeling truly authentic.  

And so here I am - helping people to discover what they don’t even know they deserve!  I feel incredibly fortunate to be doing a job that I love so much in this stunningly beautiful part of the world!


Public speaking

I am always thrilled to have the opportunity to talk about the wonderful world of colour and personal style to any groups, large or small, male or female.  If you are looking for a guest speaker, free of charge, for an event you are planning, then please get in touch.


One last thing!

Don't do as I did and wait any longer to do this!  I put it off for years, thinking that I'd wait until I was the ideal weight or until I had amassed the vast funds I'd need to completely overhaul my wardrobe (I also actually thought I pretty much knew what I was doing colour and style wise - I just wanted some reassurance that I was, along with some tips and pointers! Admittedly, I wasn't doing too badly..... I had some lovely clothes and people often said I looked nice ..... but the compliments weren't consistent because I wasn't consistently wearing my best colours or style - because I didn't accurately know what they were! I learnt that I could have been doing oh so much better!  Also, most of us do not have the perfect figure, so it's important that we know how to highlight our good bits and disguise our less desirable ones. It really doesn't matter what size or shape you are, I can help you discover stylish items that will complement your figure.  It doesn't have to be expensive (unless you really want it to be!) and it's certainly not something that most of us can do all in one go. Incredible transformations start with as little as a new lipstick and a scarf in your 'Wow' colour! And some of my most successful items have been found in charity (um ..... I mean vintage stores!) You have to see it to be amazed and believe it, so please come to one of my free 'Rocking Colour' talks, at my studio or one of the venues in my events listings, to see for yourself!  

I look forward to meeting you very soon!

Warmest wishes




Each House of colour class is designed to ensure that every client receives the individual attention they deserve, even in a small group class.



Group (max 3 people) Colour Analysis (men or women) - £155 p/p

1:1 Colour Analysis (man or woman) - £210

Group Make up - £60 p/p (available online or face to face)

1:1 Make up - £90 (available online or face to face)

Group (max 3) Personal Style (men or women) - £210 p/p (available online or face to face)

1:1 Personal Style (man or woman) - £300 (available online or face to face)

Group (max 3) Personal Style, Colour and Makeup all in one day - £365 p/p

1:1 Personal Style, Colour and Makeup all in one day - £575

Gift vouchers are available. It will be the best present you have ever given!



Mobile: 07510 893524









I wish wish wish I had done this years ago! I look great, feel great and am seeing the results.  I've lost 1.5 stone since July ... without trying! It's like I have a new lease of life.  Sayle is BRILLIANT! She's so down to earth ... and she won't let you go till you get it!  She's been great at keeping in touch, encouraging me ... I send her pics of things I want to buy for her opinion when I'm not 100% sure ... Wonderful service!

Claire (aged 37)

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